1. Suido says

    Yeah, well, owning a jeep is asking for it, right? How do you know he didn’t leave the door open? Where’s the evidence? A crashed jeep isn’t evidence, he might have let a friend drive it but then the friend totalled it and now he regrets it. Besides, if you had it stolen once, and let it be stolen again, you must like having your jeep stolen. If it was stolen at all.

    Fuck. That sucks.

  2. says

    PZ, thank you.

    It must have been some sweet machine

    That’s what confuses me. It WAS a great Jeep, with immense sentimental value and an engine that could have kept going well past the Anthropocene, but it wasn’t shiny. It was dinged and a bit dirty and had a long crack across the windshield even before it was stolen in June, and when I got it back the interior was stripped and the windshield had a web of fractures all across it.

    This was not an eye-candy car, except to a couple of us who knew better. Maybe Cherokees are easier to start with a shaved key? I don’t know.

  3. jufulu says

    It could have been stolen to transport drugs (etc.) off road. My brother-in-law had a 4-wheel truck that was stolen for exactly that reason.

  4. ronsullivan says

    FTR, I tweeted what dexitroboper said @#4 BEFORE I CAME OVER HERE.


  5. fallingwhale says

    If you roll it after crashing into a pole at speed you’re not good at driving even if you’re running from cops.

    You could still use it as a roofless flower bed if it isn’t scraped yet.

  6. susan says

    @Suido and @Alethea
    I loved that post. Any other feminist fans of Chris could do what I’ve done and send him something from his REI wishlist.

    It’s to replace the camping gear stolen from his jeep.