1. M can help you with that. says

    The archers clearly missed the memo — this game is operating under the armor rules from A Portable Hole Full of Beer. (Armored jock straps work just as well for men!)

  2. ravenred says

    Honestly, PZ, if you spent half the time on your grooming as you do on your stoopid blogging, you could really be quite pretty…

  3. Alverant says

    As an internal organ, technically her uterus isn’t exposed. It’s covered up by skin, muscle, etc.

  4. anuran says


    Done in won. Gregory in Seattle, please pick up your Internets. Everyone else, please turn off the lights when you leave

  5. zibble says

    The weird thing about the exposed fantasy armor is that, bypassing all the arguments you could make to defend it, it says nothing about the character wearing it. Does she love the thrill of fighting while exposed? Do her religious beliefs forbade the navel to ever touch armor? Is she an inexperienced flapper who just thought she’d wear sexy armor out of an inability to understand the seriousness of combat? Does she get off on it?

    You can ask these questions, but the answer is written across their dull, soulless eyes (a look captured remarkably by Nebezial’s comic). They’re not written to have personalities, or character, or any depth. They exist purely as a juvenile fantasy; they’re strong, and cool, and hot, and, most importantly, sexually available.

  6. AlanMac says

    Reminds me of my favourite Benny Hill joke:

    The village vicar sees two boy arguing and he hears:

    1st boy ;”it’s spelled ‘W,H,O,O,M'”
    2nd boy; “No, no, it’s spelled, ‘W,O,O,M,B'”

    The vicar sees this as a chance to instruct the boys in life and morals so he says to the lads:

    “The correct spelling ‘w,o,m,b.'”

    1st boy; ” You’ve have obviously never heard an elephant fart, it’s definitely ‘WHOOM!!'”

  7. nemistenem says

    She looks an awful lot like the old comic character and Conan’s erstwhile flame, Red Sonja. The first feminist from the Hyborian Age, with a sword!

  8. David Marjanović says

    Nah. I think it is just that female armor sucks.

    Aww! Right in the shiny part!!!

    Obligatory Oglaf reference…

    women have better weapons.

    My browswer refuses to load the pictures themselves – allegedly they contain “Mal/HTML Gen A”. ~:-| Can a picture really contain any such thing?

  9. pacal says

    Our Amazonian Heroine looks a great deal like Red Sonja from the Comics in the 1970s. Hell the Bikini scale armor and the red hair along with how scantily dressed she is makes all this a certain homage to that o9ld comic.

  10. latecomer says

    She clearly doesn’t need any armor, seeing as the arrows bounced off her skin. She should ditch the clothing entirely as it serves no purpose.

  11. anteprepro says

    Ugh. Thought the name “latecomers” sounded familiar. Not getting a joke pointed at sexism and substituting it with a straight up sexist joke? Such brilliance.

  12. sugarfrosted says

    Well you could argue why armor would exist at all. If fire magic exists you basically turn yourself into a mobile brass bull.

  13. latecomer says

    I am honored that my presence inspires such contempt in you anteprepro, but i know that the comic is a parody of the sexist (yes I said sexist!) tropes in comics and other media. On the other hand, I wanted to play devil’s advocate and come out with the admission that as a straight male, I like chicks in skimpy clothing, and the less they’re wearing, the better.

  14. anteprepro says

    I am sorry that my acknowledging your existence gives you delusions of relevance. Didnt mean to give you the wrong impression.

  15. A. Noyd says

    She’s standing in a pretty powerful, unsexualized pose. Usually it’s not enough to saddle female characters with ridiculously revealing clothes; they also have to be sexily arching and twisting their backs and thrusting their butt, boobs, and/or crotch at the camera. Even all three at once, no matter how implausibly broken it makes them look.


    borax (#8)

    I thought everyone knew that a uterus can create a force field.

    Unfortunately, the field of throbbing agony mine can project doesn’t extend outside my body.

  16. Steven Brown: Man of Mediocrity says

    On the other hand, I wanted to play devil’s advocate and come out with the admission that as a straight male, I like chicks in skimpy clothing, and the less they’re wearing, the better.

    I’m glad you reminded us that straight males find women attractive. In our culture it’s a fact that seldom comes up, in fact I think that advertisers, screen writers, and comicbook publishes should really push this message more. I applaud your brave stand to bring this information to light in a thread discussing the sexulization of women because we might have lost sight of what’s really important.

  17. Azkyroth Drinked the Grammar Too :) says

    On the other hand, I wanted to play devil’s advocate and come out with the admission that as a straight male

    This is not a debate. Therefore you cannot “play devil’s advocate.” The words you want are “say stupid shit.”