Not even wrong, again

Creationists say the weirdest things. Every once in a while, someone sends me a creationist quote that reveals exactly how clueless and ignorant these guys are, because they start lecturing people on biology, a subject they clearly know nothing about. We’ve got a local boy named Brock Lee in Owatonna who is fond of writing amazing letters to the newspapers — I’ve mentioned him before — and here’s a remarkable example of creationist inanity. Look at the conclusions he draws from the biological species concept:

What is a species? The evolutionary answer seems simple enough: a species is an interbreeding population.

Most people walk away from biology classes with this definition, and it is this definition which causes problems. (In the first DVD of Hovind’s debate series, you can hear one college student give this exact definition.)

Notice that by this definition, those that are not interbreeding are not part of the species. This means that a virgin is not, by this definition, a human. If you use this definition, child sacrifice would not be considered murder, since murder only applies to humans; the child is not able to interbreed, and thus cannot meet the criteria of being in the human species. Do you see how something so simple as a wrong definition can have devastating effects?

Hormones, peers and the teaching of evolution work as a trifecta to push teens into being sexually active. Teens can control behavior and change friends, but the corrosive teaching of evolution will linger beyond them because it is ingrained in the modernist humanist belief system.

It is no surprise, then, that some teens in this town think sex stores are a good thing. They’ve been taught that sex is the only way to become human, and that even then humans have no value anyway because we’re part of the problem. The right approach is not simply to get rid of the store, but rather to destroy the false teachings which make such a store thrive.

As Kent Hovind says, “What you believe determines how you behave.” And when it comes to studying beliefs, begin at the beginning. If you would like to volunteer your time or talents to combat false teachings about origins, please contact me at

God made sex, so use it as he says — in marriage.

Brock Lee

Got it, people? According to a creationist who claims that this is according to evolutionary biology, if you aren’t pregnant or having sex right now, you aren’t a human being, and we can kill you. And this is one of the reasons teenagers are having sex, because they’ve been taught that that “is the only way to become human”.

His source is Kent Hovind.

Well, ol’ Kent is in prison right now, and he sure isn’t procreating in there. Why would anyone care what a non-human said?

It does provide us with a new pick-up line, at least. “Help, my humanity is fading! Only you can restore it!” Let me know if it works for you.