A victory in Louisiana

This is fabulous news: the Louisiana school system has been wrestling with a proposal from the Louisiana Family Forum (you know the rule: the word “family” in their title means they’re anything but) which would have had the schools using science textbooks with absurd warning labels and watered down content. The Board of Elementary and Secondary Education has seen the light, however, and voted 6 to 1 in favor of using quality textbooks for the kids of Louisiana. It’s an all-around win for everyone.

The Louisiana Patriarchy Forum is not happy. They are venting their frustration a bit with a ridiculous poll — go make them cry some more.

Do you support BESE’s decision today to approve a list of Biology textbooks with known false and inaccurate information?


Just remember, to a creationist “false and inaccurate” refers to any piece of evidence that shows how bogus their superstitions are, and vote accordingly.