Radio reminder

It could be a very interesting morning on Sunday at 9am on Atheists Talk radio. Eugenie Scott will be on, and she’s always interesting…and Greg Laden will be interviewing her, and he threatens to bring up the recent accusations of truckling to the theistic evolutionists. I will be looking forward to hearing Genie’s take on the subject. Call in! (I’m still going to be on the road, so I won’t be able to…but I will definitely catch the podcast later.)


  1. Svlad says

    I just spent the last 3 hours listening to audio clips of interviews/debates, including one with PZ himself, on I’m hooked on them at the moment – I’ll be getting this podcast, that’s for sure.

  2. Otto says

    Early enough to see on Saturday!
    If I miss it now, it is my fault.


  3. says

    This is timely as the final state science standard draft just came out and are now in the final rulemaking process.

  4. Angel says

    That sounds like something worth listening to. I respect Eugenie Scott and would want to hear her take on the theistic evolution subject. So far everything I’ve read about her on that subject has been positive. It’s about time someone sees it as a positive thing.

  5. recovering catholic says

    Um, regarding the poll on the website:

    “Do you support an individual’s right to choose his or her’s own death?”

    Huh? How about her own death?

  6. MadScientist says

    Dang, wish I could call in and ask Genie what she thought about what Jerry Coyne wrote the other week.

  7. Rorschach says

    This radio station does indeed have weird programs,when the atheists arent on….
    Here’s hoping that Mike’s car doesnt break down….:-)

  8. says

    Rorschach, thanks! I have a much better car nowadays, but today I won’t be heading in to the studio. I am staying at whom with two kids who are experience evolution firsthand vis a vis a rinovirus. Stephanie has it all under control.

  9. Otto says

    Was listening to Greg and Genie this morning,
    thanks PZ for the timely reminder.
    Genie talked about the importance of teaching good science and that it is important to get all the help one can get to achieve this. Teachers and scientists are not enough, we have to reach out to mainstream clergy in order to succeed.

    I find that quite reasonable, and who knows, good science might lead to an undermining of superstition.

    I did not listen to the whole broadcast, I just hate commercial radio. Unfortunately public radio is not likely to broadcast this kind of stuff, it might hurt the membership.

  10. says

    The podcast is up, for those who didn’t get a chance to listen earlier. As I said at the end of the show, thank you to everyone who sent in a question we didn’t have time to use. We may need another show for this one.