Friday Cephalopod: You don’t need knees to be mobile

I’m suddenly seeing more to admire in the beautiful octopus.


  1. rumleech says

    “You don’t need knees to be mobile” That’s fortunate – mine are definitely feeling the worse for wear, now.

  2. magistramarla says

    I’ve found that the painful knees, hips and back perform much better in the pool.
    I’m doing water aerobics to build up my strength before my spinal surgery.
    PZ – if your doc hasn’t prescribed physical therapy, ask for water physical therapy.
    If you can’t do that, at least do some water aerobics at your local pool or gym.
    It’s really helping me, and it will probably help you too.

  3. says

    Hey professor, you haven’t given us an update on your situation. It sounded like septic arthritis to me, which is a drag but a short term one that will give you your knee back in due course. Hope it’s nothing more serious.

  4. microraptor says

    Just releasing its inner hermit crab.

    Are you sure it’s not trying to acquire an inner hermit crab?

  5. hamilton says

    Why is the sea floor so barren?

    And I hope the infection & fever are gone. Douchey synovial fluid.

  6. Holms says

    Whhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyy do so many videographers ruin perfectly good footage with ‘funny’ overdubbed sounds / voices?

  7. microraptor says

    I hate overdubbing in nature documentaries. Or when they use video tricks like suddenly going to slow motion or inserting false-coloration like it’s an action movie or something.