Mike Celizic has died

Last month, I mentioned this sad and inspiring story of Mike Celizic, who had been diagnosed with cancer and given very little time to live. I’m sorry to report that Mike Celizic has died. Here is the last email he sent to me; it’s a little embarrassing that he’s saying more about me than himself, but that seems to be the kind of fellow he was.

Dr. Myers:

I’m not given to firing off emails to people who are overwhelmed with same. But I’m dying of lymphoma – I’ve got a few weeks – and I want to tell you how much I’ve learned reading your blog and how much enjoyment it has brought me. I’m a writer for the MSM, and it’s been a delicate balancing act for years to not be blatantly the atheist I am, lest I upset the readers, or, more important, the bosses, who quail at the mention of the topic.

I’ve written an entry on deciding not to undergo more treatment. With my last post, I’ll expose my beliefs and let the cranks and fundies weep and wail and gnash their teeth and rend their garments. I’ll be rejoining the ecosystem – anyway, my ashes will – and won’t care.

If you’ve got a spare 30 seconds, which I can’t imagine you do, here’s my take on my decision. No need to respond. I just wanted to say thanks, not tootle my flootle.

So, thanks. Your writing means a lot to an army of people. Keep it up.


And that’s how an atheist can face death.