This is not a poll

But if you want to do a little something to tweak the noses of the Religious Right, the American Patriarchy Association has called for a letter writing campaign. It seems that Hallmark Greeting Cards are peddling a line of gay-friendly cards, which irks poor little Donald Wildmon something fierce. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because they’re cute, stylish, and witty, but at the same time he’s afraid to mail a coming-out card to his Mom?

Anyway, Wildmon is asking his flock to send negative letters to Hallmark. How about taking a moment to send the very best to thank Hallmark for being non-discriminatory? Use the AFA’s form, or email directly to Donald J. Hall.

Bonus action! Since poor Don is having a snit over being left out, maybe we can make it up to him. Next time you’re in a store with the gay greeting cards, buy one! Make Hallmark happy by giving them a little money. Then the fun part: send it to Don! I’m sure he’ll appreciate a coming-out card or gay wedding announcement. Do it even if you aren’t gay or aren’t getting married — it’s the thought that counts, you know.

Here’s his address:

Donald E Wildmon
PO Drawer 2440
107 Parkgate Drive
Tupelo, MS 38803

Just watch. With this outpouring of love and happiness, Don’s heart will grow three sizes that day, and he’ll realize that love is love and he doesn’t have to dictate who may share their love, and that his love for his wife (or his dog or George W. Bush) is not diminished if two other people of the same sex care for each other.


  1. LisaJ says

    Oh, that’s a beautiful sentiment PZ. I think Don would really like that. After all, a little bit of love is all any grumpy gus ever really needs.

  2. clinteas says

    Gee,I love those weirdos,and the lovely names their boy clubs have,like “American Patriarchy Association”.

    And they sit around in their offices all day and wait for something earth-shattering to happen like a gay-friendly greeting card coming out,and then they rally their troops,switch on the presses,and put out insane releases like this one.

    Just like the Donahue crowd,repressed (homo)sexuality and this urge to make other people’s life miserable,it is truly sickening.

  3. ehoffman says

    I just became way more likely to make the slightly longer drive to Hallmark to buy cards.
    Screw you, American Greetings cards which are easily available at my local Target but never quite as cute or witty…
    (unless they, too, have such cards??)

  4. Michelle says

    But… But… Hallmark sucks! they sell overpriced cards and they’re not even worth it! :(

  5. Michelle says

    …wait. Patriarchy?

    I take it there’s no chicks in there hm? :) I guess they’re very very hetero!

    Manly men of god, hanging out together with cloaks! All men, together, united against ’em girly men!

  6. Snarki, child of Loki says

    Sending the cards to Don is a great idea!

    But who’s the other member of the couple? I can’t decide: Jeebus, for some hot sweaty wingnut-on-fictional diety action (wetsuits optional)?

    Or maybe Larry Craig?

  7. June says

    I was amazed to learn that Hallmark is “driven by greed”.
    Surely companies are driven by love, hope, and charity …

  8. llewelly says

    I admit I laughed pretty hard when I read this. But last time PZ posted contact info on his site, somebody got spammed with gay porn and somebody got fired. I know, I know, the patriarchy is engaging in harassment, (and possibly worse, if the truth were known) in an effort to deny people the rights they deserve, and ruin their lives. But please, people, let’s not get carried away with this. If anyone includes a double-pronged dildo with the Hallmark card to Mr. Wildmon, we should call their pharyngula membership into question.

  9. Blaise Pascal says

    I found on Live Journal a suggestion to send Donald J Hall (CEO of Hallmark) a Hallmark card thanking him for his companies inclusive position.

  10. Michelle says

    @llewelly: There’s a difference – That guy is public and he’s making public statements in the name of his organisation.

    Plus it’s hard to send gay spam through snail mail… But I’m sure we can figure out some way!

  11. Steve says

    FYI – the email directly to Donald J. Hall. link is acting like an HTML link instead of a “mailto” link and giving an invalid page request…

  12. says

    But please, people, let’s not get carried away with this. If anyone includes a double-pronged dildo with the Hallmark card to Mr. Wildmon, we should call their pharyngula membership into question.

    (Looks concerned…)

    Erm… okay… right there with you… but if anyone, say, hypothetically, already sent a vibrating butt plug, *that’d* be okay, right?

  13. says

    @ #4

    I’ve tried to avoid American Greetings for a while, anyway, because of the dust-up they had with Penny Arcade a few years back.

    It hasn’t been a strong boycott, in any way, but I generally can’t stand companies that don’t have a sense of humor about themselves, and try to force that lack on others.

  14. Mikel says

    LOL What an idea…I sent a Thank You note to Hallmark via the AFA form. I wonder if they even check the messages that are going out, or keep a record?
    I’ll be curious if I get any response from the AFA.

  15. Lindsay says

    I was in the middle of writing a thank-you note using the AFA’s form to Hallmark, and then I realized that then the AFA would have my personal information and could spam me till they’re blue in the face. Well, thst’s what the “report spam” button is for…

  16. llewelly says

    PZ, you left the ‘mailto:’ prefix off of your link to Donald Hall’s email address. When you do that, the sb software puts a ‘’ prefix in front of the uri, and that results in a link which goes to a page that doesn’t exist.

  17. extatyzoma says

    its amazing just how inept his points are, reminds me of creationist arguments.

    quote” Ask them to stop promoting a lifestyle that is not only unhealthy, but is also illegal in 48 states”

    unhealthy? hmm, when i see some morbidly obese american who can barely walk from the car to the grocery store to pick up twinkies and Tv dinners they are most likely straight, anyway thats a moot point, since what does two people of the same sex liking each other have to do with health? its ilegal in 48 states, well thats fine, it means that people can buy the cards and then send them to people who got married in those 2 states.

    “Hallmark Greeting Cards has announced it will begin selling same-sex wedding cards, even though same-sex marriage is legal in only two states. The purpose, they say, is to satisfy consumer demand.”

    sounds like typical business practice.

    “It appears that their purpose is also to push same-sex marriage.”

    assertion, any evidence Donald? if they were thats fine anyway, its nice that somebody would make a stand against frustration induced bigotry.

    “Last year Hallmark began offering “coming out” cards – as in “coming out of the closet” — a euphemism for announcing homosexuality”

    they did? so donald, you dont like big pink, flowery cards??

    “We’ve all given or received Hallmark Cards – remember their slogan – “when you care enough to send the very best.” But promoting same-sex marriage for profit is not the very best for families or our nation.”

    maybe they should promote same sex marriage not for profit and then it will be OK??

    “Hallmark is a private company obviously driven by greed.”

    funny how hallmark is now suddenly driven by greed becaus edonald doesnt like some of their products.

    “Let them know you do not appreciate Hallmark promoting a lifestyle which is illegal in 48 states”

    donald, you already told us that, maybe you think shouting ‘illegal’ means that people will think that means its wrong, the lack of intelligence of your average supporter will no doubt have them find this conclusion.

    “American Greeting Cards, Hallmark’s competitor, does not offer same-sex marriage cards”

    well not yet anyway…..


    i agree, donald, try a butt plug for starters, it could well reduce all that pent up prostate fluid.

    “Send an e-mail to Hallmark. Ask them to stop promoting a lifestyle that is not only unhealthy, but is also illegal in 48 states.”

    you already said that.

    Forward this to your friends and family.

    “thats not a good idea, they would start thinking i was in the closet”

  18. tyaddow says

    I sent mine! There is something satisfying about using their website to send a letter essentially undermining the very purpose for which it was created. I’ll admit I had second thoughts, though- I didn’t know the homosexual lifestyle was unhealthy AND illegal! Yeesh, maybe they realized that telling the same people who deride their notion of ‘family’ that supporting homosexuality would utterly destroy the patriarchy was bad planning. They switched to the ‘unhealthy and illegal’ bit.

  19. matt says

    I hope that my message went through (I got an error both times). I said that I was a pastor – they didn’t ask for what church or religion!

    chief pastor of the church of “who needs church?”,

  20. Quiet Desperation says

    I’ve never seen a Post Office “Drawer” in an address before. Is that some flyover country thing?

    There’s a drop the drawer joke lurking there somewhere.

  21. Claudia says

    Can we stop and reflect on how funny AJ’s post was? Seriously, I think that’s the real issue here…

  22. Quiet Desperation says

    when i see some morbidly obese american who can barely walk from the car to the grocery store to pick up twinkies and Tv dinners they are most likely straight

    I get behind the fat folken in the checkout line of the grocery store whenever the opportunity presents to look at what they buy. Free entertainment, man! :-)

  23. says


    The last paragraph is a beautiful thought, but I expect somewhat better physiological knowledge from a biologist. Even I know that the only heart capable of expanding up to three sizes is Grinchus Seussicus. There is simply no scientific evidence of a Fundimentalis Tuchis’ heart expanding even one size for longer than it takes to say “No dogs or women allowed,”.

  24. Tom Nielsen says

    You don’t like receiving weird magazines – well actually you say you don’t care – but you don’t mind starting spam campaigns against religious people. Hey I’m all for that, but it seems kind childish to use the same methods as they are.

    Just a thought, carry on…

  25. kyle says

    just sent
    I am surprised that it took Hallmark so long to begin issuing same sex marriage cards. Well, now that you have i am very happy. It seems that when my sister and her girlfriend get married later next year all of our family and friends have a place to buy cards to go along with our gifts. In fact, just to blunt any criticism you may be getting from backwards bigots, i think i might paper my gift in them. This will make it necessary to buy a dozen or so cards.

  26. Claudia says

    Done. I don’t usually partake in these kinds of things because I’m not the most eloquent of individuals, but this cause is near and dear to my heart.
    Up until a year and a half ago (probably later than that if you’d have asked me point blank) I believed my best friends were living their lives in sin. That never sat well with me, but I couldn’t let go of “what God said”. Following my conversion, if you will, to atheism I spoke to my friends and, not only apologised profusely, but thanked them for still loving me and sticking by me despite my ignorance. I hate to think about people who may be in the same situation, who weren’t as lucky as I and lost brilliant friends because of their religious beliefs and organisations like the APA.
    I’m an American living in the UK and I have a 19 month old son. The other day he came out of my bedroom wearing my black, patent leather high heel (just the one). I laughed my tush off! He walked remarkably well in it, actually. But anyway, I recounted the story to my mother when we were chatting on the phone and she laughed, but then said with an air of sincerity, “He’s going to be on the top of my prayer list.” . . . I sighed and moved on. My son will grow up knowing my UNCONDITIONAL love. My friends will live knowing my UNCONDITIONAL love. I know I’m preaching to the choir, as it were, but I just felt the need to share. :D Cheers.

  27. waldteufel says

    Don’t forget to send a card to our pal Bill Donohue!

    I’m sure he’d be honored. And, don’t forget to enclose a cracker!

  28. Leigh Shryock says

    The “American Patriarchal Association” is actually a dig by PZ at what they really are… “American Family Association” is their self-described name, but I can’t think of anything less anti-family that one that wants to tear apart perfectly good families and spread lies and slander against them.

  29. Raiko says

    I sent my thank you note to Hallmark for their wonderful family-and-love supporting, happiness-spreading ideas.

    As I keep saying, the American Family Association is pretty anti-family if they would destroy families (or prevent them from forming) because of a family-member’s sexual orientation. Yes, teach the parents to be intolerant towards their homosexual children, leave kids in adoption centers rather than with loving parents becaus they happen to both have the same gender. Make sure to encourage children to taunt the other kids who don’t have heterosexual parents. That is really so pro-family!

  30. Eric says

    The address for Don Hall (of Hallmark) doesn’t seem to be correct, we got the message, “Fatal Error: No such address”…

    However, from:

    which is an irritatingly long link for contact information – you can also get to it from:

    and pressing the ‘contact us’ link at the bottom right of the page. In any case – here’s a phone and postal address:

    PHONE: 1-800-HALLMARK (1-800-425-5627)

    Hallmark Customer Service
    P.O. Box 419034
    Mail Drop 216
    Kansas City, Missouri 64141

    They have a link to an online form for ’emailing’ them, but no actual email address.

    I don’t know if this would get to Don Hall or not – but appreciative emails from us couldn’t hurt, and might help.


  31. Nemo says

    I like to think of them as the “American Fascist Association” (it keeps the same initials). But, that’s probably unfair to fascists.

  32. says

    I tried to send Mr. Wildmon a letter of support a few days ago using the AFA mechanism. My letter was returned to me (as written) with the message that they could not connect with the recipient’s server. I don’t mind being on the AFA mailing list. It lets me know when I need to counter their efforts.

    It’s hard for me to get too riled about this. I don’t usually use greeting cards. When I got married, I designed my own stationary and printed the invitations out on our computer. Maybe it made us look cheap, I don’t know, but the personal touch, the ablitiy to use recycled paper, and the monetary savings (yes, I am cheap) were worth it.

  33. forksmuggler says

    Of course they’re just responding to market demand, but let’s try not to be too cynical. Even if Hallmark is doing the right thing for the wrong reasons, this is still good news. I sent my thank you email to Mr. Hall first thing this morning.

  34. Laurie says

    I used Wildmon’s email form, but used a throwaway email address from

    I explained in my letter to Mr. Hallmark so he wouldn’t be confused that I used Gertrude Stein’s name.

    I’m sure Gertrude & Alice would have loved an anniversary card…

  35. says

    The form is now throwing an error. But they did conveniently include the email/snail mail info in the sidebar. I highly recommend sending a physical letter, as those have more impact. I don’t often buy cards, but on the occasions that I do I will now go out of my way to buy Hallmark.

  36. Mike says

    What the hell does a gay greeting card look like? Two Envelopes?

    Sorry I couldn’t resist that joke.

    More power to Hallmark!

  37. Robster, FCD says

    Another problem with using their form (they really don’t spam that much, and using their alerts to keep an eye on the nuts is not a bug, but a feature), is that your positive message to Hallmark will be counted as a negative by AFA.

    “We had over ten thousand individuals contact Hallmark to express their concern,” will be the line from AFA, nver mind that 9k of those were pharyngulites.

  38. says

    Here is the letter I submitted:

    Dear Chairman Hall:

    I am glad that Hallmark is promoting a healthy lifestyle which is illegal in 0 states. There was a time Hallmark told us to send the very best. Glad to see you have taken a giant step up. American Greeting Cards, your competitor, will NOT be getting my business.

    (PS: Don’t let the whacko fundies get you down. I think you are doing a swell job.)

  39. Badjuggler says

    It feels slightly subversive using their own form to email opposition to their sentiments. I like it!

  40. Die Anyway says

    Ok, I used the AFA form to send a message to Hallmark along the line of ‘Please continue selling gay friendly cards and please ignore the religious bigots from AFA.’
    I wonder if someone at AFA is monitoring the outgoing messages. I also wonder if Hallmark will recognize the AFA IP address and count our messages as a vote against them without reading our sentiments. In any case, I tried.

    Eat well, stay fit, Die Anyway.

  41. scooter says

    Tom Nielsen You don’t like receiving weird magazines – well actually you say you don’t care – but you don’t mind starting spam campaigns against religious people.

    Hey Shit-for-brains. The sinister PZ stated he was amused by the magazine onslaught. What is wrong with you godSuckers? You can’t read English without the Thees and Thous?

    Go slaughter a lamb and roll around in the blood you sick fuck.

  42. nobi yuno says

    A little bit of editing of the prepopulated letter is all it takes:

    Dear Chairman Hall:

    I am delighted that Hallmark is promoting civil rights and equality which is surely soon to be legal in the 48 states where it is not already legal. There was a time Hallmark told us to send the very best. Glad to see you have taken a giant step up. More! American Greeting Cards, your competitor, will not be getting my business.

  43. Rob Adams says

    I think we should use this opportunity to demand they start selling bigoted greeting cards for the southern market.

  44. says

    Alright, my letter of support to Mr. Hall is up.

    @ Rob (#49). You know that they don’t have greeting cards in the South. They just leave messages on people’s lawns.

  45. frac says

    I sent my note though the Hallmark website.

    It’s a good idea, but I would think that, if I was a sys-admin for Hallmark asked for how many negative emails we received, I’d just be counting emails where APA was the source, not reading the individual notes.

    Your emails will might be counted in the wrong column.

  46. Snarki, child of Loki says

    Rob Adams:
    “I think we should use this opportunity to demand they start selling bigoted greeting cards for the southern market.”

    You mean like invitations to cross-burnings?
    Congratulations on beating that hate-crimes prosecution?
    Lynching anniversary greetings?
    Happy Confederate Treason Day cards? (that would be the musical one, playing “Dixie”)

    I bet there’s a market, if you’ve got the stomache.

  47. OctoberMermaid says

    So, I don’t know how these mass mail form things work and i’m probably just being paranoid, but can we be sure that sending an email through the AFA won’t first be reviewed by those fine folks before being passed along to Hallmark? Maybe they’ll just change whatever we say to fit their agenda, then spam us with Christ links to save our wretched, homo-supporting souls.

  48. Patricia says

    #47 – Scooter – Dammit! It’s too early in the morning to make me snort out my hot chicken broth drink. It’s not so much that I mind the broth – but the damned rosemary needles hurt!

    Do the gay cards come with glitter demon confetti? How about atheist coming out cards and some really jazzy ‘fuck you’ christmas cards. They could have a sound chip of Dazed and Confused by Led Zeppelin. ;)

  49. Sili says

    There are “Coming Out” cards?! Well, it’s sad they’re needed, but I guess they’re good to have as long that is still a rite of passage – presumable they have bar mitswah cards after all.

    May I suggest mentioning in an ordinary email (or in the snailmail Hallmark cards) that you’ve also used the fascist link to send you appreciation.

    Or, hell, just point them to this post so that they know to filter the incoming mail by a few keywords, rather than just IP.

    And please tell them to make the totals from either group public!

  50. says

    Man, they made that easy. Just change the stoopid letter they provide, make it a big “thank you” and you’re done. And if they edit/change the letters, at least they know they’re being fucked with which is heartwarming enough for me. I also sent a separate letter just to make sure.

  51. says

    I’ve emailed mine to the address on that website. The acid test will be how well the cards sell in Massachusetts and California (I can conceive of the cannier retailers in the latter state holding back in case the proposed amendment to the state constitution passes in November and they end up with unwanted stock).

  52. Joshu says

    Normally I’m not much for this sort of thing, but I think this time around it would be worth it. Hopefully Hallmark will receive enough positive emails about this move to keep such cards going and continue to send an inclusive, accepting message to its customers.

  53. Lee Picton says

    I did it! I went to the link where the offensive letter was all ready to be sent and um, changed the wording to suit. My, that felt good. And next time I have to buy a card, I will make an effort to get Hallmark instead of one of the others.

  54. Jeff says

    All right, I’ll be the bad guy on this one. PZ, normally I stand behind you 100% but weren’t you just bitching the other day about people sending you unwanted mail. Something to the tune of “think of the poor mail carriers!” Now here you are advocating the same thing on a level that’s nearly Christian hypocritical.

    Shame on you.

  55. Kseniya says

    Well, Jeff, I agree with you to some extent, and for reasons of my own I won’t be sending Mr. Wildman any greeting cards either, but you’re not taking into account one key aspect of the situation you referred to, which is this: PZ suggested that his correspondents cease and desist because their efforts were not having the desired effect and were therefore not worth continuing. In this case, it’s too early to tell whether or not the “Love a Grumpy Gus” campaign would fail as miserably.

  56. David says

    Note the opportunity you get after the letter is sent to share the Xian love with friends by sharing your email login AND PASSWORD with the American Fuckwit Association!

  57. crow says

    Sometime ago I made a comment on a political issue through the AFA website, erasing their suggested letter and putting in my own entirely contrary words. I received a response from my congressman which was very obviously a response to the original suggested AFA letter, thanking me for my ‘conservative values’. Either AFA sends their target their suggested letter followed by a list of names of those who ‘sent’ it or the recipient only reads the first letter, not sure which. Anyway, next time you see AFA bragging about how they ‘represent millions’ remember that they are counting every single person who uses their website to comment among those millions.

  58. says

    No, no…I complained that people were signing me up for magazines which they (and I) had no intention of paying for, sending wads of unread pulp through the mail. Sending someone legitimate mail from you personally is not at all wicked.

    For instance, I’m currently receiving up to a half-dozen personal letters a day from outraged Catholics. That’s not a problem. I open them, I read them, I laugh.

  59. Qwerty says

    Well, as soon as I saw Hallmark’s announcement the other day, I predicted the American Patriarchal Association would have their panties in a bind over Hallmark’s same-sex greeting cards. I thought they’d boycott Hallmark, but I guess they’ve settled on an avalanche of emails instead.

    My two favorite “gay” Xmas greeting cards of all time (Note: Hallmark didn’t make these).

    1.) On the outside of the card it shows Santa Clause looking at a list with the caption: Why is Santa Clause so happy? Inside the card: He knows where all the naughty boys live!

    2.) On the outside of the card it shows a Jesus like figure tracking snow into a living room while a woman who looks like Mary is looking on disapprovingly. In the background is an open door. Inside: Jesus, close the door, were you born in a barn!

  60. Tabby Lavalamp says

    Because Hallmark’s political contributions have been going mostly to the GOP (not to sure if they contribute to parties in Canada), I haven’t bought cards from them for years. I’m still uneasy that my money could help finance some Republican campaign, but thanks to this I will no longer absolutely not buy from them.

  61. Richard Rush says

    I’m going to buy/send two Hallmark cards:

    A Thank You card to:

    Donald J. Hall, Chairman
    Hallmark Cards
    2501 McGee Trafficway
    Kansas City, MO 64108

    and an appropriate card to:

    Donald E Wildmon
    PO Drawer 2440
    107 Parkgate Drive
    Tupelo, MS 38803

  62. says

    I wrote this using the AFA’s email form to Donald J Hall:

    Dear Chairman Hall:

    I appreciate that you are offering this product to millions of gays and lesbians here in America and tapping into their vast disposable income stream too. This is good for your business and great for your shareholders.

    Great job in being one of the first in your industry. Its change like this that spurs advancement.

    SCORE. Love your idea Richard Rush!

  63. says

    Here is apparently the explanation for why emails are being bounced back (from the AFA Web site):

    UPDATE!! Hallmark is blocking emails from those who support one-man, one-woman marriage!

    Read the alert below, then, PLEASE make a personal phone call to Hallmark’s corporate headquarters. Be polite, but firm in telling Hallmark that gay marriage cards are a bad business idea. Their corporate number is 816-274-5111.

  64. Patricia says

    WHAT?! You’re still getting outraged letters? Why aren’t you sharing them with your Ilk?
    Come on PZ share!

  65. druidbros says

    I will mention this at the Many Stories One Voice conference in New Orleans at the beginning of Sept. I am sure they would just love to send Don some love !!!

  66. says

    I sent the email, and I ran into one of my gay friends today at college. Maybe I’ll buy one of these “offensive” cards for double lulz.

  67. Alnonymous says


    Should we take this opportunity to ask Hallmark to support another disenfranchised 10% of the population?

    DARWIN DAY CARDS!! 200 years!! That’s gotta be worth something!

    Or are we too smart to get ripped off on another commercialized holiday? But we could send them to our favorite “cdesign proponentsists” ha! :)

  68. Rob says

    Sent my thanks through their form letter. Should have mentioned that one of my gay friends is having a birthday soon and that I’d absolutely be buying him one. O well, still gonna do it. He loves that kitschy stuff (o man, I’m making him sound way stereotypical… which, well, he kinda is :shrug:).

  69. Joel says

    What I sent:

    Dear Chairman Hall:

    I am over-joyed that Hallmark is promoting the equality of Gay men and women. Hallmark tells us to send the very best and this is an example of the very best of humanity. I am happy to see you have taken a giant step forward, to equality. Hallmark, will be getting all my business.

  70. hotshoe says

    I emailed this to Hallmark:

    Dear Chairman Hall,
    I am pleased to hear that Hallmark Cards is offering same-sex wedding cards. Thank you for recognizing that true love is not limited to heterosexuals. You have taken a giant step towards respect and equality for all families. Your competitor, American Greetings, will NOT be getting my business as long as they keep their blinders on.

  71. foxfire says

    OK, I sent a “kudos” e-mail to Wildmon. Has anybody spotted a site where one can actually purchase these cards (economic approval being Part 2 of the PZ Plan)?

    I haven’t been able to find one and I doubt my “local” stores (On the Oregon coast, anything within 30 miles) will be carrying such items in the near future.

  72. Holli says

    I think this is my first post here. I just thought I’d share my version of the “official” email.
    I am pleased that Hallmark is promoting tolerance of diverse lifestyles. Hallmark told us to send the very best. It’s nice to know that we can continue to do so to even more of our friends and family! So glad to see you have taken a giant step towards openness and acceptance. You will definitely be getting my business.

  73. CS says

    I sent an e-mail congratulating Hallmark, and this is the response I received. It seems that they are not even reading the comments that they value so much.

    Response (Supervisor) – 08/25/2008 06:13 PM
    Thank you for contacting Hallmark.

    Product selection is largely determined by consumer demand for any particular type of product. We try to provide our consumers with the type of products they want, when they want them. We understand that this may be a sensitive issue for you and are sorry if you feel that the selection we offer is inadequate. We appreciate your preference for Hallmark products and place a high value on comments.

    We also offer Photo Greeting Cards and Photo Greeting Cards with Sound at You are able to upload your own pictures and provide your personalized text. We have a large selection of cards to choose from. Visit and select Cards and E-Cards > Photo Cards to create yours today!

    Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your concerns.


    Hallmark Consumer Care

  74. bgbaysjr says

    Blaise Pascal @ 10 and Richard Rush @ 68:

    Great idea! I just bought a very nice “thank you” card for Mr Hall at Hallmark and a sympathy card for Mr Wildmon at AFA — both Hallmark, of course! I plan on writing in Wildmon’s that I am very sorry that someone or something has wounded him so terribly, and that he finds the healing he needs to get over it. (It is pink with a lovely lotus and a verse — John 14:27 — wishing the recipient peace. Maybe he would listen to that.)

    I am already on AFA’s “Action Alert” list, so I know who needs supporting email or phone calls, and whom to patronize whenever possible. I never use their online email form, though, because I am afraid that they will count it as one or theirs. I just cut and paste, or direct dial using the phone number they have so thoughtfully provided. It is fun!

    [ Ford (less, recently), McDonald’s, and now Hallmark are current AFA targets because they “support the homosexual agenda.” I have been a dues-paying homosexual for years and I still haven’t gotten my copy of the agenda! ]

  75. bgbaysjr says

    me @ 83

    “…that I hope he finds the healing he needs to get over it.”


    “…count it as one of theirs.”


  76. Tom says

    “Hey Shit-for-brains. The sinister PZ stated he was amused by the magazine onslaught. What is wrong with you godSuckers? You can’t read English without the Thees and Thous?

    Go slaughter a lamb and roll around in the blood you sick fuck.”


    Scooter just because I say something slightly critical of PZ, doesn’t mean I’m a “god sucker”, I’m an atheist with a vengeance(!), but I try to stay intellectually honest. I consider myself a “PZ follower”, but I don’t necessarily agree with everything he does.

    Now I suddenly understand why some people don’t like atheists.

  77. says

    I just wanted to add that I work for a Hallmark retailer (not saying which one), and that we are hearing complaints now through our online store. It is important that those who stand for reason let Hallmark and its retailers know that you support Hallmark’s decision to carry these cards. Right now, the only voices we are hearing are from the right-wing patriarchy mob.

  78. Scott says

    One of my dad’s friends was sending e-mails around about how “despicable” and “sinful” it was that Hallmark was making these cards. Goddamn it, I hate living in Texas.

  79. says

    I’m so glad I live in Toronto. If I want a big gay greeting card for my gay friends, married or not, I stroll down to Danforth Avenue and buy one. I worked in a small technology company in the 1980s and I remember someone got a birthday card there that showed the young Judy Garland as Dorothy, holding Toto, standing in a leather bar and saying, “I don’t think we’re in Kansas any more.” It was the best card ever.

  80. says

    To make sure that your letters are counted on the good side, maybe you should send them via the Hallmark web site instead of the Anti-Family Association.

    What am I doing reading Pharyngula when I should be constructing a phantasmagoria of science links for tomorrow’s Tangled Bank? TTYL, all!

  81. Vlad says

    This is great. I just subscribed to their “AFA ActionAlert” (with a spam-proof address, of course) so I can add my rightful contribution to every action they start from now on. Donnald is definitely going to get a nice Hallmark card from me. Double the pleasure – pissing off Donald and supporting Hallmark :).