1. triskelethecat says

    And a very happy, happy anniversary to you and the beautiful Trophy Wife. May you celebrate many more together.

  2. says



    (Great. Now I have a mental image from the wayback machine of PZ on bended-knee during his marriage proposal saying “Will you cala-marry me?”)

    Oh well. Happy anniversary you two. I hope the festivities involve cake (but not sky cake).

  3. ChasCPeterson says

    did any other Americans see the title of this post before seeing the photo and think that the cephalopod in question would be pleasuring itself?

    Of course.
    (what makes you think it’s not?)

  4. A. R says

    But wouldn’t pleasuring itself be a form of suicide? Wouldn’t that be a GOP wet dream.

  5. 11evolution says

    How is this not the most incredible and absolutely stunning thing anyone has seen today? I am dumbfounded that evolution brought about such a being. More than a creature, this things has such a brute beauty I am considering it as my own favorite animal.

    In some ways, it’s too bad humans fawn over their own kind (celebrities) when the study of such beautiful organisms precipitates a very deep understanding of oneself.