It’s the Happy Hunting Grounds!

Feeling bored? Not enough creationists turning up on Pharyngula? Do you need some fresh meat? There’s a whole field of sheep on the Natural Therapy Pages on Facebook who are unaccustomed to skeptical wolves! A few sample messages there:

Tony Gyenis Susanne and I are bringing tuning forks and channeling to a whole new level. I am presently the only Tuning Fork practitioner in Canada that I know of working in the 6th dimension. We love the fact that we are working with group healing to empower large numbers of people. We will start in Ottawa, Canada and move this across the country and then internationally. We love the interaction with the Elders and the higher realms.

Olya Szewczuk
Some people seem to “sense” the energy of different foods, medicines, supplements, and even technology and other things that surround us in our daily lives.
These frequencies can affect our bodies, our minds, and our state of well-being by bringing our own body frequency up or down, in tandem with their energy.
When we ingest a food or supplement, its frequency, as well as its chemistry, affects us.
These are the principles upon which homeopathy is based.

Romp through the place while you can — I predict it will become an invitation-only group in a few days. Bring back souvenirs! I’d really like to have a 6-dimensional tuning fork, myself.