It’s another of those vote-for-the-sexy-atheist-but-NOT-pz polls

They taunt me. Really, I know I’m an old lump, it’s OK, you can stop mentioning how I’m not on the poll but all the young cool groovy atheist kids are. And then Hemant has to gloat that at last he can win without me around — yeah, and Potsie might have stood a chance of scoring when the Fonz was out of sight.

Just for that, I voted for Laura.

Hemant (makes me want to add stuff – like him to me) 26% (33 votes)

Laura (makes me want to play car-wash…with nothing but her hair) 46% (57 votes)

Luke (makes me wish I was cougar….wait a minute) 2% (2 votes)

Skepticcat (makes me wish I was a cat dressed as Princess Leia) 4% (5 votes)
Amanda (makes me wish I was covered in sprinkles and jimmies) 1% (1 votes)

Other (makes me wish you’d done your homework better, Sue) 22% (27 votes)


  1. Xenithrys says

    Me too. I read her blog yesterday, and I’ve been so upset about the crap religion put her through, and is still putting her through. She’s a hero.

  2. Sili says

    Indeed. We were promised penis fencing and it has yet to appear.

    The effects of visiting Canada are no excuse for not getting your junk out.

  3. Kimpatsu says

    I’ve gone over there, voted “Other”, and then specified in the comments that “Other” means PZ. If everyone does the same, PZ can beat Hemant on this one, too!

  4. Patricia, Queen of Sluts OM says

    Newfie & Sili, this can’t be tolerated. To which committee do I send my strongly worded letter regarding the reneging of the penis fencing competition? Perhaps the Duchess of Cornwall is the patroness…?

  5. Sili says


    I believe the Central Commenting Committee of Pharyngula would be a good start (my apologies if I misremembered that).

  6. The Tim Channel says

    Since you weren’t on the poll I went with ‘other’. Polls like this clearly show me that I’m going to have to be a much bolder atheist if I wish to ever be considered for attention…and maybe some risque pics or hidden sex videos could surface that might give me a boost.

    As far as sex appeal, here’s a little clip I posted of some talking heads discussing Sarah Palin’s new Fox gig. Grateful Dead fans won’t want to miss it.


  7. The Tim Channel says

    I saw this over at Andrew Sullivan last week and just had to share it with the group:

    There is this guy who walks into a bar and notices a man 12 inches tall playing the piano. He asks what it is all about and the barman tells him he’ll tell him later.

    So he asks the barman for a drink and the barman says,
    ‘Before you get your drink you get to rub the magic beer bottle and make a wish.’

    ‘OK,’ says the guy.

    He goes to the bottle and rubs it and, boom, out comes a genie, who says,
    ‘You have one wish.’

    The man thinks about it and then wishes for a million bucks. A cloud of smoke fills the room and when the smoke clears there are a million ducks crowding the bar.

    He tells the barman,
    ‘Hey, I didn’t want a million ducks.’

    The barman replies, ‘You think I wanted a 12-inch pianist?’


  8. Andreas Johansson says

    I think I should start an atheist blog – it seems to be a surefire way to sexiness, without any pesky exercise, fashion sense, or cosmetics needed.

  9. John Morales says

    Andreas @12, you’ve left out a small, yet necessary requirement: some talent and some relevance. :)

  10. llewelly says

    Andreas @12, you’ve left out a small, yet necessary requirement: some talent and some relevance. :)

    Much more importantly: a lot of persistence, and a lot of dumb luck.

  11. Carlie says

    I feel a little bad about it, since it was Hemant was who introduced me to Laura’s blog in the first place, but I voted for her. A few times.

  12. Lynna, OM says

    I voted for Hemant because I feel sorry for him. Being beaten in a sexiness contest by PZ must be hard to bear. Also, I figure that if Hemant gets a lot of sexiness votes, then he’ll start feeling sexier … and then he might even become sexy.

    Adding sexy atheists to the planet, one man at a time.

  13. 'Tis Himself, OM says

    Here’s the totals so far:

    Hemant 25% 312 votes
    Laura 49% 621 votes
    Luke 2% 25 votes
    Skepticcat 3% 37 votes
    Amanda 3% 42 votes
    Other 18% 230 votes
    Total Votes: 1,267

  14. mythusmage says

    But PZ, you’re such a cuddly bear.

    (Pharyngulate pooftahs can clue folks in about bears in this situation. :) )

  15. Nerd of Redhead, OM says

    Argh, one is a redhead. *voice of robot* “must vote for redhead” */voice*