Hemant Mehta interviews Ray Comfort

And all I take away from it is that Comfort is as sleazy as I thought. You may have heard that he has retracted his banana argument; not true, as you’ll discover, he’s kind of waffled around objections to it, but he still thinks the banana is an argument against evolution. He also denies that he makes a lot of errors when talking about science. Comfort is the fellow who made this claim:

Darwin theorized that mankind (both male and female) evolved alongside each other over millions of years, both reproducing after their own kind before the ability to physically have sex evolved. They did this through “asexuality” (“without sexual desire or activity or lacking any apparent sex or sex organs”). Each of them split in half (“Asexual organisms reproduce by fission (splitting in half).”

It’s not only historically false, but is a complete misrepresentation of what the science says about the evolution of sex.

It’s good that Hemant got him to say a few things that testify to his dishonesty, but I would have liked to have seen him squirm some more.


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