Buy more stuff.

If you’ve got any money left after your profligate spree in my store yesterday, you might want to look at the Egyptian Renaissance Alliance. Not a penny goes to me, but it does benefit Egyptian secularists — and they’ve got some nice stuff.


  1. dogen says

    I read your Pharyngula blog using software called “NetNewsWire Lite” version 4.0.0 (6). This software works great for all the blogs I read and I don’t get pestered by ads, except for when I read your blog.

    With your blog it seems to use “Ads by Google” to display ads for strikingly inappropriate things, like “Earn a Bible Degree” “Study the Bible online. Earn a Degree today.” from “”.

    Needless to say, I don’t ever click on those ads but thought you might be interested in this phenomenon…