1. Andromeda says

    There I was innocently thinking it had 2 phalluses, only to find out all about a French Tickler.

  2. elwoodius says

    Instead of a giant purple nutsack – ok, I’ll admit I did see that first – I see an angry Mr Weatherbee.

  3. UAgainstTheRopes says

    OMGless is that a phallus? And it’s got two mini-phalluses, errr mini-phallie?!!? I’m so excited I don’t care. Holy shit make me airtight, plug all my orifices so I can feel humiliated and derogated in this society. Quick! Quick! Quick! Thelonious, here’s my camera take a picture and post it on the internet, Classical cipher comment on the historical dominant male role of privilege while I cummmmmmm.

    WAIT!!!! Is that the god in three persons in one eggplant??
    blessed trinity..?

    Never mind it’s just a mutant eggplant.

    Carry on…

  4. The Panic Man says

    “Dose are da conditions dat prevail, ha cha cha cha cha cha!” That’s all I could think of.

    …So I watch a lot of Looney Tunes.

  5. Classical Cipher says

    Your puny brain is incapable of comprehending how tremendously you need to fuck off, UpAgainstTheRopes.

  6. The Rat King says

    Well, it’s obvious that this vegetable is simply trying to achieve perfection by sprouting tentacles.

  7. Charlie Foxtrot says

    I’d like to see it with a couple of big googly eyes and dancing.
    Then I’d accuse it of wearing a toupee.

  8. says

    I must be tired if I didn’t immediately see the sexual imagery. I though it was sprouting limbs in order to take vengeance against all humans who have eaten his vegetable brethren.

  9. =8)-DX says

    We call it “lilek”. Finally an interesting vegetable that DOESN’T look like a penis.

  10. tangsm says

    It wants a hug! Awe!

    Yeah, my immediate mental reaction was that it’s doing that “Up! Up!” thing toddlers do. That or it just needs to be captioned with ” ‘sup?”

  11. ChrisKG says

    Okay, so my first thought was, “Is that an eggplant, or are you just happy to see me?” but it reminded me of a friend who had a vasectomy after a botched surgery and then he decided to show everyone the surgeon’s handiwork. Let’s just say “looks like an eggplant” was heard a few times. this was not a memory I needed. Thanks PZ.

  12. The Panic Man And His Gloves Of Running Urgently says

    Kafir @#31: Preparing for his upcoming 3DS title.

  13. Sili says

    Finally an interesting vegetable that DOESN’T look like a penis.

    It doesn’t!?!

    Excuse me.

    I think I need go call my GP …

  14. kennypo65 says

    Very cool! I once got an eggplant that looked like Nixon. I should have kept it but I was hungry so I ate it.