Sometimes, unity gets in the way of integrity

I’m getting the impression that Jamy Ian Swiss also kinda pissed off Greta Christina.


  1. Sastra says

    Gregory in Seattle #1 wrote:

    Crimeny, but that woman can write well.


    There’s always going to be a clash between the values of harmony and diversity. If a movement or group of any kind wants to include a lot of different voices then there are going to be arguments.

    One of the basic foundational principles of science is that arguments are healthy. And another foundational principle of science is that yes, there ARE “wrong answers.”

  2. says

    As the Buddha supposedly said, “There are many ways to truth.” And so it shall be within the Atheist community as well. The approach which one Atheist takes may work well for some people, thus leading them to a better understanding of reality. That same approach may not work well for others, however. This is why there should be multiple views and multiple understandings expressed. As long as a member of the Atheist community isn’t expressing the concept of dogma and as long as they can backup their statements with some evidence and reason, then their view is up for discussion. At the beginning of the Atheist Era is no time to start with anything resembling dogma.