1. Desert Son says


    Note to self: do NOT start this game before stats class.

    Also, try it with a real mouse. Trying it with the laptop track pad thing is tough, but that may just be that my manual dexterity sucks.

    Good find.

    Or bad, depending . . .


    No kings,


  2. milo says

    The simulation of buoyancy is incorrect. It assumes that the sum of the buoyant forces act through the center of gravity.

  3. Ashman says

    Had to go back to work at level 15, how many are there?

    The water stuff doesn’t seem proper.

  4. Zombie says

    Why it’s good to working in the software business:

    By the way, when are you biologists gonna start coming up with some good Flash games? I realize physicists need something to do while they wait for the LHC but come on!

  5. says

    Oh great, Vegas has updated their odds, now 70/30 on if I’ll starve to death while playing this game. Just one more attempt on this level, then I’ll stop and get some lunch. Promise.

  6. cactusren says

    Not as bad a time suck as I thought it would be. It stops after 18 levels, and having solved each level, I don’t feel the need to play it again.

  7. IceFarmer says

    It’s fun and pretty easy PZ. If you need to play it for more than an hour without beating it you’ve taken far too long.

    It’s a great way to look busy in front of your computer if you need to waste some time. Makes being on hold a bit more interesting.

    If you really want a couple of black holes to get sucked into try these:
    interesting physics game, beats assembler by far
    this one will make you laugh but your brain angry

  8. says

    I will not clickie on the linkie.
    I will not click on the linkeiie.
    I will NOT click on the FECKING link.
    I. Will. Not. Click. On. The. Link.
    I am in controoooollll…
    No link.
    Click no.
    NO, no, No, no!!!11!111!
    No…links clicks!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!
    (pauses to wipe spittle off the screen.)
    That click you just heard was Preview. Not link.
    Nosiree, no link clicking hereeeeeie…

  9. says

    It (rather disappointingly) just wraps around to the start when you finish the last level. Having burned 20 minutes or so, I’ve no desire to improve my times (I sat there reading the instructions not realising I was against the clock at first) particularly when 0.55s is the best time for the first level.

  10. Sengkelat says

    Repeats after level 18, and each level usually takes less than a minute, so it’s not a big time suck. (Though the last one took me a few minutes, but I was using a track pad)

    I’m glad it ended. I liked figuring out the puzzles, but moving the pieces around was mostly just annoying.

    I hope whatever was in those crates was sturdy.

  11. Zombie says

    Conway’s life is math/CS, and I thought we decided Spore leaned too much to ID…

    Actually I do remember a Flash game that was sort of swimming about in water eating stuff but I suspect I won’t be able to find it…

    And yeah, this game is really short… looks more like a demo.

  12. SC says

    Physics work perfect and the feel of grabbing and moving around things is just perfect.

    Now, what kind of sentence is that? Bleh.

  13. Lana says

    I am a happily married woman. I have no business clicking on a link titled “Lunch Time Quickie.” But I did.

    And I was quite disappointed to realize it was just a game. Now I feel guilty for nothing.

  14. Vidar says

    Fun little time waister, if a little short.
    The physics are a bit off, and moving the things around can be a bit frustrating when the screen is full of other stuff that’s in the way, or when ou have to cram a box into a hole that’s under a pile of other stuff, but it’s a nice attempt at amature game making.

  15. says

    You know you’ve been playing too long when you feel the need to move windows around your desktop with the pointer centered, so they don’t tilt over.

  16. Brad D says

    I liked the barrel level… reminded me of close packing of spheres: crystal structures and canon ball stacks, but only one layer.

  17. Quiet_Desperation says

    No way am I going to get sucked

    But the whole point of a lunch hour quickie is hjdi%!@bi!…


  18. Brad D says

    Oops… I meant the other kind. The cannon that launches a projectile, not the canon that warps minds.

  19. Sili says

    I got stuck on the Magic Pen on the first course to require pins and hinges.

    I have a sneaking suspicion, though, that this might be a good game for learning to use a tablet.

  20. Thomas Allen says

    Assembler is not addictive at all. I should know –I’ve been playing for 28 hours straight, and I can stop any time.

  21. Raynfala says

    Didn’t care much for Assembler, but I did end up trying one of the other recommended games: Zilch.

    Now THAT is addictive.

  22. Interrobang says

    Eh. Having done the first few levels, I can’t imagine finding that fun enough to play beyond there… At least The Incredible Machine had moving parts.

  23. says

    Reminds me of an oil drilling simulator I once saw called “Seismic Duck” — if you can find it, it mostly runs on old Mac hardware. Essentially the idea is to map out the underground topography of an oil field, though you can create some pretty psychedelic effects with the shockwaves. (The fun part is that there’s money involved in the game — dry holes can make you bankrupt quickly.)

  24. Ian says

    “I’m going back to World of Warcraft.”

    What do you mean “going back”? We actually live in a world of warcraft!

  25. BobbyEarle says

    I would like this better if one could actually BREAK these damned boxes…like during those rare times that the game frustrates me.

    Which is not very often at all, cuz I be so well adjusted.

    Dontcha know.