The War on Christmas: The Aftermath

The last few days, Doonesbury has been all about the heartbreaking casualties of the War on Christmas.


As the consequences pile up and the full horrific effects of the war accumulate, I am undaunted and vow to continue the fight — I don’t give a damn about how many plaster baby Jesii find themselves confined to churchyards.


  1. randay says

    A cartoon from abroad, Joyeux Noël

    I don’t know how to post it directly. But the translation is:

    -(Parent)The children are grown up now we can tell them about Santa Claus.
    -(Parent)Are you ready to go the the Midnight Mass(to the children)?
    -(Children)Well, and us? When are we going to tell them that God doesn’t exist?

  2. Sastra says

    What — there are no nativity scenes in front of people’s homes? This cartoon actually bothers me a bit because it leaves that out. It’s puzzling.

  3. dantelevel9 says

    On a busy corner in front of a home in my neighborhood, there’s a cheesy, weathered, internally lighted plastic nativity scene that looks like it may have been bought at Wal-Mart. Joseph is often blown over by the wind. The owner recently placed a handwritten sign behind it requesting that people don’t allow their dogs to defecate on or near it. Out of respect, you know. I usually scowl as I drive past the tacky thing, but since that sign went up, I find myself smiling.

  4. robro says

    I especially liked the Christmas day episode when the anchor asks, “Roland, do you see any atheists? Are you in danger?” True Fox hyperbole. In any case, I’m glad it’s over and the rehashed musical chestnuts are gone. Next year, perhaps I’ll spend the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas at the cabin far away from that racket.

  5. khms says

    @2 gardengnome

    “Jesii”? Love it!

    Hate it.

    What is it with Americans bungling Latin grammar and producing extraneous ‘i’s? Even if a word is Latin (often enough it isn’t) and o declension (and not, for example, u), that makes for one ‘i’, not two.

  6. says


    What — there are no nativity scenes in front of people’s homes? This cartoon actually bothers me a bit because it leaves that out. It’s puzzling.

    It’s not puzzling at all. It’s not about private displays, it’s about religious displays on federal property. (‘Post Office’ was a pretty big hint.)

  7. DLC says

    Bill O’rly has been fighting the war against reason all year long. I guess it’s some variant of Ebeneezer Scrooge saying he would strive to keep Christmas in his heart all year . Sort of. in a mirror image kind of way.

  8. says

    I was wondering what would happen if a locality said that a church or organization could have a space, exclusively, one day a year? Of course, the random lotto or bidding war for Christmas would be mighty, but who might want a different day for their creche or message?

    Man, I’d like public spaces for public display of various messages – that’s what renting the square for your event is, after all, or borrowing the park for your sporting event or business picnic. But how to manage the haters? Ugh.

  9. helenaconstantine says

    Jesus is actually a relatively rare 4th declension known in Latin, so the plural would be Jesus with a long u (as in pubes) as to the short u (as in pub) of the singular