In case you need to look me up in Oxford

Here’s where I’m staying: in Palmer Tower in Exeter College. If you insist on visiting, bring a battering ram, and I’ll heat up the boiling oil, ’cause you’re not getting in unless I let you.


It says “1432” on a sign on the outside, but the inside is quite up to date and modern, with all the usual 21st century amenities.


  1. says

    You’re lucky its summer. I stayed in a dorm in Durham in December for a conference and getting up to pee at night showed me just how cold two foot thick stone floors could be. :). Quaint as all get out.

  2. cartomancer says

    Ahh, that takes me back some. I remember going to tutorials on Augustine’s concept of history in De civitate dei in that very tower, way back in my first undergraduate year. With a tutor who would eventually become my doctoral supervisor years later…

    Ahh, the memories… Tolkien’s old rooms aren’t too far from the thing either.

  3. mjmiller says

    I’m reminded of the tale of the American tourist visiting a grand estate in England. Upon viewing the beautifully tended classic English garden, the tourist asks the grounds keeper “how do you get the grass so green and lush?” To which the grounds keeper replies “Well, you start with the finest seed cultivated from the hardiest stock. Fertilize with only organic compounds from the best sheep. Water using only the purest rainwater. Trim carefully, only when necessary, and then manually using only hand sheers. Roll lovingly to produce the smoothest texture. Then wait…600 years.”

  4. katybe says

    Anthrosciguy – from experience, I can tell you that the effect was probably more caused by being in Durham than by the fact that the floors were stone! The Durham summer temperature is probably not far off the Oxford winter temperature.

  5. latsot says

    If you’re in the North East on your travels let me know. We can show you the sight.

  6. Ken Kohl says

    I dunno, PZ. It looks kind of Tower of London’ish to me. Hope that you make it out.

  7. birgerjohansson says

    With architecture like that, you are entiteled to at least one Igor for any emergency medical care.