If it’s Thursday, it must be Sierra College

It is Thursday, right?My brain is melting a bit, so I’m not really sure any more. I know I’m getting on the train again this afternoon and heading up to Sacramento, at least. I’m giving one more talk in California, at 7pm in Weaver 110 at Sierra. They are charging $5 admission; I was surprised to discover at the last place that charged that it seemed to have no affect on the group’s ability to fill a room. Next tour: Ticketmaster.

I’ve been talking every day for 8 days straight. I’ve got a break in that routine for a couple of days, at least, even those days are all going to be consumed with travel.


  1. https://me.yahoo.com/a/SaqGVG0xvJEQVwURVamS3DTCdvov0BLhXK1jOsYPPJQ-#b4893 says

    Fred Phelps is in SF today, to picket at Twitter headquarters.


    PZ, I hope you had a lot of fun on your trip. I’m sure you’re exhausted, running from town to town like that. This isn’t a small state at all, is it?

    Sierra College is a nice little campus. My sister teaches English there. Been to swim meets there. Have a great time! This is close to Fundy-country, though, out in Roseville. Don’t be surprised if you run into more questions at this forum than you did at, say, SCC.

    Have a great trip to Ireland.


  2. boygenius says

    Nooooo! Not Ticketbastard. They are greedy, gouging, unfair to both artist and venue, corporate a-holes. Use Brown Paper Tickets instead. :)

    Sorry to rant. I’ve gone to many hundreds of concerts and I’m no longer able to mask my utter contempt for Ticketmaster. :(

  3. Jarred C. says

    I’m not surprised the community colleges charged admission. Those poor colleges need all the money they can get.

    It’ll be nice to go back to Sierra College to see PZ. I haven’t been back there in a few years. I received a couple of associate degrees there, and I used to be a docent for their natural history museum and nature trail tours (usually for elementary school kids).

  4. PZ Myers says

    I’m not really going to go through Ticketmaster, at least not until I perfect my Roger Daltrey imitation and go on my concert tour.

  5. Erin Johnson says

    My dad teaches at Sierra College. I assume you’re at the Roseville campus and not the Nevada County campus?

  6. caseyhov says


    I’m giddy like a school girl!

    If you need anything, rides, a place to stay, anything at all sir, you let me know! I’ve emailed you on the subject already!


  7. caseyhov says

    Also, I’ve heard from my girlfriend that a person who teaches “philosophy of science” at Sac State, who I guess saw you speak at Davis during this trip, believes you are “too biased” against creationism. This was relayed to me via text, so I hope I’m missing an element of his statement that was hopefully really dry humor.

    tbh, I don’t even see how science can be a bias, when it’s based in fact. I’d say if anything you’re reacting to the actions of religion against science.

  8. raven says

    believes you are “too biased” against creationism.

    Considering that creationism is just a Wedge to destroy 21st century civilization and set up a hell on earth Dark Age Theocracy, how can you be “too biased” against it?

    A bit like being “too biased” against terrorists who hijack planes and fly them into skyscrapers.

  9. caseyhov says

    “A bit like being “too biased” against terrorists who hijack planes and fly them into skyscrapers.”


  10. Primate says

    I am the Vice President of the club that put on the event. I am sorry that we charged at the door, but our club and school don’t have a lot of money. We wanted to give PZ an honorarium for speaking and simply wouldn’t have been able to without charging. Our club now has a little cash to order stuff from evolvefish and get more speakers to come out. This venue really gave our club some flexibility for future events. Again, sorry for the charge, but hey, it went to a freethinkers club that is helping spread the word of science and reason! Isn’t that worth $5?