And now … Cristina Rad

I told you all we’re getting some phenomenal video bloggers here…and now we add to the list Cristina Rad, a person many of you know from her work on youtube as ZOMGitsCriss!


  1. says

    Really cool! One complaint, with so many added blogs to the network, the FTB homepage is getting a little unwieldy. Would it be possible to add a third column to the layout?

  2. mandrellian says

    Aron, Thunder, now ZOMG! Good lord, FtB has eaten youtube!

    FtB is fast becoming a one-stop shop for all my daily heathen requirements; it’s also becoming apparent that FtB is becoming a force to be reckoned with. Who the fuck needs TAM anyway?

  3. Blondin says

    FtB just keeps getting better and better. Aron Ra and Christina Rad in the same week! I love it!

  4. celticwulf says

    Why am I suddenly realizing my RSS feed is soon to be useless and I should just come here and refresh the “recent posts” feed ;)

  5. 'Tis Himself says

    I remember when FtB was a small collection of blogs with a couple of headliners in Ed and PZ and a group of earnest unknowns and semi-knowns. Now it’s becoming the center* of atheist blogging.

    *Or centre, if you’re a furriner.