Reminder: Temporary full-time job opening in cell and microbiology at UMM

I’m going to periodically repeat myself and remind biologists looking for a job that there is a temporary opening here at UMM, which you can also find listed in the official University of Minnesota human resources site. Four applications have already come in, so get to work!


  1. Ouchimoo says

    I wish I had a biology degree. Speaking of which do you need to know math to major in that? I mean it is a science, but could I manage to pass muster with a D rating in math?

  2. Hedgefundguy says

    Is the opening temporary or is the opening for a temporary position? heh heh

  3. says

    Did the current applicants find out about the job through your blog? If so, that is pretty impressive. Finding qualified people through blog… has some competition.

  4. Alden says

    Sorry to be theological, but wouldn’t all full-time jobs be temporary due to a lack of immortality in this day and age?

  5. hje says

    As a chair of a biology department that has also been doing a lot of hiring, I can tell you that the experience gained from these temp positions can really move you up the list of candidates for tenure-track positions. This is an excellent opportunity.

  6. Jeff Lestina says

    I’d love the job. Unfortunatly, my lowly BS in biology and complete lack of teaching experience is a problem.

  7. Copernic says

    In my masters program 12 years ago, I grew toluene-selected bacteria and hit them with heavy metals to see how it impacted their respiration and reproduction rates. I’ve done nothing with that degree since then but still remember what peptidoglycan is and can tell the difference between gram positive and gram negative bacteria.
    Can I be assistant to the temporary cellular biology instructor?

  8. Martin says

    Normally, I’d have jumped at this chance. Sadly, the US will not allow me, and my partner, to immigrate together… despite being married.

    So, this homosexual will keep his 9 years of biochemistry out of the US.

  9. says

    @Martin #14: What a terrible shame! We in the States are losing some great talent not just because of our absolutely terrible primary education system and the rough-shod handling of our secondary system’s financing but now apparently our ridiculous need to impose religious doctrine on consenting adults! I am saddened.

  10. Martin says

    Al Gore (or is it FAG?!) #15
    Thanks. I’m certainly disappointed, but hopeful that things will change eventually. It’s particularly disappointing because most other nations WILL recognize gay unions for immigration purposes – including defacto/common law ones.

  11. says

    Good catch. I didn’t even realize those were “my” initials. I will consider writing my representative and senators in support of recognizing same sex unions performed in other countries. I say “consider” because I’m notoriously lazy, and I don’t want to set an unreasonable expectation. Sorry.

  12. recovering catholic says

    So where will you be spending your sabbatical leave, PZ? Are you going back to the Galapagos Islands?

  13. scott says

    @ hje

    A biology department that has been doing a lot of hiring… I’m skeptical.

  14. Jimmy Groove says

    Alas, I only have a Bachelor’s in Bio, and no real teaching experience. Sucks too, because I actually have a handful of friends living in that tiny little city of Morris (well, the even tinier suburb of Hancock, actually.)

  15. Nerd of Redhead, OM says

    A biology department that has been doing a lot of hiring… I’m skeptical.

    Many of the hires during the expansions in the late 60’s and early 70’s are reaching retirement age. Very likely lots of openings if the college also expanded in the same time period.

  16. hje says

    “A biology department that has been doing a lot of hiring… I’m skeptical.”

    The economy notwithstanding, it’s not a time to be cynical–but to get out the applications. In five years we have hired as many faculty–and I’m getting a little tired of interviewing candidates (though we do get free meals on the university’s dime). We will in all likelihood recruit a plant biologist to replace the last senior faculty member that will be retiring this semester.

  17. maddogdelta says

    Could this be put in a department of theology, so that somebody like me, who is completely ignorant of the subject and will just make shit up, can get the job?



  18. says

    Well, I have the b.d. in biology, am looking for academic employment, but that and snake research are my only qualifications…