Murder in the name of intolerance

Don’t ever call atheists militant, except where they do something like this. A governor in Pakistan has been killed for opposing blasphemy laws.

Interior minister Rehman Malik said the killer was a member of Mr Taseer’s own security team, who quickly confessed to the crime and who had apparently worked for the governor on five or six previous occasions.

“He confessed that he killed the governor himself because he had called the blasphemy law a black law,” Mr Malik said.

“He has confessed his crime and surrendered his gun to police after the attack,” he told reporters.

That’s militancy. That’s closed-mindedness. That’s fanaticism. That’s intolerance.

Everytime those apologetic wankers who object to blunt speech apply those adjectives to people who simply write articles and books, they’re weakening any objection we might have to the real zealots.