Episode CCCXXIX: Centered

While I was in Kamloops, I got to meet The Thinking Atheist, who premiered this most excellent video at the meeting.

This guy is a talented pro — I hope more atheist organizations tap into his skills (he made one of the best videos of the Reason Rally, for instance.)

(Episode CCCXXVIII: No remorse.)


  1. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    Hi, I’m back. Did you miss me? Did you know I was gone? Do you even know who I am?

    Have some Swill™ *hands over full dirty glass*. Hopefully you waved in my general direction passing through Lake County IL. The middle finger salute works too.

  2. Pteryxx says

    (More harassment fallout but at least this one is useful)

    (and apologies if someone back when posted it already)

    Somewhere in the harassment threads I bumped into someone citing old evo-psych research about 100% of women refusing casual sex invitations, or some such. Back in March, Yes Means Yes covered some complicated new research addressing the flaws in that theory. General conclusion: women are just as interested in casual sex as men are, when corrected for the risks and uncertainty of sex with strangers. There’s a lot more to parse than just that.

    Short writeup:


    Long writeup:


  3. says


    Did you have a moment of “OMG, there’s _really_ something in there”?

    OMG, yes! :)

    It was like all of the pain, swelling, tiredness, etc were finally for something, you know?

    I think knowing that there was a tiny human growing in me, but being completely unable to feel it is what weirded me out the most. Now that I’m getting little flutters every once in a while, it’s kind of made everything much more real for me.

    If that makes any sense. :p

  4. Josh, Official SpokesGay says

    Audley, I have to tell you I shuddered when you told me you felt Darkfetus move. I totally became Sigourney Weaver.

  5. Josh, Official SpokesGay says

    Don’t “eew” me, chigau. I’m not the one with a thing in my belly. :))

  6. chigau (違う) says

    It’s not even 5AM in Germany.
    PZ may not have gone to bed yet.

  7. Janine: History’s Greatest Monster says

    It seems that when PZ took out the trash (bwe4), he could have started a new thread.

  8. cicely. Just cicely. says

    It’s taken us dozens of millennia as a species to evolve sufficiently that young men weren’t dying from “OI THARG! LOOK AT THIS!” constantly.

    Except that we haven’t.
    The modern incarnation of this is, “Dude! Hold my beer and watch this!

    Also, please remind me never to say anything like “my fucking hairdryer broke”. It might make some people faint and give them wrong ideas.


    Adorable Micro T-Rex plushies.

    Happy birthday to whomever (Janine? Someone’sSpawn?? Both???) all those Happy Birthday videos was/were aimed at.

    *hug* for Giliell.

    I have nightmares about windstorms and falling trees, centering usually on this one leaning tree.

    At the last place we rented, I had nightmares about this one disintegrating willow tree that was leaning ever closer to the roof over Son’s bedroom. Specifically, the branch of that tree that had lost all but a 3′ long, sharp, downward-aiming spike. The owner lived in another state, his ex-sister-in-law was his agent, and she wasn’t much bothered to do anything that couldn’t be done on the cheap by her boyfriend…and yet, the owner raised the rent several times, citing the expense of keeping the place (with its eleven layers of shingles) in repair. Ha!

  9. cicely. Just cicely. says

    Happy anniversary to Ogvorbis and Spouse.

    Health insurance company execs will be first against the wall when the revolution comes. Tobacco company execs will have to wait their turn.

    Sounds like cross-stitch sampler material to me! :)

    I was late for work today. Was walking out the door on time, heard a gagging noise behind me, turned around to see the kitty puking on the area rug.

    And I was awakened this morning by the sound of the Pixel-cat horfing all over my comforter. While I was under it.
    *also sigh*

    *sticks bookmark in Thread, declares it to be A Day*

  10. John Morales says

    PS ॐ, good response. Really.

    (Though it boils down to the specifics of the game.

    What about in Real Life?)

  11. says


    Joan Manuel Serrat’s first live stage performance in 1967 at the Palau de la Música Catalana, served to establish him as one of the most important artists inside the Nova cançó movement in Catalonia.

    The following year, Spain entered Serrat in the Eurovision Song Contest 1968 to sing “La, la, la”, but he asked to sing it in Catalan, to which the Spanish authorities would not agree. This would be the first time he would come into conflict with the language politics of Francoist Spain, because of his decision to sing in his native Catalan language, repressed by dictator Francisco Franco. Defiantly, Serrat refused to sing the Spanish-language version, and was hurriedly replaced by Massiel, who went on to win the contest with her Spanish-language interpretation.

    As a result, Serrat’s songs were banned and his records burned in the streets. He then traveled to South America and participated in the Rio de Janeiro’s World Music Festival, where he took first place with the song “Penélope”.

    “La, la, la” in Catalan.

  12. says

    please remind me never to say anything like “my fucking hairdryer broke”

    Around here when someone says “where’s my fucking hairdryer” or the like, Misterc is in the habit of telling them: “it’s right next to the regular one.”

    Saw Hunger Games today. Quite good!

  13. John Morales says

    I am not in a cheery mood.

    The rebel Free [country] Army said after the killings that it was no longer committed to the UN-backed peace plan for [country] unless there was prompt UN intervention to protect civilians.

    A member of the opposition [country] National Council, Ausama Monajed, condemned the surge in violence:

    “It is beyond humanity what we’ve seen last night, what Assad militiamen are capable of doing and are willing to do to retain their grip on power,” he said.

    “It is utterly unacceptable that this is happening on the UN monitoring mission watch.”

    The plan drawn up by UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan technically began on April 12, but violence and bloodshed have not stopped and a ceasefire that formed part of the plan has been breached daily.

    France’s new foreign minister Laurent Fabius said he was making immediate arrangements for the Friends of [country] nations – which include Britain but not key UN players China and Russia – to meet in Paris.

    “I condemn the atrocities committed daily by Bashar al-Assad on his own people,” Mr Fabius said. “With these new crimes his murderous regime plunges [country] further into horror and threatens regional stability.”

    Mr Fabius said he would speak to Mr Annan on Sunday, adding: “In the face of horror, the international community must mobilise still further to stop the martyrdom of the [country]n people.”

    German foreign minister Guido Westerwelle said he was “shocked and horrified” at the killings.

    Actual names aside, coulda been written anytime after the UN was formed, no?