1. Brownian, OM says

    Sorry PZ, but that’s clearly Admiral Ackbar. Unless of course, we’re meant to think that. It’s a trap!

  2. Janine, Mistress Of Foul Mouth Abuse, OM says

    Bring out the Grimp.

    The Grimp is sleeping.

    Well then, I guess you better wake him up.

    I am almost embarrassed.

  3. timrowledge says

    Good grief – have you seen some of the other delightful creatures on the Frozenly page? Ping-pong tree sponge? Munnopsis? Wow.

    Clearly, nothing like those could have evolved, so we must accept that H.R.Giger is in fact god.

  4. Joffan says

    I wish to second the following:

    An “iridescent” “Admiral Ackbar” “Head” with “brothel-creepers”.

    Well done all. A full identification.

  5. allport says

    What an amazing site Frozenly is.

    I am all about the bacteria normally but that makes me want to switch to marine biology and spend the rest of my life in the Mariana Trench.

  6. PZ Myers says

    Uh-oh. I once scanned in some photos from that book and posted them with full attribution, links to where you could purchase it, etc. — and I got so much grief from the people behind it that I had to yank the pictures off the web.