1. Christophe Thill says

    Happy birthday PZ, and many, many thanks for my quasi-daily dose of science, atheism and witty sarcasm.

  2. Your Mighty Overload says

    As Dawkins has so elegantly pointed out, there are so many more ways to not exist than to exist. You beat the odds, my friend, so beating them a little more is surely worth a celebration!

    I’ll start, everyone one else join in….

    “Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to yooooouuuuu…..”

  3. says

    so today I’m supposed to celebrate the fact that the earth has circled about the sun an integral number of times.

    the earth has circled about the sun an integral number of times.

    an integral number of times.



    Happy Birthday, PZ Myers!

  4. John Morales says

    I’m supposed to say “Happy Birthday!”


    Happy Birthday, PZ!!


    I think I’ll, oh, go to work all day.

    Yikes. Now the Lumberjack Song is on my mind…

  5. Raiko says

    Zum Geburtstag viel Glück,
    zum Geburtstag viel Glück!
    zum Geburtstag alles Gute,
    zum Geburtstag viel Glück!

    I wish you a cephalopod-shaped cake. :D

  6. Kate says

    Dear PZ,

    Congratulations on managing to remain alive on, and not falling off of, the planet earth for 57-ish of its orbits around the star we call “sun”.

    I hope your day is filled with rational thinking and education… and perhaps cake.



  7. Carl Troein says

    Ooh, congratulations and cephalopodations, PZ! And hey, if you punch in your new age on a calculator it’ll show you a miniature octopus. It’s an omen! Let the year of the octopus commence!

  8. says

    Happy birthday PZ.
    I hope that (besides work) you’ll have a wonderful day shared with the people you love :)


  9. ZeroMatter says

    Happy birthday!

    Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

    Joyeux anniversaire!

    Your blog is enlightening…

  10. brnofeathers says

    Happy Birthday, you old heathen, and best wishes for many more to come!

    So to what do you attribute this longevity – magic crackers?

  11. arekksu says

    well, if we’re doing it that way:

  12. Lord Zero says

    Happy birthday !! Hope those
    naughty students dont stress you too much today!

  13. DocB says

    Happy Birthday. Did anybody recommend turning this into a national holiday yet?

  14. Eric says

    Happy Birthday PZ!

    Too bad you don’t get frequent flier miles for all those trips around the sun.

  15. IAmMarauder says

    In case someone hasn’t said it yet – Happy Birthday PZ :)

    Hope you have a good day, and enjoy lots of cake. And keep fighting the good fight!

  16. Toby says

    Happy Birthday! Did you know that you share it with Islam’s Prophet Mohammed?

  17. djlactin says

    hey, now you can claim (as i have recently begun to do) you are now playing with a full deck! (now to start accumulating jokers.)

  18. photonfan says

    I’d like to say thanks for all the learnin’ PZ – (from a long time lurker – not a scientist). Came here by way of Richard Dawkins – now I tune in whenever I can.

    So, many happy returns and big manly hugs.

  19. says

    In my own native language: Boldog szülinapot!
    And in the most romantic one in the galaxy: qoSlIj DatIvjaj!
    (Yep, no shame to be a nerd here :))

    Thx for keeping my brain on a healthy diet! (Food for thought, if anyone would fail to get it. Yep, lame. Think I will just shut up now.)

  20. says

    Happy Birthday, PZ!

    Congratulations for running a blog which is simultaneously one of the best on the Internet, but also the one that I most wish didn’t have to exist.

    Thanks for fighting the freaks for another year.

  21. Kitty says

    Penblwydd hapus i chi
    Penblwydd hapus i chi
    Penblwydd hapus i PZ
    Penblwydd hapus i chi.

  22. says

    生日快乐!祝你年年有今日, 岁岁有今朝!

    P.S. 可见在你诞辰那年冰棒只卖一角钱,所以不得不以黑白画面来想像当时的情景…


  23. AnthonyK says

    You were born? Yeah, right.
    I suppose your mother used to be a virgin too, eh?
    Y’know my suspicions that PZ doesn’t exist grow by the day.
    However, if he does, happy birthday to him.

  24. says

    Tillukku til tín
    Tillukku til tín
    Tillukku góði PZ
    Tillukku til tín

    Happy Birthday, PZ!

    (PZ is pronounced Peh Setta in Faroese, although Z isn’t actually a part of the Faroese alphabet)

  25. Kimpatsu says

    Happy birthday to you
    Cold calamari and stew
    I bet that Phil Plait
    Is not your prom date
    Alone you’ll be, PZ,
    Just your cephlapods and you…

    Happy squidday, and keep kicking creotard ass.
    All the best,

  26. pifflePrattle says

    Happy 0x34 PZ, and thank you for producing a nexus of sanity and reason for us all.

  27. says

    So – how to wish the honourable prof a Happy Birthday and make it different from everyone else’s comments so far…

    Happy 1,641,000,000th SECOND, PZ!

    Hope you reach a million hours. (Not that I want to make you feel old or anything, but you’re only about a million seconds ahead of me!)


  28. Aquaria says

    Happy getting shoved headfirst through a vagina day.

    Well… Not necessarily, but I’ll refrain from being an Inquiring mind about this one!

  29. Chris says

    It was a blessing from God when you were brought into this world. Remember that. LOL… ok I kid. But Happy Birthday.

  30. Louis says

    May all your Monkeys be Happy Monkeys!

    Congratulations on not being dead for another arbitrarily measured orbit of the sun. Please continue to not be dead for many more of these orbits. Dying would be bad, you are forbidden from doing it for an appropriately large number of said orbits.


  31. Michael C says

    Happy birthday!

    Herzlich Glückwünschen zum Geburtstag!


  32. Dancaban says

    Actually, due to all that travelling you do and General Relativity you’re not as old as you think…

    Happy Birthday PZ!

  33. SteveN says

    1957 was obviously a vintage year for births, PZ, although you beat me by six months. Happy Birthday!


  34. mewletter says

    Happy Birthday, PZ! I assume someone’s going to throw a birthday bash for you.

  35. MandarbZA says

    Veels geluk liewe PZ
    Omdat jy verjaar

    not going to continue, because the song invokes blessings from god.

    Happy Birthday, and may there be many more from all your fans South Africa.

  36. Ichthyic says

    I’ll, oh, go to work all day. It should be fun!

    yeah, yeah.

    nothing to see here.

    back to work, you.


  37. Strangebrew says

    hartelijk gefeliciteerd!

    If ya think you are half the age you actually are then you are only half the age you actually should be!

  38. windy says

    Happy birthday! And thanks for the reminder: it’s my mom’s birthday too…

  39. Didac says

    Per molts anys, PZ! But actually speaking in terms of cycles, your post-birth 52nd cycle was ended yesterday at 9:22 PM.

  40. Mario says

    Happy Birthday (or Feliz cumpleaños) to you, to Yuri Gagarin and to me too XD, I’ve just discovered this coincidence.

  41. Alex Deam says

    Happy Birthday O Great Leader! So we have now entered the year 53 AP (After PZ). Keep on preaching!

    Actually, due to all that travelling you do and General Relativity you’re not as old as you think…

    And just who’s frame of reference are you measuring that in?

  42. Alex Deam says

    Plus today’s the day when the restrictions on stem cell research look likely to be lifted. This on the same day as PZ’s birthday (btw were you born in a manger?)? Coincidence? I think not!

    If you doubt this is possible, how is it there are PYGMIES + DWARFS??

  43. CJM says

    If you’re bored, you can calculate what time exactly the Earth will be in exactly the same location in the solar system as when you were born. Once you start thinking about 1 year being 365.24 (+ more ugly decimals) days long and the fact that the universe is expanding, it starts to get astronomically interesting. Your birthday is not quite where you think it is.


  44. Gustaf says

    Grattis på födelsedagen! Do you always get up at 5 AM? It’s ungodlily early!

  45. Bharat says

    జన్మదిన శుభాకాంక్షలు.
    जन्मदिन मुबारक हो.

    And a very happy birthday to you PZ.


    Heaven for the scenery and hell for the company

  46. says

    Happy birthday, P.Z! Ive taken the day off work to celebrate.

    P.S. The time left to show your support for the atheist bus campaign in Ottawa, Canada is running short. Do it now.

  47. says

    There’s nothing like a birthday to draw out the lurkers. Why is that? … Is there a party?

    Feliz Aniversario! Parabens!

  48. dean says

    ” has circled about the sun an integral number of times. ”

    A better reason to celebrate – the earth’s CONTINUING to circle the sun.

    Enjoy the day – hope no grading comes your way to spoil it.

  49. says

    so today I’m supposed to celebrate the fact that the earth has circled about the sun an integral number of times.

    A recent poll suggests that 18% of the British public (the figure is higher for Ireland and some European countries) think the earth orbits the sun once per month. This suggests that some of the problems we have with teaching evolution is not due to religion but to plain ordinary pig-ignorance of science. Anyway, happy birthday, PZ.


  50. Art says

    Happy birthday.

    Kick back, have a stiff drink, a nice meal, enjoy a mellow smoke, and get royally laid.

  51. Cyberdraco says

    How dare you abuse your internet stardom to get wishes from all over the world…all I got were some books…Ha! But that’s what I wanted and I was happy and congratulations on waking up today, dreams do come true eh?

    One year I will make like the Mad Hatter and have 364 un-birthdays to celebrate!

  52. Jason Thibeault says

    52 * 12 = 624 revolutions around the sun! Boy the seasons must just have flown by for you!

    Happy birthday anyway, Pee Zed. May you live to see hundreds more.

    … Nope, I can’t even pretend to think Earth orbits the sun at such a speed. Where the hell do they even get that idea? Pig-ignorance is the best word for it. Sigh.

  53. says

    AJ at #82 already did Finnish, so I’ll go dialect. Horribly exaggerated dark-heart-of-Savonia-dialect.

    Hyvvee syntymmäpäevvee, Pee-See!

  54. says

    Good to see some Finnish people on here. I’m trying to learn your language now, fark it is hard.

  55. Guy Incognito says

    Hey you were born in the same year as my mom!

    She died two years ago.

    생일을 축하합니다!

  56. Fernando says

    Happy birthday Professor Myers!

    And thank you very much by this excellent blog!

  57. L.Minnik says

    Haven’t seen this one here yet, so

    Wszystkiego najleszego z okazjii urodzin PZ!

  58. says

    Happy Birthday PZ. I think I’ll spend your birthday at work, too. I spent my birthday(Saturday)digging holes for fruit trees. Good times. Good times.

  59. SEF says

    Some physicists are trying to muscle in on the biology act, bypassing the abiogenesis chemists:

    New Scientist
    Wired blog

    Perhaps they’re envious of the quantity and “quality” of hate-mail the biologists receive from ID creationists and are looking to poach some of the religious lurve and attention, via their own examples of non-designed self-assembly and life-like behaviour.

  60. Nerd of Redhead, OM says

    Isn’t it lovely to have a job you enjoy. Happy birthday. Give a fake pop quiz for some fun with questions like 1) Name your favorite cephalopod.

  61. Cappy says

    Happy Birthday, PZ and everyone whose integral rotation coincides.
    And Happy Monkey Everyone!

  62. says

    Unbelievable, all these happy birthdays and NONE in Hebrew? I’ll write it in Hebrew letters (which’ll probably be gibberish to most people) and then I’ll write it in transliteration:

    יום הולדת שמח!

    Yom Hoo’lei’deit Sa’meiach!

  63. infidel_michael says

    My wife also has a birthday today :) Now I have an excuse to drink twice as much ..

  64. BAllanJ says

    Hmmm, very interesting… PZ counts his years from birth instead of from conception!

  65. Tophe says

    “Day” is a vestigial mode of time measurement based on solar cycles. I didn’t get you anything.

  66. Smidgy says

    Hmmm, very interesting… PZ counts his years from birth instead of from conception!

    Obviously the sign of a godless heathen. Anyway, as some native speakers of my homeland would say:

    Co` latha breith sona dhuibh!

  67. Bobber says

    I’ll just add my voice to the multitude above, to wish you a happy birthday – another year on earth without suffering a terminal episode is a GOOD year!

  68. Epikt says

    Happy birthday to you,
    You don’t look fifty-two.
    You may feel you’re decrepit,
    But I’m older than you.

    And many thanks for the blog.

  69. Eva says

    Fleas Cumpleaños, PeeZee!

    Now, do something important so in 50 years or around this day will become a national holiday…

  70. Alex Besogonov says

    Поздравляю с Днём Рождения!

    Поздоровляю з Днем Народження!

    Hmm.. Udmurt language doesn’t render correctly here.

  71. Hank Fox says

    All these languages! And here I took two years of karate and still can’t speak a word of it.

    PZ, let me be the first to wish you Happy Birthday in Klingon:

    qoSlIj DatIvjaj!

    Perhaps today is a good day to have cake.

  72. BeccaTheCyborg says

    Happy birthday, Dr. Myers! May it have cake if you so choose.

    Yay for my favourite scientist!

  73. AdjacentOrigin says

    March 9? Hey, you were born only two days after I did. Not on the same year though, I just turned 16.
    Happy Birthday, PZ!

  74. Otto says

    Happy birthday PZ!
    March is not a bad month.
    The Harbor View Cafe in Pepin opens in March.
    Still, I know from personal experience that
    February is better.

  75. KI says

    Happy B-Day from one Marcher to another. You’re only one year older than me, yet so much more accomplished. Moms keep your kids away from rock’n’roll and they to may achieve greatness.

  76. Jim A. says

    Only because of the precision with which post your DOB I’ll point out the calendar years aren’t exactly equivalent the number of times that the earth has gone around the sun. Orbital precession means that there is a slight difference, about 1 day every 71 years.

  77. SC, OM says

    If I may speak chromatophorically (and I believe I may), here’s wishing you a bright and colorful birthday!

  78. Rrr says

    Grattis på födelsedagen!

    Pick any song:
    Ha det äran, hurra
    ha det äran, hurra
    ha det äran, professor Myers
    ha det äran, idag

    Ja, må han leva!
    Ja, må han leva!
    Ja, må han leva uti hundrade år!
    Javisst ska han leva!
    Javisst ska han leva!
    Javisst ska han leva uti hundrade år!

    Och när han har levat
    Och när han har levat
    Och när han har levat uti hundrade år!
    Ja, då ska han skjutas.
    Ja, då ska han skjutas
    Ja, då ska han skjutas på en skottkärra fram!

    Vi gratulerar, vi gratulerar, vi gratulerar på din födelsedag!
    Med blommor och blad, vi firar denna dag, vi gratulerar på din födelsedag!

  79. Mary Severinghaus says

    Hyvaa syntymapaivaa!

    (I have no Finnish ancestry, but just love those double vowels…)

  80. Paulino says

    Pisces Feb 19 – Mar 20
    Saturn in your sign this week is cause for concern, as Pisces has had a restraining order against the planet for years.

  81. newbie atheist says

    Artificial construct.
    Nevertheless, mine is in another week or so and ALSO from 1957 (Cool!).
    Happy birthday (and no gods were needed to carry out this well wishing.)

  82. Sastra says

    Happy birthday, PZ!

    And I know exactly how old you are, too, because when we met we figured out that I am old enough to be your very slightly older cousin…

  83. Ninjakitten says

    We share a birthday! Cool! Not the same year, but still. I almost never run into 3/9 people. Happy birthday, and congratulations on your stunning taste in natal dates! ;)

  84. Satcomguy says

    Happy Birthday, PZ, and thanks for the great reading these last few years! (Now will you put in a good word for me when the Overlords come?)

  85. erasmus31 says

    Happy Birthday, Prof. I won’t tell you how much you have taught me about biology (not my best subject in school) among other amazingly interesting stuff, in case you might be tempted to charge for all that education, but here are sincere wishes for a very happy day and many, many more.

  86. Cat of Many Faces says

    Allow me to say happy birthday as well.

    Hope you get a squid cake! (cake shaped as a squid, or cake made from squid, either sound good)

  87. GeoffR says

    Happy birthday dude
    and nice work on the website! don’t know where you find the time!

  88. says

    Even though I’d have said it a bit differently, Biologista @153 has already ticked the Gaeilge box, so instead I’ll just say ois Guade, oider Ketzer!

    (Smidgy @180, interesting that youse over there use 2d person plural as a polite form!)

  89. says

    Happy birthday, PZ, and a happy monkey to all! We should all take the time to enjoy some delicious cake to celebrate.

  90. EMUAlgaeGirl says

    Just a little birthday ditty to put the whole “happy birthday” thing in perspective. But you should definitely celebrate making it this far!

    Congrats and Happy Birthday!

  91. Menyambal says

    Selamat ulang tahun.

    Bahagia kelahiran hari.

    Bapak Pay Zet.

    My Indonesian has faded a bit, but Happy Birthday!

    And thanks for posting the best blog on the ‘net.

  92. says

    Happy birthday, PZ!

    Actually, I’d say that you are celebrating that the number of times the sun has circled the earth since you were born mod 365 equals 0.

    Disregarding leap years:P

  93. says

    I think I was totally bonkers when I wrote the previous comments, so please disregard it, or better yet, delete it.

    Happy birthday, PZ!

    Til hamingju með afmælið! (in Icelandic)

  94. Julie Stahlhut says

    Have a squid-licious day!

    My maternal grandmother was born on this date 120 years ago.

  95. Die Anyway says

    Best wishes PZ. (I wish wishes really worked.)

    Eat well, stay fit, die anyway!
    From Thom H. of 1947. (damn but that’s starting to sound like ancient history)

  96. Scott Horsfall says

    Ah, another 57 baby. But that’s not surprising, I guess, since 1957 still holds the record for most births in US history. We are truly the crest of the Baby Boom.

    Happy Birthday!

  97. astroguy says

    Happy happy birthday PZ !
    May your orbit ye olde sun for a couple of decades more !
    Have a drink on me

  98. Rick Schauer says

    Oh…I forgot to tell you…we secretly had your birthday party last week at the PZ’s birthday/Dawkins reception! It was a suprise party. Suprise!

    Sincere thanks for keeping us learnin’.

    Happy Birthday and many, many more.


  99. Craig says

    Wow, all the languages I really speak have been covered. Hmmm.

    Well, okay, I might have some ancestors who spoke this one:

    Všechno nejlepší k Tvym narozeninám!

    And I once lived in the lovely but rainy place where they speak this one:

    Deiz-ha-bloaz laouen deoc’h!

  100. Pontus Reed says

    Feliz cumpleaños a ti,
    Feliz cumpleaños a ti,
    Feliz cumpleaños a PZ Myers,
    Feliz cumpleaños a ti!

  101. DTdNav says

    Happy Birth-anniversary! (If you were really born today, you could be from a Heinlein story.)

    Noli nothis permittere te terere. Or, as most of us know it: Illegitimi non carborundum.

  102. Andrew says

    For someone that has given me so much and brightens my life everyday I’m sorry that all I have to give is a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  103. Tabby Lavalamp says

    Congratulations on making it another year without being struck down by a vengeful but loving god of some sort!

  104. says

    May he live a hundred years . . . may he have a hundred beers . . . but don’t the plastered . . . you little :-)

    Happy Birthday, with many more to come!

    Ted Herrlich

  105. cicely says

    (*in a breathy, Marilyn Monroe voice*)

    ♫ Happy Birthday, Doctor Cephalopod ♫

  106. Hipstermama says

    And a very cheery happy birthday to you PZ…and I honestly think, NO ONE should work on their birthday!

    Time for cake!

  107. Hipstermama says

    And a very cheery happy birthday to you PZ…and I honestly think, NO ONE should work on their birthday!

    Time for cake!

  108. Allison says

    Happy birthday! I was recently introduced to your blog and it’s become one of my daily stops on my trip around the Internet. Wishing you health and happiness for years to come.

  109. Stu says

    Lang zal hij leven,
    Lang zal hij leven,
    Lang zal hij leven in de gloria,
    In de gloria, in de gloria!

    Hieperderpiep, hoera!
    Hieperderpiep, hoera!
    Hieperderpiep, hoera!

  110. Darkchilde says

    Professor Myers,

    Happy Birthday!

    I wish you many more birthdays. Your blog is quite a read and I always enjoy the daily visits. Keep up the good work.

    Thank you for everything you are doing in the promotion of science.

  111. MickyW says

    Happy birthday PZ, and may there be many more. Don’t ever stop blogging, and thanks for the many hours of godless pleasure you’ve provided through writing this one.

  112. Michaela says

    Happy birthday, PZ. I think I’ll celebrate by, oh, BLASTing a pile of new genes out of a pile of new zebrafish. All in honor of the occasion. Hurray!

  113. keerax says

    Happy birthday PZ. It’s nice to know I share a birthday with someone I admire.

  114. keerax says

    Happy birthday PZ. It’s nice to know I share a birthday with someone I admire.

  115. Emmet, OM says

    Joyeux anniversaire!

    Grattis på födelsedagen!

    Breithlá shona duit!

    Someone beat me to it in every language that I know how to say “happy birthday” in, so a plain Anglophone “Happy birthday, PZ!” will have to suffice.

  116. Paguroidea says

    Happy Birthday, PZ, and many, many more!!! Have a fantastic day and enjoy the blizzard coming your way!

  117. Don Cates says

    Hrrrmpph. Kids.
    I beat you by a full decade, almost exactly (a little over 4 hours different)

    And keep off my lawn.

  118. Owlmirror says

    בראשית ברא קוף שמח את הבעלי חוליות ואת החסרי חוליות׃ 2 והחסרי חוליות היתה תהו ובהו וחשך על־פני תהום ורוח קוף שמח מרחפת על־פני המים׃ 3 ויאמר קוף שמח יהי ראש רגלאים ויהי־ראש רגלאים׃ 4 וירא קוף שמח את־הראש רגלאים כי־טוב ויבדל קוף שמח בין הדיונונים ובין התמנונאים׃ 5 ויקרא קוף שמח לדיונונים “פ-ז” ולתמנונאים קרא “מאייערז” ויהי־ערב ויהי־בקר יום אחד


    המבין יבין

    Happy Birthday!

  119. Chris Phillips says

    Hello from a long time admirer of your particular line of wit and the derision poured over the blind following the blind.

    Happy Birthday, and many happy returns!

    Chris Phillips
    Milton Keynes

  120. Mark says

    I have a glass of falling down water in front of me, and shall dedicate the next quaff or three to your good health.

    Your health, sir!


  121. dogmaticatheist says

    Happy Birthday PZ, it’s actually mine as well. I’ll take a shot of Patron for you.

  122. allkom says


    Feliz Aniversário!!!

    And thank you for helping to make my life a clearer and richer one.


  123. gwendolyn says

    You enrich the lives of people you will never know. Thank you, and Happy Birthday.

  124. says

    My father would have been 104 today, had he lived.

    He would have regarded you as a wise ass. A smart wise ass, a good wise ass to have around to drink with on holidays, but a wise ass nevertheless.

    I have to respect people born on March 9. They have a certain sort of wisdom, no?

  125. Sven DiMilo says

    Here’s a birthday present that Chris Clarke sent PZ a few years ago. Enjoyable reading for those who haven’t yet.

  126. Vijay Kishore says

    Happy Birthday PZ. Although it’s 10th March over here, but at your place it’s still 9th. Hope you enjoy this day and in future continue to provide us with daily dose of rationality.

  127. Larry says

    May many birthdays of happiness continue to return to you squidman. 生日快樂

    Question Authority, Not Birthdays

    National Cheng Kung University
    Tainan, Taiwan

  128. Mark says

    Happy Birthday to a CHAMPION of REASON! ~ a VANQUISHER of IGNORANCE! ~ and a BEACON of LIGHT in this Demon-haunted world.

  129. ZADoc says

    Gelukkige verjaarsdag! (Happy birthday) Your wisdom is appreciated even in South Africa.

  130. Lee Picton says

    Ise late, Ise late
    For a very important date
    No time to say hello goodbye
    Ise late, Ise late, Ise late, Ise late, Ise late!

    can haz stale cake, plz?

  131. astrounit says

    A belated and heartfelt Happy Birthday to you PZ!

    I’m only a little over 11 months older…it’s neat seeing in stereo!