The joke of O’Donnell has got to be wearing thin soon, right?

It’s one of the oldest, most ridiculous canards creationists use: “Why aren’t monkeys still evolving into humans?” And here’s Christine O’Donnell thinking it’s a valid argument.

I think she was also about to claim that Darwin retracted his theory, before she got cut off…and that’s another creationist lie.

Maher also misses the point in his answer. This isn’t an issue of evolution being too slow at all; it’s a creationist misconception that evolution is directed towards a goal, and that that goal is humanity. Monkeys are evolving into monkeys, not people.

Maher is also astonished that someone like this could be a viable candidate for the senate. What’s the matter with him? Hasn’t he looked at the Republican senatorial roster lately? She’ll fit right in!

(via Climate Progress)