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Like always, all those other people on this network have been busy.

  • Chris finds that David Barton stole one of his anecdotes from a Louis L’Amour novel. It figures, that guy can’t tell fiction from history.

  • Stephen discusses a Justice Department memo that exposes how our government really wants to use drones.

  • The Digital Cuttlefish observes that god is expected to have a surprising amount of interest in a football game.

  • Greta wonders what’s worse: a divine mandate against gay marriage, or a divine mandate endorsing gay marriage?

  • Ophelia praises Dan Barker, who really gets it. I agree. Although I’m embarrassed to see that the sexist organization he slammed is Minnesotan.

  • Stephanie has been knocking ’em out of the park lately; she’s been exposing that cesspit for the reeking malodorous gathering of scumbags that it is.

  • Jen is back! And she’s writing about the biology of Pokemon.

  • Ian celebrates Black History Month with a lot of information about Black Canadians.

  • Blackskeptics have established a “First in the Family Humanist Scholarship” for kids in Los Angeles. That’s doing something!

  • Maryam tells us about Lama, a five year old girl who was raped and tortured by her father, which is apparently justifiable under Islamic law (he had to pay a fine, nothing more; it would have cost twice as much if the child had been a boy.)

  • Taslima has a solution for child raping Islamic fathers! Make the babies wear burqas.

  • Aron Ra and Liliandra, movie stars. Unfortunately, it was another Christian hit piece, ala Expelled.

  • NonStampCollector exposes God’s hypocrisy. It’s a full-time job.

  • Miriam addresses the latest popular trope, that feminism promotes victimhood.

  • Paul reminisces cheerfully about his carefree, happy school days. Oh, wait…not quite.


  1. Ing:Intellectual Terrorist "Starting Tonight, People will Whine" says

    Ugh Jen already has a “scientific” racist

  2. Matt Penfold says

    Ugh Jen already has a “scientific” racist

    One that admits they don’t know what they are talking about.

    The standard of fuckwitted idiots has seriously declined of late.

  3. stonyground says

    I like the cartoon about God and his angels. It sort of adds to the humour that they all have Aussie accents. Being one of those masochists who has read the entire Bible, I feel qualified to make an observation which I think explains quite a lot. God isn’t very bright. OK, lets not mince words, God is a mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging tharg. Here is a hypothosis. Maybe God created man in his tharg image, but being immortal and unchanging and stuff, couldn’t evolve. Meanwhile man, by doing that descent with modification stuff, evolved to the point where he is considerably superior to his creator. Well I think that it makes sense, could we run it past Ken Ham just to be sure?

    It is also an interesting point that the Bible could have contained a great deal of useful information but didn’t. It is an excellent thought experiment to think about what we would put into a thousand page book that could be transported five thousand years back in time. The most obvious starting point would be to give the same book to every nation in their own language. This would avoid conflict and be proof that the book was divine. A description of the scientific method, how to organise democratic societies, the basics of human rights, a list of things that we now know were really bad ideas but had to find out the hard way…..

    I leave the rest of you to fill in the blanks, but surely a thousand pages should be enough to make a real difference.