1. says

    So Tim/Jim:

    If the universe could not possibly have “come from nothing,” if “a creation must have a creator,” then who or what created God?

  2. Tim Janger says

    i already talked about creation before ( #71 ) but here it is again

    God told me the truth about it! he was created by the big bang! (a whole bunch of times!) but his magick powers are! and when he masturbated it landed on earth and mixed in with some stuff like lava… but it was godly and made little people calle d bacteria and then god had sex with them and the babies where part god and so they improved on the orignial (random mutations) and the better ones survived and god is insatiable and had bunchs of sex and the little peoples had sex with each others and kept mixing their god particles until better peoples came out and after longs year (like 6,000! but they are god years so good luck counting that many nanosexonds HAHA!) and now humans have the most god particles and we are closest to what he looks like (TOLD YOU GODS IMAGE!!!) and when we are like 99.9999% he will have sex wwith her and make a BIG BANG (bang her booty HAHA!) world explosion NEW UNIVERSE!!! baby god to start process over!!! OMG! and he had sex with mary and jesus got his magic walk on water power! but jesus was celibate and didnt pass his genetic god particles on… DARN!!

  3. Doug Little says

    I vote Tim for a Molly, but if he wins he has to reveal his true identity.

  4. says

    Thing is, even after that, people are going to debate Tim as if he’s real.

    You Darwinists are so hung up on your religion of nothingness that you think that comments can be written by nothing at all. Course he’s real, you need an agent to write something like that.

    You won’t admit design for anything, will you? Sheech.

    Glen D

  5. says

    Back on topic:

    That is completely made of win. I want an entire comic book series starring this thing. Preferably created by Ben Edlund (creator of The Tick.) And then I want a blockbuster movie based on the comic book.

    NOW, dammit! Or I will unleash my samurai octopus hordes on you!

  6. Tim Janger says

    i agree with #14 this picture makes me tingly (in the upper back part of my brain) i wish these could be real.

    maybe the will evolve…

  7. E.V. says

    Did no one see the Octophant or the octoskeleton on the home page of the link above?

  8. says

    Hi, thanks everyone and glad you like the prints. (Ok, maybe not thanks to the off-topic kooks…) So, yeah I made those and I would be too remiss if I failed to point out that they are for sale. And also, please, it would be so much better for everyone involved if you bought a print rather than getting a tattoo…

    But mostly, really, thanks PZ, et al.

    (Oh, and PZ, did you get the Squidleton print some fan of yours bought for you a while back?)

  9. masklinn says

    @E.V. #17

    The Octophant was featured on Pharyngula a few months (years?) ago, and at some point shortly after its release PZ should have received a Squidleton print.

    On the other hand, Phineas, is there *really* no chance for a reprint of the Octophant? I missed all of them and I’d really like one :(

  10. Masklinn says

    Are reprints so completely out of question? I understand you can’t exactly run huge initial series as it would be far too dangerous, but I’m pretty sure Octophant reprints would sell (at least one copy anyway)

  11. Art says

    I love the pic. I lived in Japan for a bit. Very sensible allocation of legs offense versus mobility.

    “How long before Jim Tanger spouts some nonsense on this thread?”

    Fourteen minutes by my math. Which shows a remarkable degree of self-control for a dirt-bag.

    Then again only one minute between the evil one’s name being mentioned and a response. He is obviously very twitchy, and completely unaware of his tiny yapping dog lack of control and reactivity. So, perhaps, the gap is not attributable to self-control but to him taking thirteen minutes to come up with what he thinks is a suitably stinging response. Any non-stoned middle school student could come up with better in five minutes but I suspect he is ‘being all he can be’, doing the best he can with … um … limited resources.