A beautiful game you should buy

I wrote a little essay on the indie title Gone Home. I’m not sure I conveyed just how much this game meant to me; it cements that games, like books, comics, film, is a medium not a genre. It can be as meaningful or -less as we want.

Many games have this effect (the Mass Effect franchise remains one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had as a person). I think for people like me, who grew up in the 90’s as one of those weird kids who liked ghosts and wanted all those supernatural things to be true, this game will strike a chord.

I still read Stephen King and I still want to write books – that’s about all I’ve carried through from the 90’s. But Gone Home still made me nostalgic.


  1. Anthony K says

    My partner and I really enjoy watching Let’s Play and walkthroughs of games on YouTube. Particularly horror and supernatural games. Saw this one in a walkthrough and it looks great. Waiting for a sale on Steam.

    We like the ghosties and supernatural stuff for much the same reason as you, I think.

    • Tauriq Moosa says

      I actually struggle to play truly scary games now. For example, the Amnesia games would be too much for me I think.

      • Anthony K says

        That’s why we like watching Let’s Plays. Other people can play the game, and we can watch through slitted fingers.

    • M can help you with that. says

      For those who might be reading, we probably should clarify that Gone Home isn’t a “scary” or “ghost story” or “horror” sort of game — though it does have the “abandoned house late at night in a thunderstorm” atmosphere. Once you get used to fumbling for and turning on the lights in each room (the switches are generally in quite natural places, and totally look like a style you’d expect for a house with wiring as old as we read at one point), it’s really about character and family and love and connections and growing up (and great riot grrl bands and feminist zines) and…

      I finally got around to playing through this morning; did it in one sitting and I’ve been close to tears since.

  2. leftwingfox says

    This sounds similar to “Analog, A Hate Story” in core engagement: an emotional research puzzle.

    I’ll look into it. 🙂

  3. skepticallydenpa says

    I’ll be getting this game when the option becomes available to me. I was impressed, back in June, when the developers refused to present Gone Home at Pax due to the public stances taken by Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, the founders of Penny Arcade(http://goo.gl/zHgxZS). So I’m really glad to hear that the game has a value of it’s own.

    • Anthony K says

      Okay, that settles it. Not waiting for a sale, am spending full price. (Even though, as mentioned, I’ve seen most of the game via a Let’s Play walkthrough.)

  4. LicoriceAllsort says

    Thanks for this suggestion! I’ll definitely check this out.

    If you have an iOS device (particularly iPad), I’d strongly suggest Year Walk. It sounds similar to Gone Home—short, immersive, a bit creepy but in a way that strengthens the emotional effect. The free companion is also worth the download. Beautifully done.

  5. embertine says

    Thanks so much for this rec, my Steam account beckons! This little game sounds absolutely lovely and I shall definitely buy it.