Radio reminder

It’s the physicists’ turn on Atheists Talk radio today. Tune in at

Honolulu Sun 4:00 AM     Sao Paulo Sun 11:00 AM     Addis Ababa Sun 5:00 PM
Anchorage Sun 6:00 AM Rio de Janeiro Sun 11:00 AM Baghdad Sun 5:00 PM
Vancouver Sun 7:00 AM St. John’s Sun 11:30 AM Aden Sun 5:00 PM
San Francisco Sun 7:00 AM Reykjavik Sun 2:00 PM Riyadh Sun 5:00 PM
Seattle Sun 7:00 AM Casablanca Sun 2:00 PM Antananarivo Sun 5:00 PM
Los Angeles Sun 7:00 AM Lisbon Sun 3:00 PM Kuwait City Sun 5:00 PM
Phoenix Sun 7:00 AM Dublin Sun 3:00 PM Moscow Sun 6:00 PM
Edmonton Sun 8:00 AM London Sun 3:00 PM Dubai Sun 6:00 PM
Denver Sun 8:00 AM Lagos Sun 3:00 PM Tehran Sun 6:30 PM
Guatemala Sun 8:00 AM Algiers Sun 3:00 PM Kabul Sun 6:30 PM
San Salvador Sun 8:00 AM Madrid Sun 4:00 PM Tashkent Sun 7:00 PM
Tegucigalpa Sun 8:00 AM Barcelona Sun 4:00 PM Mumbai Sun 7:30 PM
Managua Sun 8:00 AM Paris Sun 4:00 PM New Delhi Sun 7:30 PM
Mexico City Sun 9:00 AM Brussels Sun 4:00 PM Kolkata Sun 7:30 PM
Winnipeg Sun 9:00 AM Amsterdam Sun 4:00 PM Kathmandu Sun 7:45 PM
Houston Sun 9:00 AM Geneva Sun 4:00 PM Karachi Sun 8:00 PM
Minneapolis Sun 9:00 AM Zürich Sun 4:00 PM Islamabad Sun 8:00 PM
St. Paul Sun 9:00 AM Frankfurt Sun 4:00 PM Lahore Sun 8:00 PM
New Orleans Sun 9:00 AM Oslo Sun 4:00 PM Almaty Sun 8:00 PM
Chicago Sun 9:00 AM Copenhagen Sun 4:00 PM Dhaka Sun 8:00 PM
Montgomery Sun 9:00 AM Rome Sun 4:00 PM Yangon Sun 8:30 PM
Lima Sun 9:00 AM Berlin Sun 4:00 PM Bangkok Sun 9:00 PM
Kingston Sun 9:00 AM Prague Sun 4:00 PM Hanoi Sun 9:00 PM
Bogota Sun 9:00 AM Zagreb Sun 4:00 PM Jakarta Sun 9:00 PM
Caracas Sun 9:30 AM Vienna Sun 4:00 PM Kuala Lumpur Sun 10:00 PM
Indianapolis Sun 10:00 AM Stockholm Sun 4:00 PM Singapore Sun 10:00 PM
Atlanta Sun 10:00 AM Cape Town Sun 4:00 PM Hong Kong Sun 10:00 PM
Detroit Sun 10:00 AM Budapest Sun 4:00 PM Perth Sun 10:00 PM
Havana Sun 10:00 AM Belgrade Sun 4:00 PM Beijing Sun 10:00 PM
Miami Sun 10:00 AM Warsaw Sun 4:00 PM Manila Sun 10:00 PM
Toronto Sun 10:00 AM Johannesburg Sun 4:00 PM Shanghai Sun 10:00 PM
Nassau Sun 10:00 AM Harare Sun 4:00 PM Taipei Sun 10:00 PM
Washington DC Sun 10:00 AM Cairo Sun 4:00 PM Seoul Sun 11:00 PM
Ottawa Sun 10:00 AM Sofia Sun 5:00 PM Tokyo Sun 11:00 PM
Philadelphia Sun 10:00 AM Athens Sun 5:00 PM Darwin Sun 11:30 PM
New York Sun 10:00 AM Tallinn Sun 5:00 PM Adelaide Sun 11:30 PM
Montreal Sun 10:00 AM Helsinki Sun 5:00 PM Melbourne Midnight Sun-Mon
Boston Sun 10:00 AM Bucharest Sun 5:00 PM Canberra Midnight Sun-Mon
Santiago Sun 10:00 AM Minsk Sun 5:00 PM Sydney Midnight Sun-Mon
Santo Domingo Sun 10:00 AM Istanbul Sun 5:00 PM Brisbane Midnight Sun-Mon
La Paz Sun 10:00 AM Kyiv Sun 5:00 PM Vladivostok Mon 1:00 AM
San Juan Sun 10:00 AM Khartoum Sun 5:00 PM Auckland Mon 2:00 AM
Asuncion Sun 10:00 AM Ankara Sun 5:00 PM Suva Mon 2:00 AM
Halifax Sun 11:00 AM Jerusalem Sun 5:00 PM Chatham Island Mon 2:45 AM
Buenos Aires Sun 11:00 AM Beirut Sun 5:00 PM Kamchatka Mon 3:00 AM
Montevideo Sun 11:00 AM Amman Sun 5:00 PM Anadyr Mon 3:00 AM
Brasilia Sun 11:00 AM Nairobi Sun 5:00 PM Kiritimati Mon 4:00 AM


  1. mewletter says

    10pm? That’s just after the World’s first F1 Night Race ended! Woohoo! Double cool events for one nite for me!

  2. SC says

    That was a nice one, I thought. She did a solid job of interviewing them (and has a very pleasant voice), and they did a good job of explaining things and conveying their enthusiasm for science.

  3. SC says

    I missed the beginning. Did they talk at all about how they see their work in relation to atheism or religion?

  4. Louis says

    PZ you are an evil drone expanding the ever increasing reliance on the corporate hour based time zone hegemony.

    My places of work and residence are many minutes and seconds different from the imposed evil of Greenwich Mean Time and I am not represented above.

    I insist you not only accurately represent the individual time zones of your readers based on their position when reading your blog, but that you update it on a second by second basis using the GPS system and correcting for relativistic differences by using an array of atomic clocks.

    Stop exploiting the individual PZ, cease your endless corporate group centred persecution of humans and represent us fairly as people. Stop your hate crimes against individual times.