1. jagmarz says

    Your glasses are nearly invisible… Thought for a second your “new look” included an eyebrow pierce…

  2. davem says

    You look like an extra on a Clint Eastwood movie. Am trying to work out if you’re likely to be a goodie or a baddie…

  3. hjhornbeck says

    If we can also get you to hate Edmonton and the Stampede, you’ll be able to pass for a local!

  4. khms says

    Am trying to work out if you’re likely to be a goodie or a baddie…

    Obviously, he’s a white-hat.

    Hmm. Don’t preachers traditionally often wear black hats? How appropriate.

  5. Menyambal -- damned dirty ape says

    It matches well with the current length of beard. Looking good!

    But should you be wearing white after Labor Day?

    And after turning evil?

  6. caekslice says

    There’s something about all those whiskers sprouting out everywhere from the chin that reminds me of Cthulhu.

  7. says

    “…not long afterwards Myers began greeting everyone with an obligatory ‘Howdy, pardner!’ and referring to his UofM class as ‘the dude ranch.'”

    Now you have something in common with George W. Bush, John Paul II, Tony Blair and Oprah!

  8. huntstoddard says

    “You look like an extra on a Clint Eastwood movie. Am trying to work out if you’re likely to be a goodie or a baddie…”

    A baddie, definitely. There’s something in that expression that reminds me of Henry Fonda in Once Upon a Time in the West.

  9. says

    huntstoddard @10: I thought the expression was more like the one Clint Eastwood had at the end of Unforgiven when he said

    “All right, I’m coming out. Any man I see out there, I’m gonna shoot him. Any sumbitch takes a shot at me, I’m not only gonna kill him, but I’m gonna kill his wife, all his friends, and burn his damn house down.”

    PZ would never actually do all those things, though. He doesn’t smoke, so he doesn’t have matches to burn houses down.

  10. huntstoddard says

    “PZ would never actually do all those things, though. He doesn’t smoke, so he doesn’t have matches to burn houses down.”

    And yet he said exactly those words when he was about to come out of the restroom at the Creation Museum.

    Yes he did.

  11. blindrobin says

    Now all you need is boots and a bull whip. That’ll keep them freshmen in line! YeeHaaaaaaaaaaaah

  12. grahammartinroyle says

    The look suits you, you are one mean arse baddie. Go get them thar theists!

  13. pbrooks says

    Hey, the Olson Twins got a White Hat, too, so let’s keep things in perspective shall we? :-)

  14. A. R says

    Hmm, perhaps this will make it easier for PZ to sneak into Texas and decimate the creationists and MRAs.

  15. Louis says

    I see that hat, I hear banjos. I have stereotypes about some sub-groups of Americans I need to clear out. Excuse me.


  16. says

    I’m going to have to wear it often

    I’m sorry, PZ, but with that comment and your picture, I am reminded of Wilford Brimley and admonishments to check blood sugar.

  17. Timid Atheist says

    I”m so sad. I clicked through from my reader hoping to see PZ in a white top hat or at the very least see that he turned out to secretly be a white hat hacker.

    I guess this works too. I like the red.

  18. marcus says

    Hank @20 Yeah but Truck Nutz just don’t say the same thing hanging off the back of a Prius. Image kinda reminds me of a Chihuahua I once had.

  19. Steve LaBonne says

    I think PZ is going the play Rooster Cogburn the next time somebody decides to remake “True Grit”.

  20. Larry says

    He rode a blazing saddle
    He wore a shining star
    His job to offer battle
    To nitwits near and far

  21. Aquaria says

    If you grew your hair longer and braided it, you’d look like Willie Nelson.

    I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing.

  22. The Rat King says


    PZ, head East! Come on through Medicine Hat; I’ll buy you a damn good beer!

  23. AlanMac says

    When I lived in Calgary in the early 80’s, a white Stetson said “tourist geek”. Just sayin’

  24. David Marjanović says

    But should you be wearing white after Labor Day?

    In Calgary, and most of the rest of the world, Labor Day is May 1st.

    PZ, you look really tired, are you sleeping well? *concerned mother*

    I’d rather say he looks more Scandinavian than ever before. Must be the invisible glasses and the rectangular beard.

  25. magista says

    @37 paineroo, @43 Flewellyn, – no, no, no! It’s a Smithbuilt. Sheesh. :)

    @44 AlanMac – that’s because Stetson is a foreigner’s hat.

  26. pbrooks says

    @AlanMac, just to clarify . . . PZ did not purchase the hat, it came out of my own pocket. Being a post-secondary prof myself, I can certainly vouch for our less-than-stellar salaries — especially after Redford cut the education budget by another 2-3% recently.

    Nonetheless, I gave serious thought to getting a more expensive hat but the $225 leather one was out simply because it was leather and I don’t know what PZ’s views on wearing leather are.

    The $80 hat was an initial consideration but since I’m not made of money and didn’t want to burden the Astronomical Society with the cost after I had told them it was a free ceremony (as told to me by the coordinator at Tourism Calgary who neglected to tell me the cost of the hat was extra).

    And since most White Hats are the base model anyway, I didn’t lose any sleep over the choice. I think PZ appreciated the gesture regardless of what the hat material or colour was.

  27. chigau (√-1) says

    David Marjanović
    In Canada, including Calgary, Labour Day (the statutory holiday) is the first Monday in September.
    May 1st is not … anything.
    (unless yer sum kinda commie)

  28. Crudely Wrott says

    You look good, PZ, not the least because you a wearing the hat correctly. You have it snugged down and pulled a bit low in the front. That’s important whether you’re riding into the wind or if you just strolled into the saloon.

    My poor ol’ Pap would approve and so do I.

    Just remember the Code O’ the West, saddle pal — giddyup or giddyoff.

  29. Aquaria says

    People don’t wear hats enough any more …

    I wear hats, Probably a few times a week. I also wear scarves.

    But I look good in them. Some people don’t.

  30. llewelly says

    That’s it PZ. By donning a hat Jerry Coyne would wear, you have accepted his victory in the fashion war.

  31. edwardseedhouse says

    As a Canadian who lives in the province immediately to the west, I think you might possibly check out the political culture of Alberta, and note that they (with the collusion of the current odious National Government) are actively engaged in creating as much global warming as they can as quickly as they can. Personally, I would go a long way to avoid being mistaken for an Albertan, though of course not all of them are evil and ignorant. Just, alas, the current majority of the inhabitants. In my opinion.