1. Richard Harris says

    Yeah, evolutionists, explain how evolution explains the electroweak force,or those prancing humans descending into monkeys, eh.

  2. says

    Am I allowed to mention physics here?

    Of course you are! None of this manky biolollipopgooey stuff.

    ‘Cept the squidys, of course.

  3. Holbach says

    Of course you can, but better without it. A concise commentary coupled with the video would have been far better and less distracting.

  4. feffer says

    “Large Hadron” looks too much like “Large Hardon”. I even typed “Hadron” wrong the first time.

  5. says

    Oh noes! Our worst fears have been realised! The LHC has torn a rift in the space time continuum and sent us all back to the days of old school hip hop.

    Quick! We’ve got to warn 2Pac′ about what happened to 2Pac in the old timeline! This is our chance to rewrite history!

  6. rpenner says

    And timely, since this morning Judge Helen Gillmor is sitting on a hearing to dismiss the suit brought by Walter Wagner and Luis Sancho against DOE, NSF, and CERN.

    A torrid (toroidal?) affair, involving two pro se plaintiffs who don’t seem to coordinate well, a rogue Swiss bailiff violating international law, a letter from the Swiss Embassy, and Nobel Laureates who are so sick and tired of Walter Wagner that they actually volunteered to be part of this case.

    German ZDF television thinks this will be a worthy subject for filming and the Austrian government agrees.

  7. JoJo says

    Walter Wagner is becoming a regular on the [how can I put this nicely?] off-the-beaten-track Coast-to-Coast radio show. The sky is falling, or will fall, if the LHC is put in operation. At least Wagner thinks so.

    Don’t fark with the quark!

  8. Eric says

    Wow. The only thing that could have made that MORE cringe inducing would have been to have Bindy sing it.

  9. says

    Okay, I’m a little miffed. I posted this months ago, and now two blogs in row today have it up like it’s all new and shiny.

    It’s not fair!

    *Cries in corner*

  10. CSBSH says

    No no no! Damn that’s embarrasingly cheesy. Kinda like Christian rock. I couldn’t stand listening to it for more than a couple of seconds. Trying to be “hip” and “down with the kids” is not something scientists should do. A much better choice would have been to sing a song accompanied by accoustic guitar or some other “soft” instrument.

  11. bigjohn756 says

    Go ahead, mention Physics any time. But, NEVER use rap again! It’s only for the brain dead in my opinion.

  12. Rik. says

    As a general rule, I hate rap. I’m also 21 years old. I, and my friends from college, thought it was funny.

    If you didn’t, you’re either too old or not nerdy enough.

  13. Rik. says

    I meant my friends from university of course. Stupid English/American school systems that confuse me.

  14. says

    Oh, and since physics rap has now been proven to exist, the next logical step would be a heavy metal piece about mathematics. (“Gödel Come To Destroy Us All” or “Yer Gonna End Up In l’Hospital”?)


    Pretty please?

  15. Bride of Shrek OM says

    I love the car at the start and the end. I’m assuming that’s what passes for a pimped up Physics Geek ride.

  16. Tony Popple says

    I think the first collisions will be performed in late October or early November.

    I don’t buy into all of this nonsense about the LHC producing mini-black holes and stranglets………but just in case, I am going to hold off paying my credit card balance.

    I am excited, but this is going to be bitter-sweet. I was a physics student working on a part of the Supercolider project when the funding was cut. We were told the government could not afford to build both the international space station and the Supercolider.

    In the last five years, we have almost spent enough money fighting in Iraq to build a LHC-scale collider in every state of the union.

  17. Nibien says

    While it was somewhat informative, I cringed the whole way through. It felt like some cheesy after-school special song from the 80’s or early 90’s.

  18. Sam says

    According to this video here I quote. If you value your sanity, don’t watch any more of his videos.
    “The large Hadron Collider may be a lot more sinister than has already been percieved. The LHC may be capable of making a hole in the Van Allen Belt. The Van Allen Belt protects the Earth from Cosmic rays. It also stops any living creature from leaving or entering the Earth. The LHC is a doorway for the return of Satan himself.”

    For those more daring. BTW, I am iamkion132 there

    “The Big Bang is a scientific impossibility and cannot possible have occured[Sic]”

    There is far too much misinformation about the LHC.

  19. says

    “‘The LHC is a doorway for the return of Satan himself.'”

    Fools. It’s a doorway for Satan′, who’s actually quite nice in this timeline.

    Brownian, OM, FTW! :-)

  20. Patricia says

    Now, now, Chemist don’t cry. You can snivel, like Beaker. See what you’ve done PZ, you big meany.

  21. complex_field says

    TEH GEEKY! I loved it. The rap may well appeal to the “young kids” (geesh…i’m old). After all, did someone mention the brain-dead?

    I will bring this to my 11-year-old’s attention. It may get him hooked. Which IMHO is the entire point.

  22. says

    Someone mailed it to me August 2nd. So it has been going around.

    Not to worry: it will be around again in another year or 18 months.

  23. Bill Dauphin says

    “Large Hadron” looks too much like “Large Hardon”.

    Dammit, now I’m desperately trying to avoid thinking about what a “Large Hardon Collider” might be! Gay porn, no doubt!

  24. complex_field says

    BTW — did anyone else notice a frightening resemblance to “Revenge of the Nerds”?

  25. MRL says

    I’m surprised, and a bit disappointed!
    Not a single comment pointing out that the song used that same weird “howl” sound effect from the Bill Nye show theme?

  26. Dianne says

    I sympathize with The Chemist. I gave a link to this video in a comment weeks ago. And just to name drop, I learned about it from an email sent by Neil Tyson (admittedly, not to me.) But do I get acknowledged…

  27. Epistaxis says

    And to think this is one of the last things we’ll broadcast into space before turning our planet into a black hole.

  28. Patricia says

    Epistaxis – Dammit! Third time today I’ve snorted my beverage out my nose.
    I’m going to make sangria.
    Now you Ilk, quit being so gawddamned funny!

  29. Autumn says

    Trying to convince a teen today that the above is “rap” would be like giving a grunge-rock fan a Buddy Holly CD.
    I’m thirty(ish), so I remember the days when rap and hip-hop might sound like this, but they no longer do. It’s funny for us older folks, but to the young, it is simply Old and Stupid (those words always seem to be capitalized when the young use them).

  30. Jesse says

    Aw, come on! That was awesome!

    Yeah, they dance nerdy, but why not? They get to work on a Large Hadron Collider!

    Besides, I just learned a lot about physics. I’m happy.

    AND, nerdy chicks are hot. :P

  31. says

    Well I thought is was hilarious, and I think I learned something. Which is impressive since I spent most of this past Saturday at the Cern museum, looking at the exhibit on the LHC, mostly going “what the hell?”, and “awesome”.
    Also, Brownian, OM, this is Switzerland. That right there is some cutting edge hard core rap by European standards. There’s no hope for 2Pac.

  32. Sleeping at the Console says

    I normally don’t care for rap, to put it mildly, but this was fun and informative. It’s funny that the only raps I like are things like this… or Natalie Portman’s SNL rap.

  33. AFedchuck says

    This is lame. The number of people who say “oh I don’t like rap but…” tells you that this isn’t really rap.
    Sure it might be amusing or entertaining, but frankly, it displays massive ignorance of the genre of music it purports to belong to. If you’re going to make music, make it in a style you actually like, otherwise you’ll just appear ignorant.

  34. says

    Yeah AFedchuck, because the whole point was to make a top-quality, authentic rap song. Yeah. And the fact that it isn’t, but that it’s still called rap, is an affront to the true genre and an insult to the scientists themselves. I’m sure God doesn’t like it either.

    Or maybe, just maybe, it’s a bit of education presented in a lighthearted, fun format? No, that couldn’t be it…