FtBCon resumes

Check the schedule, we start up again at 9am Central with a session on ex-Muslims, by ex-Muslims, with a long informative day to follow. And if you missed last night’s sessions, remember: they’re all on youtube right now to be watched at your convenience.


  1. David Marjanović says

    Sastra’s microphone noise kept thinking her voice was background noise and canceled it out, except for a few seconds each time actual background noise was available; the whole experiment was aborted after less than 25 minutes, after nobody had understood a complete sentence :-(

  2. Sastra says

    It was performance art.
    It represented the way atheists are diminished and ignored by society, our ideas ‘muted’ by the privileged.

    Actually, it just represents how much technology hates me. I am mere ‘background noise’ to my computer. I suspected as much, of course.

  3. MG Myers says

    I’m sorry the technology didn’t work out for you, Sastra. I was so looking forward to hearing your presentation. Do you plan to write up your thoughts or try again at a different FtBCon?

  4. Sastra says

    Thanks, MG. I just tried the google+ video on my husband’s mac and it works fine: I should have done that in the first place. I’d be happy to try again at another FtBCon. Miri also mentioned something about my possibly recording or live streaming later.

  5. says

    Would it be difficult to take the audio from these and put them into a podcast feed? I’d like to listen to them in my car. My plan for now will be to go back and use a utility of some sort to make the videos into mp3 and load into my phone that way to create a playlist.

  6. Owlmirror says

    My plan for now will be to go back and use a utility of some sort to make the videos into mp3

    youtube-dl -f 5 -x [youtube-link-here]
    (requires ffmpeg or avconv)

    /Linux (although Win32 versions of the utils exist; youtube-dl should work on any platform that runs Python, and I have ffmpeg on a Windows box, although I misremember where I got the binary from. There should also be ways to run them easily on OS X)

  7. Owlmirror says

    I am pretty sure I heard Miri say that the problem was a “demon microphone”. Aha!

    1) The finest trick of the devil is to persuade you that he does not exist.
    2) But the Demon Mike gives it all away!
    3) Therefore, the devil does exist.
    4) Therefore, God exists.
    5) Therefore, God is using the devil to tell you to repent your naughty atheist ways . . . !!

    /Logic . . . !!

  8. says

    I can’t find the Abortion 101 video.

    All I can find is a handful of videos on Miri Mogilevsky’s channel, and some on Jason Thibeault’s channel.

    Ok, I found the abortion one. But copying and pasting “SW: Abortion 101” doesn’t bring it up. That’s what was on the ftbcon list as the title, but on youtube it’s “secular women Abortion 101” which I had no idea was the real name.

    But shouldn’t there be some official “ftbcon” channel to keep them all in one place? Hmmm, it seems that searching for “ftbcon3” on youtube gives a lot of results.

    This adventure in youtube searching was annoying. Take heed, ftbcon organizers.