It’s Saturday night, and I know what you nerds are doing

For some reason, this geeky little saga tickled me.

David: Taunt dude! You’re supposed to be the tank!

Zach: Just back up, you’re drawing agro.

David: I can’t, I’m-

Cheryl: *opening the door* David…?

David: Oh sh*t!

Cheryl: Discarded pizza rolls, empty Mountain Dew bottles…What’s going on here?

David: We were…I was…fixing Zach’s computer!

Cheryl: Liar! *starts bawling* You’re having a LAN party aren’t you!?

David: You weren’t supposed to see this! You aren’t supposed to be home for another three hours!

Zach: I should leave.

David: No, you know what? I’m done hiding.

Cheryl: *crying* You told me you were watching football.

David: Zach and I are in love! With Warcraft.

Cheryl: What’s next, David? Painting Warhammer figures? Magic The Gathering? You’re a child.

Zach: Magic is a complex game of strategy! It’s not for kids!

Cheryl: You stay out of this! You…you…virgin loser!

David: That’s no way to talk to Lucan The Holy!

*Cheryl is taken aback*

David: Listen, Cheryl. We may be working class nobodies in the real world. But here, we’re level 80 Paladins, defending the Alliance from the forces of evil. It may not seem like a big deal to you, but we take a lot of pride in it.

*David puts his arm around Zach. Cheryl stares for a few seconds.*

Cheryl: We are never having sex again.

Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about. I was also sent this revealing listing of WoW players: where did they get that interesting name, I wonder? It’s all good, at least Horde predominates, but I am troubled by the squeaky little gnome named Pharyngula.


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