The Global Darwinist Dictatorship Must Apologize to the Entire World!

I’ve been promoted. I’m now a member of a ruling cabal that forms a world dictatorship. BWAHAHAHAHAAHAAHAHAAHAHAAAA!

At least, that is, according to this email I just got.

Darwinism is under official protection in 95% of the countries of the world. People are forced to believe this false theory imposed on them as an official ideology.


  • for presenting innumerable frauds to the scientific world for 150 years,
  • for imposing Darwinism as the official ideology,
  • for trying to keep Darwinism alive by means of official protection,
  • for putting pressure on and removing pro-Creation scientists from their posts,
  • for putting anti-democratic pressure on Creationists all over the world through the press and other means…

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A Statement to Darwinists


  • For banning and burning anti-Darwinist books,
  • For refusing to permit any contrary opinions,
  • For removing scientists holding opposing ideas from their posts,
  • For forcing students to give answers in favor of the theory in university exams,
  • For deceiving the world with countless hoax fossils,
  • For concealing Cambrian period fossils for 70 years and for still hiding every new fossil discovery since they constitute evidence for Creation,
  • For concealing the impossibility of even a single protein coming into being by chance,
  • For portraying only hoax skulls as evidence of the so-called evolution of man,
    For so long imposing the lie that mutations cause evolution,
  • And for deceiving all of humanity, admitting a biased lie and nonsense, and violating the human rights of all mankind by disseminating that nonsense.

Darwinist publications constantly talk about freedom of expression and democracy. But they support the banning by the Council of Europe of the Atlas of Creation (, which is full of scientific evidence and has caused such a wide response across the world, and do all in their power to bring it about. Yet they oppose the banning by court decision of Richard Dawkins’ insult-filled book and articles. This is nothing more than dishonesty.

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I had no idea that we had so much power. I sure wish I could use it to be able to afford a housekeeping staff for my mansion, and to buy my mansion, and to give me enough money to get a mansion (I’m on sabbatical, which means half-pay, you know) instead of using my immense powers to force students to answer biology exams. Seems kind of a waste of a dictatorship.

Anyway, it’s just noise from a member of the Adnan Oktar cult. The New Humanist has a good bio on Oktar, or Harun Yahya as he calls himself. He’s a crazy, cunning con artist who has enriched himself by peddling nonsense to the gullible.

By the way…NO APOLOGIES.