1. sundoga says

    It was beautiful. But let’s hope we can learn more about these wonderful creatures from it’s passing.

  2. Grewgills says

    Discovery channel has some cool vid of live giant squid in situ from a sub. It would be cool if they could critter cam one.

  3. madtom1999 says

    #6 ISTR they tried to put cameras on some squid (humbolt?) and the other squid exterminated every on with a camera on. A lesson for Google Glass wearers!

  4. mudpuddles says

    From PZ:

    It was probably already doomed. Being brought up from a great depth to the surface is hard on most organisms.

    Yes, many deep ocean creatures brought up to surface basically get a massive case of the bends – dissolved gases bubbling out of solution in body fluids due to the large and rapid change in pressure, which makes for a rather slow, certain and horrible way to die. Even returning it back to the depths in a hurry wouldn’t have helped it, sadly.

  5. Amphiox says

    If the post-mortem pictures were taken just after death, it is astonishing how rapidly the body deteriorated, with the epidermis peeling off to create that familiar mottled appearance of dead cephalopod so quickly. Does that beautiful red skin color of the living squid disappear instantly after death?

  6. Grewgills says

    @amphiox 9
    The red color is from chromatophores. It’s flesh is more or less the more bleached color you see in the post mortem. When alive squid, octopi, and cuttlefish can open and close various colored chromatophores to create various patterns.