This weekend…

You all know what’s going on this weekend: Skepticon IV. There are many things to look forward to in this big event:

  • #creozerg2. We’re crashing the Creation Museum of the Ozarks. I suspect this will be anti-climactic, but there will be photos and twitter chatter. I will put my butt on any rideable dino in sight.

  • The gathering of the Freethoughtblogs horde. What do we have? Something like 6 of us showing up? I think we need to work out some kind of handshake and FtB cheer.

  • Oh, yeah, some talks. You can skip them. You have my permission.

  • We’re invading the Farmers Gastropub at 9:30 on Saturday night. So if you couldn’t afford the registration fee for Skepticon, meet us there. (Registration is $0, so we’ll know you’re in desperate straits.)

  • The yearly ceremonial attempt by Dave Silverman to strangle PZ Myers for dissing his billboard.

  • Some movie.

  • Rumor has it that the party starts Thursday night and doesn’t end until Sunday — it lasts longer than the time Jesus spent in Hell, and it will be lots more fun.

  • Mrs PZ will be in attendance. Get her alone, she’ll tell you awful embarrassing stories about me.

  • Sunday: MATH LESSONS. So much better than church.


  1. b00ger says

    Me and my Mom (no I’m not 12) will be in attendence. I look forward to shaking your hand and asking lots of tough questions like “Were you there?” :P

  2. says

    I watched that trailer. I gather that the plane crash was not part of the original plan. Looks like a good movie.

    I seem to the in all the places you are this year, PZ, just not at the same times. Damn.

  3. Randide, ou l'Optimisme says

    We’re crashing the Creation Museum of the Ozarks

    Museum upgrade this weekend?

  4. FTFKDad says

    Mr. Silverman is appearing for in Colorado Springs this Thursday at 7pm : Debate Question: Which is preferable:’God Bless America?’ or ‘God-less America?’ Go see him for a warm-up!

  5. says

    #creozerg2. We’re crashing the Creation Museum of the Ozarks.

    Why do atheists keep giving those IDiots $25 per head to see their stupid bullshit? I’d rather pay $28 to Adler Planetarium, or $34 to go to the Shedd Aquarium. Both in Chicago, IL. At least I wouldn’t be looking at bullshit. Oh, there may be the occasional fish feces floating in the tanks at Shedd, but that’s to be expected. At least they don’t try to cover it up, and say it’s manna from heaven, or something.

  6. Sheila says

    AARRGGHH! So wanted to be there, but have to work. Can’t find anybody to trade shifts with me either.

  7. John-Henry Beck says

    The creation museum in Strafford, MO that we’re Zerging has no charge. We won’t be providing them any cash at all.
    I’m told last time a group here went to it, they provided cookies. And it was on a Sun they weren’t normally open. So, if anything, we’re putting them out without recompense, just to giggle amongst ourselves about it afterward.

    I hear it’s tiny, though, and no rideable dinos for enduring images…

  8. cicely, Inadvertent Phytocidal Maniac says

    I plan to make a day of it on Saturday…on wheels, this year. Sorry I’m going to miss the Friday Laugh-and-Point.

  9. Sytec says

    Nice weather for a ride… I’ll be there. Will miss the museum because of the 8 hour bike trip from Texas but won’t feel like riding any dinosaurs anyway after that….

  10. Mattir says

    The Spawns and Mr. Mattir will be there. I will be enjoying FIVE WHOLE DAYS of solitude alone in my own home.* If you’re lucky, Mr. Mattir will tell you stories of his Famous High School Classmate (and the Famous English Teacher) and his Weird Conservopoodia-Founding College Roommate. Even before I read Pharyngula, I knew plenty of stories about those folks…

    *With any luck, the wildly procrastinating roofers and electricians will make some progress during that time – theoretically, they were supposed to complete the electrical project and start the new roof on Thursday-Friday, but after 6 weeks of delays, who the fuck knows? Why yes, I’m irritated.

  11. cicely, Inadvertent Phytocidal Maniac says

    Carlie, what are the prices like at Farmer’s Gastropub? I’m always a bit alarmed when I see a menu (for example, the one on their website) that posts no prices.

  12. says

    Praise be to Dinosaur Jesus! I kept seeing the Skepticon things mentioned on here but for some reason thought it was the James Randi thing that was in Las Vegas like months ago. Then I saw the creationist Ozarks thing and was like “Wait a second, the Ozarks are near Springfield, MO. I’m in Tulsa, OK. I can go to a creationists museum with PZ + a horde of other heathens???” So after my erection went away I quickly got on here to say I will so be there haha.

  13. adrianedmonds says

    I went to the Gastropub site, read their menu and literally drooled. My keyboard is now wet. As an atheist Brit living in Israel, I feel so alone.

  14. adrianedmonds says

    Note: I do wonder sometimes why I see so many adverts here for Christain churches. Perhaps it’s where I live.

  15. cicely, Inadvertent Phytocidal Maniac says

    Aha! I believe I’ve found the menu prices; ignore me, Carlie! :)

  16. Erulóra Maikalambe says

    I’m sad to be missing #creozerg2, but I just can’t bring myself to leave the house before 7am for about a 5 hour drive, especially with this cold I’ve had for over two weeks now.

    That reminds me, I definitely will not be swilling from any communal jugs this year. So if you all catch something, it’s not from me.

  17. Sytec says

    I like this info on the Skepticon website:

    2) We invite you to stay with our speakers at the University Plaza Hotel, which still has limited availability.

    Do I get to choose which speakers I stay with, or is it a random draw?

  18. Erulóra Maikalambe says

    Do I get to choose which speakers I stay with, or is it a random draw?

    It’s an all-or-nothing deal.

  19. orsonzedd says

    I’m afraid I won’t be able to make it after all. I donated a hundred dollars, though. Can someone send me my giftbag?