What it takes to stand out in Southern California

The city of Lake Forest, California has given a talented young boy scout the job of designing the city’s logo. The presentation of his Eagle Scout project to the city council must have been dramatic: he displayed his carefully crafted graphic arts project to them, and they voted 3 to 2 in favor of giving him the project. His design must have exhibited great style, panache, and technical expertise to dazzle them so. And here it is!


Why, he must have worked for weeks on that. It’s bold, original, and wonderfully crafted.

Well, errm, actually…it looks like he whipped it out 2 minutes before the meeting. And it’s rather ugly.

OK, then, they must have been impressed with his character; Eagle Scout candidates have to be ramrod straight representatives of distinguished civic responsibility, after all. I’m sure his Facebook page demonstrates the quality of his character.


Ooops. Well, I guess it’s more a matter of being from Rick Warren country, in Orange County, and all you got to do is slap “god” on something for them to flop down on their bellies and worship it.