1. monado says

    It looks as if the sail is an aid to keeping prey fish bunched up.

    Are they racing towards extinction?

  2. aratina cage of the OM says

    Extraordinary creatures both the sardines and the sailfish. The gallery shows a photo of an excited sailfish that has flashed itself silver, perhaps in anticipation of a tasty sardine snack?

  3. Sven DiMilo says

    I know and love this pic.

    Did you know that billfish have modified ocular muscles that have lost the ability to contract and function instead as retina-heaters?

  4. recovering catholic says

    When I see one of these gorgeous beasts on the wall of a bait and tackle shop it makes me want to cry.

  5. says

    One of the highlights of my honeymoon (I won’t bore you with some of the others highlights!) was seeing a pair of sailfish when we scuba diving. We were down at about 20 metres and suddenly noticed 2 sailfish up ahead of us. They were only a few body lengths beneath the surface so we could see all their markings (no blue flashes). We just hung in the water and watched them for a minute or so before they disappeared into the distance.

    Beautiful creatures.