One week until Skepticon!

It’s the seventh Skepticon, happening next week in Springfield, Missouri. I’ll be there, speaking at the ungodly hour of 9pm on Saturday night — it’s got to be like Nerd Hell, where all you’ve got to do on Saturday night is sit and listen to some old greybeard drone on. But the rest of the con will be fresher and sweeter, so you should go!

Also, right up until the last minute, they’re always looking for donations. It’s a free conference, you know, but only to the attendees…somebody has to pay the bills somewhere.


  1. says

    I’ll be there, got the whole weekend off. I’ll be heading back home to Buffalo on Thursday, but if there’s a Pharyngula meetup involved I might stay in Springfield a bit after I get out of work. And then of course I’ll be in town for the whole weekend.

    Might miss your talk PZ- still debating if I want to stay for it and show up late to a friends birthday party or go to that at the nominal start time. Might depend on what sort of a ride situation I’ll be dealing with to get to the party- their schedule might impose a choice.

    Anyone needing a hotel room might want to check out Motel 6 on North Glenstone. I reserved mine Friday, I’d expect they’ve probably got a few left but obviously I can’t guarantee that. It’s across the street and maybe half a block north from the Ramada. I was really happy seeing that on the map, will save gas and/or taxi costs for me.