And now, a brief message from Canada

Dear Friends and Freethinkers,
The Freethought Association of Canada, the charity that brought you the wildly successful Canadian Atheist Bus Campaign, is having its 2010 annual general meeting!

Everyone interested in the FAC and its future is welcome to attend the meeting and participate. We will be voting both on our 2010-2011 Board of Executives, and on a number of very exciting changes to the mandate and bylaws proposed throughout this past year. We will also have a Year in Review report from our current President, Kaiti Kish, as well as our yearly financial report. Finally, a discussion regarding the future of the FAC will be held, where any and all ideas are more than welcome!
Nominations will be held for: president, vice-president multimedia, vice-president special projects, treasurer and secretary. There will be a vote for the creation of two new positions (vice-president external and vice-president internal) if this motion is passed we will carry on with the voting for these positions.

When: Saturday, April 17 2010
Where: Center for Inquiry – Ontario (216 Beverley St. Toronto, ON) however if you are not in Toronto but still want to be involved in the Freethought Association we strongly encourage you to contact us! We would like to expand our executive board across Canada and therefore welcome national participation.
Nominations for the Board positions will be accepted until: Saturday, April 10 2010
Please send all nominations to: (please include the full name of the nominee, your full name, and the position you would like the nominee to fill)

Please see our Facebook event for descriptions of the duties of each position and further information.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at: or call (647) 267-5780


  1. Bill McElree says

    Thanks for noticing your neighbors to the north. We feel loved. For anyone thinking of going, this is an excellent and progressive group to be involved with. They make a difference.

  2. Pierce R. Butler says

    … a number of very exciting changes to the mandate and bylaws proposed throughout this past year.

    Every time I contemplate escaping to Canada, the thought of what constitutes “excitement” up there does as much as the weather in keeping me south of the border.

  3. says

    Will they be providing cookies?



  4. Rachel Bronwyn says

    If Canada weren’t so goddamned big, I’d partake. I live on the West Coast though (and hate Toronto.)

    There must be a Vancouver chapter I was participate in.

  5. Rachel Bronwyn says

    was = can. I just woke up and my brain is still predominantly turned off.

  6. ChrisG says

    Actually, Rachel, there is a Vancouver branch of the CFI. Have a look here:

    I’m not a wet coaster myself, but I’d go to the Big Smoke if I could get away for the day. I’m sure it’ll be a fine day.

    Oh, and Pierce, remember that “exciting” is relative. After all, we’re the country that states “peace, order and good government” as constitutional principles! Must remember not to be rude, now!

  7. Pierce R. Butler says

    ChrisG @ # 6 – you live in a country run by Stephen Harper, and see no call for rudeness?!?

  8. blf says

    a country run by Stephen Harper

    I was under the impression the county wasn’t running too well with him at the helm, with knocks from the engine, puffs of black smoke from the stacks, and lots of water coming in.

  9. ChrisG says

    Pierce @#6 – Stephen Harper and his drooling minions provide more than enough rudeness to go around, thank you very much! I prefer scathing satire and aloof dignity rather than sinking to the same level as those poopyheads!

  10. Rachel Bronwyn says

    Yes, I’ve been to Toronto. If I hadn’t I would lack the knowledge and experience upon which to conclude I hate it.