1. bcoppola says

    “…we talked to that Einstein guy about E=M.C. Hammer” Lulz.

    One of the better episodes.

    BTW, got what I think was a compliment at the last atheist meetup I attended – couple of people said I resembled Mr. Deity.

  2. Richard Eis says

    Thats the funniest one yet I think. The Mr Diety equation cracked me up. Made for a t-shirt IMHO.

  3. somewhereingreece says

    The downside is, Inteligunt deziners will think you mean that Mr Deity did it.

    Brilliant as always!

  4. Steven Dunlap says

    I loved the Allah is depressed, then angry, cycle of feelings bit. Hilarious.

    Does anyone else notice that Amy Rohrer’s facial expressions absolutely *make* this videos great? Especially when she’s trying to decipher the equation.

    I’m going to buy the T-shirt with that equation on it ASAP.

  5. defides says

    I particularly liked “It’s a god eat god world out there”, and the ending – in which he is surreptitiously peeling a banana when he intones ‘It’s the way of the Master…’

    (I probably ought not to mention how excited I get when I see an episode is going to feature Lucy…)

  6. Glen Davidson says

    They’ve done okay believing in the Wedge. You’d think God could have kept it from becoming exposed, though, unless God’s quite a bit like Mr. Deity.

    Thank Deity that it didn’t have to be intelligent to garner support, though.

    Glen D

  7. progressive homeschooler says

    Did I hear Lucy call him El? Is that the first time she did that? Love it!

  8. gothicgyrl says

    Yay, another homeschooler on here. :)

    I loved the dig at Comfort at the end. I can honestly said I did not see that coming. I thought the banana was the dig.

    Excellent show this time. Well, they are all good, but this one really was very good.


  9. Uncephalized says

    The last line made me literally laugh out load for about a minute. I don’t know if it was his face or what when he said it, but it was just perfectly delivered.

  10. BruceJ says

    Well, if you weren’t one of those people, and listened through the begging segment (wherein you would understand the those people remark) you would have realized that yes, T-shirts ARE available at their Cafe Press store.

    Me, I want an E= MC Hammer tee shirt…

  11. legistech says

    Awesome show. I like especially that Lucy accuses, “So your way is to confuse, misdirect, etc.” — mainly because at some point I want to get a Xian to try to defend why it couldn’t have been Satan who actually wrote the Bible (not b/c I believe in either, but it would be a fun argument to make).

    Ohhh, you can buy seasons on DVD, too. . .

  12. shonny says

    Definitely picking up again after a slight lull!
    Very good pacing, and Lucy is just great.

  13. says

    I didn’t get that Lucy = Lucifer until Mr. Dalton explained that on the Chariots of Iron podcast….

  14. scooterKPFT says

    They really nailed this one, I had to listen twice to get all the jokes.

    Love the equation.

  15. Zernk says

    Yes – she called him El. I don’t get it. Somebody with some rilijin want to enlighten me?

  16. PZ Myers says

    El is the name of the original supreme Semitic god, back when he was the head of a pantheon. You can read about him in the book of Genesis.

  17. Zernk says

    You mean I “could” read about him in Genesis. I ain’t got time for that crap, except for a good laugh in a motel room with my kids.

    Thanks PZ, especially for not LMGTFYing me – you da man.

  18. Joshua Zelinsky says

    Two very good lines from this were the
    “They still believe in witches and demons and Wedge strategies, whatever those are”

    and the last remark about the strategy being “the way of the master.”

    Very clever.

  19. Sili says


    I. Can. Not. Believe. that it took me till now to get the equation. In the clip I just saw as mathification to dupe the proles.