Jen McCreight gets to experience Minnesota!

Living in paradise, the Pacific Northwest, has probably spoiled her, so it’s good that Mother Nature is preparing for her visit. Right now, Minnesota is looking horribly bedraggled and grubby — we’ve been thawing, slowly, over the last few weeks, so the snowpack burying us has diminished by a foot or two, and what’s left is the filthy black dirty detritus covering everything, with a few exposed brown patches here and there. But nw we hear that temperatures are about to plummet again, and a snowstorm is on the way, timed to arrive just when I’m picking her up! She’ll get to experience the range of exquisite torments Minnesota offers us, with the exception of the bugs. She’ll have to come back for that in July.

Anyway, Jen McCreight is touring the state, visiting Minneapolis, St Cloud, and of course, the cultural center of our fair region, small town Morris. She’ll be speaking here on God’s Lady Problem: Breaking up with abusive supernatural beings, at 6:30 in HFA 6 on Wednesday, 23 March. We’ll be having a slumber party at my house that evening, with my daughter Skatje also planning to be in town, but before that, I’m sure we can make a run out to Old No. 1 for some conviviality. Come on out and hang out!

If the weather allows, of course. We might be snowed in for a while. I hope she’s prepared.

Jen’s full schedule, in case you don’t want to travel to the cultural mecca on the west side of the state to see her:

Tuesday, 3/22
St. Cloud, MN
7:00pm in Atwood, Cascade Room
720 Fourth Ave South
Host: Secular Student Alliance at St. Cloud State University
Facebook event

Wednesday, 3/23
Morris, MN
Host: UM Morris Freethinkers
Part of Pride Week programming, woo!
6:30pm in HFA 6

Thursday, 3/24
Minneapolis, MN
7pm in Murphy Hall 130
206 Church Street SE
Host: Campus Atheists, Skeptics and Humanists (CASH) at UM
Facebook event