Wow, that number keeps going up

In their invisible feasibility study, proponents of the very silly Ark theme park in Kentucky claimed it would create 900 jobs. Now a mysterious consultant claims it will be even more effective:

The ripple effect of the first year in job creation will be over 14,000 new jobs.

But wait! That’s not big enough! Here comes Ken Ham to fluff the statistics a little more.

A lot of left-wing media and bloggers have reacted very negatively, writing a lot of false information. They only represent a minority of the people in this nation. The majority of people in this area and across the nation are supportive. The statistics show about 200 million people would want to come if the ark were rebuilt. Locally, the majority of people are really thrilled because it’s family-friendly and it would bring hundreds of jobs to the region.

The current US population is a bit over 300 million…so Ken Ham is waving around two thirds of the population of the country as prospective customers, if only the state will give him some support? Does anyone believe this guy?

Imagine you’re a tourist visiting the Cincinnati area. You’ve got the choice of taking the family to Kings Island, a major recreational park nearby, or the equivalent of Heritage USA, an evangelical Christian park with no rides, presided over by a creepy Australian dude who demands that you obey his ‘literal’ interpretation of the Bible or burn in hell.

Do you think the creepy dude actually has a realistic business plan?