True confessions of a creationist

A little while ago, we had a report of creationist graduating from Harvard and going on to use his degree for evangelism. How sweet, I know…but surely he wouldn’t admit to simply getting his degree for window dressing, would he?

Why, yes he would! he’s very proud of the purity of his creationist heritage and pulling off the acquisition of a Ph.D. from Harvard.

He went straight to Harvard Medical School, which he said “sounded like it would be useful for credentials and evangelism.”

“I’m a second generation creationist, you might say,” he said. He explained how he saw that “salvation was inherent in creation science” and that it could be used as a tool for evangelism, another passion of his.

With a promising and lucrative career in medical research open before him, Jeanson said he underwent a career shift at Harvard. “I asked myself, ‘How can I use and abuse my training to influence eternity, rather than for temporary gain?'” He considered mission work or attending seminary. He decided, instead, to seek employment at ICR, rather than continuing his research in Boston.

Harvard, you’ve been used.