I may regret this, but…Open Enrollment Thread!

Since some people were envious that I singled out one blog earlier today, here’s your opportunity: leave your url in the comments here, say a little bit about why your blog is worthy of my attention, and I’ll toss it onto the blogroll. Attention for everyone!

Caveats: for technical reasons, your blog must have an rss feed/syndication. I reserve the right to ignore your blog if I don’t like it. Even if you get on my blogroll, I do turn it over regularly, so there’s no guarantee I’ll keep it there for long.


  1. russell says

    Thanks PZ!

    I run a blog called the The Prius Owners Group and five days a week (or more) I post news relevant to fuel efficient and environmental conscious transportation centered around, yes, the Toyota Prius. I’ve owned one for more than three years.

    Please visit and feel free to leave your own comments on anything there. I would especially love to see those with a hard science background there to help debunk news items and, I shudder to say this, my own mistaken commentaries.


    the prius owners group

    Thanks again PZ and to any one cares to visit.

  2. says

    I make posts about once a week or so (if you’re lucky!), have virtually no regular readers, and no overriding topic. I just write about something that interested me.

    That’s why I call it Wazza’s Worthless Witterings.

  3. Patricia says

    Don’t know how to make a blog. ;) I like everyones I see tagged on PZ’z blog. Alex’s makes me wonder (?), JefferyD’s makes me cry.

  4. says

    Regret? Hey I’ll try anything once, twice if I like it. My blog is just a commentary on things; I don’t update it constantly though because there is so much to do In The Real World, but I speak my mind on things, for what it’s worth.

    At least I don’t write like a dead fish (yes, I know there’s no palaeontological evidence for fish being able to write… YET)

  5. says


    Mine is mostly on religion and religion-related news. There are also some science-related posts in there. I’ll be posting on The End Of Faith, Braking The Spell, and PBS’s 8 hour documentary on evolution in the coming weeks.

  6. llewelly says

    Even if you get on my blogroll, I do turn it over regularly, so there’s no guarantee I’ll keep it there for long.

    Just like a compost pile.

  7. says

    Hello there. I write a blog called The Dendritic Arbor, about biology, neuroscience, and other academiology such as an MIT sophomore would find notable. Nothing up to the level of researchblogging.org, I’m afraid — mostly interesting more-or-less-sciency things I notice.

  8. says

    I mostly blog about the amateur astronomy events I go to, but I also commented on the bad movie by Bennie S, well, other stuff. Since several other posts indicate they seldom post, I don’t feel so bad about updating mine once a week, give or take.

    I generally keep my blog linked to my name in my comments to peoples blogs. People can find more about the guy, me, making the stupid (er, or otherwise) comment that way. I’ve followed the links of several commentators here – and sometimes added them to my blog list.

    Sorry, no octopuses or squids. Yet.


    John B. Sandlin

  9. says

    Oh and of course if it’s not obvious to click on my moniker for the URL, here it is spelled out, but of course you lose 10 points for lacking initiative, and so you win our special consolation prize of “The Best Of The Entire Conservapedia Web Site” in a boxed 1 CD set.

    Why only 1 CD? To be honest, even that one CD is blank, but at it does have their URL printed on it, so it should at least provide hours of giving you a good laugh.

    Why is it boxed? Well, it *is* illegal to punch a creationist twat in the nose, but there’s no law against hitting cardboard… I’ve checked.


  10. says

    The official blog for the Society for the Happily Unchurched Freethinking Folk of Lethbridge in southern Alberta.

    General atheist stuff with a lot of humor, including a load of atheist motivational posters including a few Jesus cookie ones, a long list of religious bras, and some comments on my experiences at “expelled” and other creationist nonsense.

  11. says

    I’m happy to see that I’m still on there with Startling Moniker, representing the stranger side of music… Thanks for all the good work you do, PZ– hopefully, this cracker thing blows over, and you can get back to more science!

  12. Bill Dauphin says

    Harummph! My blog is pretty much dormant… largely because I spend so much time writing comments here!

  13. Patricia says

    #13 – Natasha – Check out KBOO.FM on thursday mornings at 9:00 am pacific coast time (America) for Theresa Mitchell’s – The News You’re Not Supposed to Know – show. She’s the best damned transgendered news reporter you’d ever want to hear.
    I’m straight – but I never miss it!

  14. says

    My blog An eminently avoidable fusion of anecdotes, insights, and historically and scientifically informed commentary on Baltimore culture, politics, and history from a leading member of its intelligentsia.

  15. says

    Yay! Pick me! http://car54.wordpress.com/ (Colloquy)

    I’m Just a mom whose kids education was threatened recently in FL. by fundie nut jobs.

    Primary purpose for my blog is to stay connected with the scientific community ;to seek out and hopefully help destroy future threats to our nations children. :-)

    Secondary is to have fun!


  16. says


    Everything you wanted to know about polyadenylation (probably more than you wanted to know).

    Well, at least it’ll be that way after a few tens or so more entries.

    And a tiny bit of ID criticism for good measure. Don’t ask how the two subjects go together.

  17. says

    I may regret this, but…

    Armstrong Survivor.

    It’s a blog that I run along with one other person about my journey in a fundamentalist church. If you want to see how much damage one church can do, this blog will give you a pretty good idea.

    Just please read the comment policy before commenting, kthxbye. :-)

  18. says

    Well, since you mentioned my blog, Caveat, in your post, you really should take a look: http://caveat.blogware.com

    Probably not your cup of tea though, because it’s all about debunking mythology, fighting propaganda, calling out the government and media — hey, maybe you will like it.

  19. says

    Outside the Asylum

    This is my little corner of the cyberworld where I note and comment on things in the news that continue to verify Wonko the Sane’s decision to build the Asylum was quite sound. I’m hopeful if I can demonstrate that I, too, am sane, Wonko will let me out someday… :)

    It’s pretty close to brand new, but I’m trying to keep up regularly – as close to daily as school and work will allow. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it…), there’s no lack of material, and it doesn’t take a ton of energy to find stories of inanity.

  20. says

    Hi PZ, Thanks!

    I’m at http://acandidworld.wordpress.com.

    The name is Submitted to a Candid World; we cover politics, law, religion, science, and the nexus thereof. We’ve been on Tangled Bank more than once for random science-related stuff, and on your blog itself for Conservapedia stuff (I have a sick fascination with that place). If you want a casual look at the way the law works with any of those topics, we might be a good place to start; also in PalMD of Denialism’s words, we’re “progressive politics, but not a rant.”


  21. Robotic Overlord says

    This blog doesn’t really have much to do with anti-science or atheism, but it is about building a self-replicating machine possibly capable of undergoing evolution.(not my blog, but it is interesting)


  22. says

    Already posted my “submission,” but, also, StaCW is soon to cover the way that the law addresses science, as in, expert witnesses before a jury, why, and what that means for the way politics should do the same.

  23. says

    IamSoWise, I enjoyed the article about the venti coffee. I don’t know anything about Baltimore, so most of it’s over my head.

    My blog may not be a good fit here, but have a look.I write mostly about politics. I’ve been a bit quiet lately, since the FISA debacle has left me a bit grouchy. I sometimes write about science fiction and how it teaches us things, even how to be a stylish time traveler.

    That’s probably enough links to get this comment sequestered in the lowest level of the spam filters, but I also write about science on occasion, so I’ll try one more.

  24. says

    One blog you may find interesting is Rodibidably:

    I’m sure you have much better things to do with your time (defilling crackers, etc), but I do think Rodibidably does a good job of touching on some of the same subjects as you yourself, but from a different perspective:

    If you do actually take the time to check out Rodibidably, I’d really suggest starting off with:
    These posts are the ones which seem to best describe the goals of Rodibidably.

  25. says

    Well, it’s not a blog. But one of these days I hope to come up and interview you in 3D. I know Dawkins was first (you weren’t coming down to Madison, if I recall), but you can be the second most famous/infamous scientist so far.

    Might be handy in the event of an unexpected cracker-related demise.


  26. says

    Obviously my demand earlier last week wasn’t whiny enough.

    I also noticed you already have an “It’s Alive!” in your blogroll – mine has two exclamation marks !!

    Currently being delayed as I have just moved house and don’t have stable internet installed yet.

    RSS: http://zayzayem.wordpress.com/rss

    If I don’t meet the pharyngula blog roll godless scientist standards just yet, I’ll be fine if I don’t get added until next enrolment. Greg Laden added me though, so I’ll have to replace you as my favourite scienceblogger [emotional blackmail works bwahahaha]

  27. says

    My blog is essentially a tumblog-you’re smart, look it up. The content spans from the purely entertaining (Ernst Cline standup)to the politically charged (the recent FISA compromise) to the scientifically focused (how traffic backups occur) to the scientifically entertaining (the psychological science behind a shot to the groin). Ultimately I try to keep things simple and clear and post information that is both fascinating and relevant to the lives of most people-even if they don’t understand how knowing the exact age of the universe constitutes both of said criteria.

    Stop by and enjoy.

  28. says

    like wazza (#6), glad you asked is just a space where i can bloviate, usually about politics and the media, but generally about anything that motivates me to post something. i’m just surprised i’m still at it after 2.5 years.

    today’s post coins two new words, both inspired by wafergate, and the last science-related post “silly scientists” was inspired by the discovery among some old cassettes i have of a snippet of a “voice of prophecy” christian radio broadcast, which i converted to mp3 and posted.

  29. says

    Hey there, Jennifer the Car-Free by Default of the extremely Chicago-centric General Carlessness. Not an “atheist blogger,” just a blogger who’s atheist. A few people have mentioned that we need more of those, so here I am.

  30. says

    My blog is DisComforting Ignorance at:

    It is a responsive blog to specifically Ray Comfort, and more generally The Way of the Master (and other such inanity). It responds directly to his posts and plus anything amusing found elsewhere, such as his Atheist Test tract which uses Coke cans to disprove evolution. In a parody fashion, I disproved sexual reproduction using Pepsi cans in my Theist Test post.

  31. says

    Thanks for this, PZ!

    Here’s my blog:

    Mostly a personal space, but I’m mainly interested in humanism and how it’s contributed to my overcoming my anxiety and depression. I’m operating on the hypothesis right now that a humanistic (in a loose sense of the word), skeptical, reality-centered mindset is the key to fulfilling, sustained happiness.

  32. says

    I’m an anthropology grad student and blog at http://breakingspells.wordpress.com

    I try to stay focused on “Science and Religion” and “Scientific Study of Religion” topics with a purpose of breaking the spell of religion and belief, to paraphrase Dennett.

    I’m actually more interested in checking out all the other links to blogs in this thread than getting my own added to PZ’s already huge blog roll, but being on it would still be nice :)

  33. says

    I’m just starting a brand new blog, Uncommon Priors — so new that it doesn’t have any posts yet! Why should you blogroll it anyway? I’m a Ph.D. student in political theory, a long-time blogger on Overcoming Bias and Law and Letters, former civil rights lawyer… lots of interesting potential to produce. Also, I’m the guy who suggested making the pro-evolution movie, which you didn’t like very much. (I eventually dropped the idea for lack of volunteers.)

  34. says

    Thanks for the nanosecond of exposure… I write about flying, politics, things that PZ points out to us, my email battles with crazy cousins and aunts. Occasionally I force my daughters to read what I write but mostly I am the only one who reads it. It is fun sometimes to go back and read some of my blatherings. It is good for me. :-)

  35. says

    Hi, I’m an atheist from the Philippines with a personal blog called missingpoints. I write about various things that interest me (as blogs often do), mostly about pop culture and local politics. A lot of my rants focus on the difficulty of maintaining a secular point of view in the only Catholic nation in Asia (which also happens to harbor Islamic fundamentalist terror cells).

    Right now the Church is opposing a “reproductive health” bill that aims to distribute free contraceptives to poor families by threatening to withhold communion from Catholic congressmen who vote for it. Frackin’ crackers are a big issue here. :)

    Fun stuff.

  36. Nerdette says

    Ooo are we trading Blogs?

    The Angry Butterfly

    Just a little Undergrad babble about being an Ecology major, but I have a bonus: Gaming! I rant equally about Warcraft as I do science :).

    Hell, I’d be flattered if anyone clicks on that link.

  37. says

    Hi PZ!

    My blog is NaturalVisions and – at least these days – is about my adventures living and working in SW Utah (an awfully lonely place for an atheist). Birds and photography are my main passions, and every Friday features a bird i.d. quiz for those with an interest in our feathered friends (NA species only – this week will be #108, so those new to the site will have some catching up to do . . .). Occasionally I write about the geology and paleontology in the area, too, and, as of late, have been posting some short wildlife video clips in addition to photos.

  38. says

    Hi PZ. My blog mainly covers church-state separation issues with a focus on the military and local events here in the Southern California desert. I also occasionally rant about right-wing hypocrisy, especially in sexual matters. I also instigated the whole Keiffe & Sons Ford affair since they pissed me off with their ad. Click on my name for my blog URL.

  39. says

    I don’t say much on mine because the intertubes have enough rants both better and worse (there was one a companion words blog and there might be again, but it’s currently defunct). I just walk a lot and take pictures wherever I go, but I do have a background in evolutionary biology and a fondness for pirate squids, so I’m posting this anyway because you asked and before the thread gets too long.

  40. says

    Okay, apparently I already have an RSS feed that came with my blog. I added a link to the page with it on my blog; I have no idea if theres something else I’m supposed to do with it. Anyway, I’m at http://ferretcage.blogspot.com. I should be put on your blogroll because:
    1) I have polls that you can crash.
    2) I’m going through the Bible, and later through other holy texts, and making fun of it/proving it wrong. But mostly making fun of it, because a lot of it isn’t really stuff that can be proved wrong, as far as I’ve gotten.
    3) I have no idea if you will appreciate it, but I have posts relating directly to my nerdiness, like anime and DnD. Also cooking.
    4) I have the perspective of a 15 year old and the grammar and vocabulary of an adult. Hopefully interesting.

  41. says

    Oh you are going to be busy…

    Here is mine called Tomorrow’s Table -a blog about genetics, food and organic farming:


    Today the book my blog promotes was picked up by Salon -How the world works


    and last week by Conservation Magazine


    now if I can just get picked up by the cracker muncher PZ, my blogging career would be launched!

  42. says

    Added Bytes (formerly ILoveJackDaniels) – a web design, development and marketing blog. It’s not particularly scientific or in any way related to your blog.

    Why is it worthy of your attention? Because it’s awesome, that’s why.

  43. says

    My blog is a blog of stuff I am reading for the whole of this year. Not many people read it, and as it is the height of summer, I am doing a lot of romance novels right now, but before this year I updated once in a blue moon because of real-life problems with my mom, who is in a wheelchair now and can barely feed herself. I have lots of time to read, so that’s what I do. And blog about it:

  44. Gringo viejo, FCD says

    miui @ 79:

    ¡Muchas gracias por su trabajo!
    ¿Sabe ómo se dice “blog” en español auténtico?

    Now if Kseniya would follow your example in Ukrainian . . .

  45. Patricia says

    Hell PZ, this is FUN!
    You should hold an annual open blog thread.
    Bottomless – barebreasted – what ever! Open the pool.

  46. says

    I do think you are going to regret this experiment.

    But I ask that you add The God Blog to your blog roll for these reasons:

    1. The blog is a sane, sober and sometimes humorous look at the world of religion.

    2. On it, I often link to and occasionally criticize you. Your sworn enemies make for good fodder too.

    3. You’re on The God Blog’s blogroll.

    4. There is no god blog but The God Blog.

  47. says

    I recently started a blog (In part inspired by Dana over at En Tequila Es Verdad, in part something I have had floating around the drift line I call my brain)
    Its focus is mainly on pointing out barstardry in all its forms and where ever it pokes it head up. Recently the Catholics feature on a global scale, partly because I live in Australia and we currently have that Clerical dating game called “World Youth Day” on at the moment and partly because of “Crackergate”
    Next week I might pick on the Banks or the Fuel companies so the subject matter varies, depending on what grabs my fancy (and I have received compliments on the condition of my fancy)
    the URL is http://www.soyouthinkimabarstard.com (my first act of barstardry was to use the less common spelling for Barstard in the URL)
    Have a read and tell me what you think of my idea for you to do to the sacred cracker.

  48. says

    Humbuggery is about religion, mostly. Kind of a deconstructionistic stance on the matter, trying to cut out the crap and see what comes out when you boil down religion via logic. (Spoiler: So far, not much.)
    I talk a bit about general skepticism and magic tricks too.

    The Lowly Mathematician is my other blog, about Math, Computer Science, and the occasional bit of woo better suited to such an audience. Lots of fun things with basic teaching math and computer science.

    I update sporadically, sometimes with months between posts, due to school and work and whatever.

    Maybe someday I’ll be as… prolific as everyones favorite developmental biologist.

  49. says

    I was raised Roman Catholic, but I confess that I am posting images of birds and their parts more frequently than I am attending Mass.

  50. says

    The BBC’s flagship news programme, “Today”, is broadcast every weekday morning on BBC Radio 4. This is interrupted at 7.45 by a preacher, who is given a couple of minutes airtime to tell us all how much better we would be if only we believed in their god. They mostly don’t say anything at all. When they do manage to say something interesting or original, it’s usually so outstandingly awful that it generates mass letter writing in protest.

    The god slot is called “Thought For The Day”. My piss take is called “Platitude Of The Day”.

    Here’s my take on the great cracker controversy.


  51. says

    My blog is a blend of atheistic musing, literature, and David Bowie. Since you’re awesome, I know you must like David Bowie.

    And, let me tell you, it’s tough job being an atheist in rural Oklahoma.

    To be honest, my head won’t explode if you don’t take notice of my blog, but I am publishing a book that I’m trying to figure out a way to cajole you into reviewing.

  52. clinteas says

    No 58 :

    Why in dog’s name would anyone waste only a minute of their life refuting anything coming from Ray Comfort?

  53. themadlolscientist, FCD says

    I wish I had a nickel for every blog I’ve started, posted 2 or 3 entries, abandoned and forgotten for months, then gone back and deleted. So I’ve pretty much sworn off keping my own blog. Other people’s blogs are far more interesting anyway.

    So right now I’m sticking with pictures. My flickr stream is here and I’m one of the guilty parties responsible for the LOLscience group.

    You peeps keep on writing and I’ll keep on reading. kthxbai.

  54. says

    D’oh! Sometimes the form autofill sucks. Any chance of changing my name in comment #103 to just ‘crumpet’ instead of my email address…?

  55. says

    Located in Thailand, JING-REED’S REFLECTIONS [ http://jingreed.typepad.com ], is a blog with frequent religion bashing from an aging ex-pat’s perspective .

    Information gathered daily by a retired professor of world literature with an abiding interest in just about everything scientific, and a 75-year-old’s adamant ‘question everything’ attitude.

    Primarily in English, but as a contented polyglot it also has bits and pieces in Slovak, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Thai, etc. — also a bit heavy in the music and art departments.

  56. says

    Hi PZ,

    My blog is exapologist (http://exapologist.blogspot.com), which is devoted to fair exposition and critique of Christianity and christian apologetics from a philosophy PhD student (who will hopefully defend his or her dissertation soon!) and a de-converted Christian who aspired to be a Christian apologist (sad but true, I know!).

  57. says

    My blog…well it is a meandering play thing that I put together to lead staff training on web2.0 technologies. It is a personal space but I am happy for you to share .


  58. says

    A Sceptical I

    If the pun isn’t enough for you, then I can tell you that visiting my relatively young blog will yield a world of rational wonder beyond your wildest dreams. It’s a lie, but I can still tell you that.

    Japes and hijinks aside, my blog is intended to provide a sceptical viewpoint on all manner of subjects, from mythology to ecology, from politics to artificial intelligence; I am also prone to taking the long view and analysing the very natures of scepticism and atheism, and the value inherent in them.

    But come on – the puns!

  59. says

    Well, I see I’m still on your list, PZ (thank you!) – but my uni ITS has finally decided that I’m responsible enough to have comments enabled(!), so if anyone wants to drop by & leave a note, I’d love to have you folks visit.

  60. says

    I hereby present the URL for my blarg entitled “Ethics Gradient”: http://generalsystemsvehicle.blogspot.com

    Contents: Monday to Friday musings (I don’t blog on weekends) & rants on religion & other related stuff (and sometimes not) with (dodgy) cartoons on Friday and Monday music (both segments showcase other projects of mine).


  61. Temaharay says

    Well, I might as well plug my obscure and highly niche website.

    My blog is called Qeyḥ bāḥrī it’s basically an addition to my Tigrigna teaching website (Tigrigna online). I blog on this obscure Semitic language, my website, life, linguistics, art, Eritrea, and Africa as a whole.

    You should check it out PZ, you might like it.

  62. Benjamin says

    Non science blogs too? Mine is about my six month stay in Japan. Mostly about Kendo.


  63. says

    BECAUSE I have a new URL! PAH! You may check out my tail and envy!


    More superstition research! More reviews of Australian TV shows about psychics! More references to Monty Python and David Bowie than is recommended by the Surgeon General!!

    …and because Digital Cuttlefish is my only friend *sniff*…

  64. truth machine, OM says

    Here’s my blog on how life on Earth was actually created by aliens from another universe. I include seven proofs of why I believe this is true. As of yet, nobody has been able to challenge me on these proofs.

    Refuted by the status bar.

  65. says

    Ok, I’ll bite. Click on the name below – some of the obligatory religion-bashing, plus sport, politics, words, pictures, eggs, cheese, the usual stuff.

  66. says

    I actually have four different blogs I would consider myself “part of”.

    My baby is a collaborative effort between five friends (including #118) called Teh Juggernauts. A blog created to document our affinity for logical thought. Everything from comments on big news items to blogalogues to photos of our local protests and
    actions. Usually our adventures involve religion, although human rights, poverty, politics, sexual health, and voter registration tend to pop up on our radar pretty often. =D

    Another collaborative effort, involving many of the same kids from Teh Juggernauts, is Beautiful Flower and Penis. Although a bloopers clip has been linked here before, most of the episodes are a bit more on-topic, dealing with the sexual issues that remain undiscussed in polite company.

    Another blog, which I mainly keep up by myself, is The Ribbon Project. This is my own way of marking the deaths of the Iraq war. For each United States soldier who dies fighting in Iraq, I write their name on a yellow and black ribbon, and tie it around a tree on my campus. This blog contains the photos of each of these ribbons. It is by far the hardest project I have ever worked on. It is emotionally draining.

    My personal blog… i, nisemono… is a mixture of the political, social, and personal rants. Pictures from my life adventures, commentary on my travels and exploits, etc. Pretty boring to the outsider, but it keeps me sane.

  67. says

    My blog is at http://usr-share-morlock.blogspot.com/
    The feed is at http://feeds.feedburner.com/usr/share/morlock

    The little blurb at the top reads: “This blog is written by Jaap Weel. It steadfastly refuses to be about any unifying theme. Lately it has been obsessed with the Homosexual Agenda (I’m for it!), atheism, economics, access to public data, political philosophy, and other things. Please, feel free to leave comments. Or send e-mail.”


  68. says

    Up till lately, the correlation between my hit count and level of output has been depressingly appropriate. But I’m trying to boost both of those factors now, ideally without resorting to specifically wheedling at some of the bigger players to please notice me and help make me as famous and awesome as they are.

    But since you did offer…

    http://cubiksrube.wordpress.com is my attempt to be involved in this blogospherical community of people generally more intelligent and informed than me talking about things that happen, with a skeptical, liberal, atheistic leaning. http://cubiksrube.wordpress.com/feed/ is the feed.

  69. says


    Not sure if mine is a webcomic disguised as a blog or a blog disguised as a webcomic. Only stick figures, but I have found mitres quite easy to draw, so the mocking of people wearing them tends to pop up regularly. Also, there will be tentacles soon enough.

  70. says

    Five Public Opinions

    An Australian blog, posted from Japan (if that makes sense), dealing with atheism, skepticism and Australian politics. I have a weekly round-up of religious and religious-fundamentalist shenanigans. Lately I’ve been paying close attention to World Youth Day and an underreported Church sex scandal brewing in Perth.

  71. says

    Mine’s caled Bellerophon, named after the slayer of Chimera.

    It’s pretty new, so I think it needs a little TLC, which I’m planning to give in big quantities. I was so furious about this eucharist mess it seems I’ve filled the place up, but it’s worth waiting to see new posts. (And PZ, your name’s on the biggest tag cloud there :))

    Hell it’s even got hits from search engines. Little cute bloggie makes this blogger proud.

    Oh, and if that link doesn’t work, try c/p’ing http://bellerophon.wordpress.com

  72. says

    I’m late to the party, but here’s my splendid blog: The Sensuous Curmudgeon. It’s about the evolution/creationism issue, and the tagline (which somehow doesn’t show) is: “Conserving the Enlightenment values of reason, liberty, the scientific method, and free enterprise.”

  73. says

    Mine is Visualizing Evolution:


    I focus on all the ways one can, well… visualize evolution! Through illustration, animation, and even fine art. Currently, I’m reporting from the convention of the Association of Medical Illustrators, where “Charles Darwin” is giving a speech tomorrow on his collaboration with several illustrators during his career. There was also a really cool motorcycle shaped like a human heart.

  74. says

    Sincere apologies for an additional post, but forgot to give the link to the feed, as required by PZ.

    Just add /feed at the end of the address. So the custom URL you enter into your aggregator should read: http://bellerophon.wordpress.com/feed

    It works for me, and I’ll be more than happy to help if it doesn’t for you. :)

  75. says

    Well, crap. Now I have to set up syndication when I get home. At least it’s an early day. I’ll be back!

  76. says

    Notes in Samsara, http://mumonno.blogspot.com, is a Zen Buddhist blog that is quite rational. In fact, I often get into disputes with some of my co-religionists over political and religious issues.

    I also consider, from time to time, creationists, odd cults (especially the strange Buddhist variants such as Falun Gong), and the economic disasters we currently face.

    My background is that I’m a Ph.D. EE with specialization in communication theory, probability theory, statistics and yes, information theory.

    So my outlook tends to be empirical, nontheist, phenomenological existentialist tempered by the fact that skill is needed in this life and we have to find a way to realize community.

  77. says

    Hi PZ

    my fairly new blog is called Mobile Science and can be found here.

    The RSS feed is: http://leeharrison.wordpress.com/feed

    Recent posts include “Godless Sunday Quote #7”, “Wacko of the Week #5 – Bill Donahue and the Catholic League” and “The Transcendental Argument for God – why it fails, part 1”

    Not actually much science on there at the moment – I spend most of my days communicating science to kids and currently use my blog to rant a little about other things.

  78. says

    Errmm reasons….. hell atheists are as scarce as proof for intelligent design here in South Africa…. so just thought I would add something about everyday bullshit in the name of religion and other “stuff” from this wonderfully insane country….. and with SA being such a heavily religious corner, it provides a mother lode of crap everyday :-)


  79. Buffalo Bill Donohue says

    Hi All you Host Haterz Out There!

    You may remember me, Buffalo Bill Donohue? Please come visit my NEW Blog, “Hatin’ For The Lord”, @ http://www.fu2.org) It will be full of fun-filled ways to flog a dead horse, and incite hatred of anyone not in my crazy semi-Catholic World.

    May The Farce Be With You


  80. ngong says

    Atheism, biochem, Thailand, Himalayan climbing, Thai culture, Buddhism, philosophy of bowling, and more.

    Two selling points: 1) I diss Phil Plait in my most recent post. 2) I live in Thailand, and am perfectly capable of squid desecration, if necessary.


  81. says

    ~Transfected Cells~
    I’m a female neurobiologist-to-be with a random (and pretty new) blog. And I’m using that “blogging on peer reviewed research” graphic every now and then. May include incoherent rants on this or that news issue or this and that cracker. I’m working on the coherence and on sorting my thoughts. ;)

  82. says

    Mine’s on WordPress and is called called quarkscrew, just because I thought it was a cool neologism. Sadly it wasn’t as neo a logism as I thought, so quarkscrew.com already belongs to someone else.

    The main foci are atheism vs. religion, current events (mostly US), science and frogs. I have a Friday Frog feature which was directly inspired by the Friday Cephalopod here on Pharyngula. It is also reachable as drfrog.net (Dr Frog being my differently-ethical twin).

    Today’s Friday Frog is my 200th post. If anyone stops by it’d be very encouraging to see a comment, even if it only says “Ho.” I’ve been yelling into the Void and it’s been a while since the Void yelled back.

  83. says

    I can’t believe I’m still on the blogroll. It must take more effort to remove me than to ignore me.

    [Oh crap, I hope PZ doesn’t read this comment and realize he hasn’t removed me yet.]

  84. says

    My blog is http://thegreenatheist.com. In it I talk about atheism, I list quotes from some of humanity’s best thinkers, and I debunk religion and creationism.

    It is rather modest, but nonetheless I feel this discussion is important enough that I need to do my part, no matter how small.

  85. Jed Doyle says

    Nothing substantial, but I write essays/posts on things that interest me – family, friends, pop culture, etc. Occasionally I’ll post a rant, but it is mostly a chance to amuse myself and those who read my stuff. A good break from the insanity of the world.


  86. says

    Mine is All the Good Names Were Taken at http://www.mannikkomaki.blogspot.com. It tends to have a National Parks and heritage preservation theme running through it with an occasional detour into public health, technical writing, and the joys and frustrations of working for a large ineffecient government agency — not the National Park Service, unfortunately, it’s a much bigger one that’s more science-oriented but also tends to shoot itself in the foot a lot.

    I also blog about cemeteries and death and dying at I See Dead People (www.namesweretaken.blogspot.com) but that one is so occasional it doesn’t have a feed.

  87. says


    I just got started on my blog with entries ranging from my dealings with the deaf community (what little interaction I have right now), the musings of a deaf atheist with a cochlear implant, and my take on recent news. I’m partially using this as a way to force myself to get past my ADD and do something productive online. :)

  88. says

    I write on my work at the Konrad Lorenz Institute on superstitions as a natural cognitive phenomenon. There’s quite a bit of fascinating work on the psychology/sociology/etc. of superstition and I’m trying to bring it together using Herbert Simon’s bounded rationality theory as the key concept (the last issue of the Skeptical Inquirer has an article on my work).

  89. says

    I’m the web gnome for a collaborative blog of Philadelphia-area non-religious types. It’s called Suburban Panic!, and we’d love to see any or all of you in the comments. Here’s a short preview for your sinning eyes.

    We sometimes think of doomsday cults as a modern phenomenon, but they’re really just notes in the margins of an age-old script. A time of political or social turmoil, a charismatic leader, a vision of impending awfulness, and a bunch of disaffected followers so caught up in the ruckus that they do things the rest of us think of as unfathomably crazy. The biggest difference these days is that they’ve replaced slaughtering Jews with holing up in compounds, oiling their vast collections of firearms, and having sex with underage girls.

  90. says

    oof! so late to the game!

    Techskeptic’s Data Daily

    I focus mostly on nonsense. Nonsense products, nonsense services, and general nonsense like bizzare points of view or concepts that are built on a house of fallacies.

    I spend a lot of time on energy. Its a field ripe with nonsense, over unity machines, horrible energy policy, etc. But it also has some worthwhile stuff.

    Once in a while I will discuss my atheism. My biggest hits so far have been my posts on atheist charities (thank you PZ) and my bingo game (Thank you Skeptico). Right now I only have an evolution game for it, but I am working on CAM, Global Warming, and paranormals (astrology, water dowsing etc).

  91. says

    Well, since you asked, I think you’d like my blog because I have a similarly low opinion of religion and enjoy pointing out its myriad idiocies. I also mostly defended you in CrackerGate but not so much that it would look like I’m kissing your ass.


  92. says


    Infrequently updated (i.e., monthly-ish) snarky commentary and satire on politics, religion (especially) and whatever else catches my notice. Past posts include a commentary on sex within Christianity (hint: not that great), a handy Creationist-to-English dictionary, and an exclusive interview with YHWH himself about alleged human Fred Phelps. Yum!

  93. Paul Donovan says

    I am an openly gay atheist high school math teacher at an inner city high school in Kansas City. I blog on issues related to atheism and young people. I wrote a book called Happily Godless: A Young Adult’s Guide to Atheism, available for order wherever fine books are sold.


  94. says

    I only started this blog this year, and haven’t posted much yet. So far I mostly have 1) a post about flat earth theory with a single comment by a flat earther who obviously didn’t read more than 2 words of the post, and 2) a fairly basic genetic algorithm like program that attempts to simulate eye evolution, mostly as something people can point to for engineers who are creationists because they don’t believe a random process can produce a complex system. More of 2 will be added soon/eventually.

  95. says

    I started this a few months back and have only posted a couple of entries, but I thought it would make a good home base for the skeptical community here in the Deep South. If people get interested in it, I’ll devote more time to creating content.


  96. says

    Shameless self-promotion… score!!

    I’ve given my blog a second wind over the last month or so, since I’ve been needing an outlet for my non-work thoughts. It’s called One Astronomer’s Noise, and it’s about astronomy, atheism, skepticism, politics, and whatever random fun stuff I find on the web or around Charlottesville, VA.


  97. says

    First of all my blog is in spanish so I don’t know if you will understand it. My goal is to bring the science/skeptic/atheist world to people who can’t read english. I comment and translate a lot of your posts (Plait’s and others too *shame*). I also include everyday stuff like jokes, comics, movie reviews, etc.


    Thanks PZ!

  98. says

    I am a heathen volunteer at the San Diego Natural History Museum in the both the Entomology and Bird&Mammal Departments. I post lots of photos(I document specimens using a Canon 65mm MP-E lens, captures unbelievable bug shots) and my prepared bird specimens. Not much contentious or intellectual text, mostly for non-science members of my family, but I’ve got plenty of cool bug and dead bird photos.

  99. says

    That’s nice of you, PZ. It’s going to take someone of iron constitution and a lot of time on their hands to get through your entire blogroll. However, to use a hated astronomy metaphor; we small science and/or death-to-religion blogs are the Kuiper Belt to your Sol – but that doesn’t mean we don’t want people squinting at us through telescopes.

    All that to say that my blog is a daily, (weekdays), postcard from a chronically-vacationing Gawd about religion and politics or, increasingly, both.


  100. says

    Home of the Brave is a group blog ostensibly themed about the US Constitution, but careering frequently into health policy/issues/human rights and global constitution/rule of law issues. Love to have you visit, read, comment and author!

  101. says

    BTW, PZ, you have the old Quarkscrew still listed in your blogroll, the one at blogspot. That one hasn’t been active for a while. I thought I’d notified everybody, but either I missed you or you just didn’t notice my notice… (snif!)

  102. says

    Mine is usually updated almost daily, sometimes several times a day. I blog about whatever crap I want to. I like to make fun of Republicans, consumer products, advertising, grammar and popular music. Approach it with low expectations and you may be pleasantly surprised. (Oh, that reminds me, I also like self-deprecating humor.)


  103. says

    Hi PZ,

    I actually don’t want to be on your blogroll, so no worries!

    I’m posting because I just found 7 or 8 blogs that I’ll be adding to my daily reads, and thought that some of these people may be interested in mine as well. (Science undergrads and enthusiasts, let’s talk!)


    Our four contributors cover mathematics, physics, neuroscience, biology, machine learning, technology and science in art. :)

  104. says

    My blog has nothing in particular to commend it except an update rate of twice a day, on whatever topic crosses my mind. The entries pretty much break down into:

    1. Some degree of analysis on whatever topic has crossed my mind;

    2. Transcripts of particularly screwed-up conversations

    3. Soundbites and quotable quotes.

    4. Fiction (deliberate fiction, that is.)

  105. says

    My blog is http://fivebeforechaos.com.

    I cover politics, films of questionable quality, keeping tabs on right wing lunacy, and of course, atheism. I pop out a “Christofascist Idiot Watch Update” every now and then, too. It’d be an honor to be on your blogroll.

  106. says

    My blog, Teapot Atheism at teapotatheism.blogspot.com, is mostly current events discussion and action alerts for the purpose of grassroots organizing. This is the blog that broke the Brian Sapient – Greydon Square fistfight story first, for example.

  107. says

    Oh, why not…

    Rust Belt Philosophy

    Focuses on finding logical and other fallacies in people’s arguments. Mostly expresses the same kind of political and religious leanings as this blog. And if somehow you don’t end up regretting this, I could make another twelve or thirteen hundred blogs and post them all here, too, just to teach you a lesson…

  108. says

    #171, Posted by: Jonathan Smith

    Keep up with science in Florida with. http://www.flascience.org/wp/
    That’s a good one. PZ, it should be on your blogroll.
    Posted by: PatrickHenry

    I agree with both,a very good site!!!

    It’s already on the PZ blogroll in the “in the classroom” category. PZ knows a good thing when he sees it! ;-)

  109. says

    Mine’s a combination of introspection, philosophy, religion, music performance, and the process of getting older. Visitors are welcomed but not required – I write mostly for myself :)

  110. says

    May as well join the fray/mud wallow/whatever.

    I started blogging more or less regularly in July. The topics will mostly be about climate, particularly about the parts of the system that freeze. But, being me, I’ll also be mentioning running and other interests. One thing I won’t be doing is bashing religion (or atheism, or …).


    ‘more’ because my sister beat me to the blogosphere and called hers grumbinescience.blogspot.com. (Mostly set up for her jr. high science classes.)

  111. says

    The Lay Scientist, http://www.layscience.net

    It’s a British science/atheism blog, and we Brits are under-represented in the blogosphere so far. I’m lined up to host the Skeptics’ Circle, Carnival of the Godless and Giants’ Shoulders, and I’m hosting the Carnival of the Liberals the edition after you, so you’ll have to link to me eventually anyway :P

  112. says

    Also, in case there’s anyone else out there who is like me and read through all the comments for new blogs to read…

    I’m looking for more senior undergraduate / junior graduate science student blogs to read. It seems like all the blogs I can find are written by people who already have or are close to their Ph.D. While I see those blogs as valuable resources, I’d also like to be part of a community that’s a little closer to my reality.

    If anyone has a blog like that, leave a comment on my blog or email me the URL at pantherastudentessa[at]gmail[dot]com so I can add you to my blogroll.

  113. says

    My blog is called Random Thinking and that is mostly what it is. I blog about things that interest me mostly so I don’t forget them. I blog about Down syndrome and autism because I have son that has both of them. I blog about neurological disorders because my wife has one. I blog about interesting or humorous things I find on the web (did you know that every regular who played a Nazi on the show Hogan’s Heroes was Jewish?). And every Friday I pull a song off my iPod to share with the world. Nothing earth shattering but my daughter likes it and she’s very cool. ;)

  114. says

    My blog is Noadi’s Art Blog, it’s all about sculpting, jewelry making, and trying to make a living at it. I happen to frequently sculpt the wonderful members of the class Cephalopoda. Sometimes I stick them in jars, sometimes they’re jewelry, sometimes a minor player in the sculpture, but always no cephalopods are harmed in the creation of my work.

    Noadi’s Art Blog

  115. says

    Hey, how about me, maybe? It’s a higher math blog, Rigorous Trivialities. Nothing too mind-blowing or relevant here…though once I understand what’s going on, my stuff does have some intersection with phylogenetics that I’m attempting to read up on.

  116. says

    I post occasionally about mountain top removal resistance, biology trivia, pseudoscience, edible things you find in the woods, field pics, country/bluegrass music and really stupid people. Sometimes those categories intersect.

  117. GWD says

    My blog is an atheist/skeptic blog. I post about specific subjects to debunk and specific facets of atheism (Pascal’s Wager, for instance). It’s meant to be an easy introduction to the facts for those unfamiliar with the arguments.

    It’s called Eyebrow Ascendant and can be found at:

  118. says

    I run a small (we just got started about a month ago) skeptical organization based in Seattle, called Northwest Skeptics. The stated goal is “to promote rational thought, critical thinking and the scientific method.” We try to post as close to everyday as we can, but we’re still learning to make a habit out of it. We strive to live evidence based lives and love discussing ways to “reason people out of positions they didn’t reason themselves into.” No topic is off limits.


    I see now that Kevin posted to the comments here already, but I might as well finish this and double the exposure. :)

  119. says


    I blog on peer-reviewed research relating to the topics of ecology, evolution and cell biology. My favourite protein is green fluorescent protein, and I’ve written up a short post on it here. I intend to write more about GFP and its derivatives in the future as well. I also blog about IDiots.

  120. says

    I am a graduate student in biophysics- I mostly talk about that, with occasional comments on research papers outside my field, general rants on gender issues, and observations on the odd habits we scientists exhibit.

    Randomly updated, but likely the only place in the world you can find LOL MacroMolecules…

  121. says

    Hon, you oughta list me on here so that all them poor souls who come here and believe in things like “proof” and “evidence” and “facts” have an alternative viewpoint.

    I pray every day for those who choose not to believe in a God of love, for He will surely send them to an eternity of unimaginable pain and suffering.

    -Norma Jean

  122. Prio says

    I’m nominating You Are Dumb dot net (http://www.youaredumb.net/), which will surely annoy its writer (Bryan Lambert) because he insists that it is not a blog but rather a column. He does have a feed, however. Of Pharyngula he recently said:

    If you’re not familiar with PZ Myers, of the blog Pharyngula, he’s actually a lot like me, only where I have dick jokes, he has credentials. He actually teaches biology at the University of Minnesota, hates creationists, likes the word “fuckwits”, and has a sizable audience. Not that I don’t love you all dearly, my snowflake babies, but I link to his blog at my own peril. He’s that good. All I can say to keep you coming back is that PZ Myers will never, ever, ever make fun of the guy in line ahead of him at Target, and I will. Tomorrow.

    Of Donohue, he then said (among plenty other things):

    Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Donohue is actually arguing that when you put a link to Site B on Site A, the contents of Site B become part and parcel of the contents of Site A. By that reasoning, You Are Dumb has just absorbed Pharyngula, which will come as a great shock to my Web hosting service.

  123. says

    I run Happy Jihad’s House of Pancakes. I’m a PhD in English, and cover skepticism, atheism, liberal political commentary and poop jokes. Religious fundamentalism is my beat, by which I mean target. Currently, I am offering an as-of-yet unclaimed prize to anyone who can get a joke paper published in the Answers Research Journal, a novelty journal published by the freaks at Answers in Genesis. You win the prize if you reveal the joke on my site, which is the only thing keeping those authors already published in ARJ from claiming it.


  124. says

    I’m glad the spotlight has been taken off of me, at least in the sense that I like other people to have their own shot. So yeah, rock on PZ.

    Also, I’ve read a lot of these blogs… I get around. lol.

  125. says

    My relatively new skeptical blog from a young female perspective can be found at http://skeptigirl.blogspot.com/

    My most recent posts were about John Hogue, vaccinations, Crackergate, and 2012.

    Sometimes I talk about things in the news, sometimes I’ll write an article just for the heck of it or when something pseudosciency pisses me off on TV.

  126. says

    Oh sure, why not.


    My blog only just started out. Its mostly a personal writing archive at the moment. There are book reviews and the like on there (you’d probably only care for the Animal Farm one). Two posts you’ll probably dig are “The Parable of the Bus” and “I am an Atheist.” You might also bee interested in “Love and Loathing on YouTube” which is a philosophical rundown of a debate I’ve had with a couple of Christians who loved me so much they called me a fat faggot. Have fun.

  127. says

    Okay, I think I might regret this but this is my blog:


    My blog is mostly rants on pseudoscience, collections of science articles I find interesting, and sometimes personal crap that no one really cares about. I update it a couple times a week, more or less, even though no one really reads it.

    Now, I’m not even a scientist (yet!) and I just finished high school, so view at your own risk.

  128. says

    Damn it, I’m already so far down in the list that no one is going to read this, least of all P.Z… Anyhow, Bad Thinking is “A daily look at the stupid and evil things that people do because people are evil and stupid. No siding with anyone’s pet tribe here. And absolutely no insight or analysis of any kind offered. At all.” – as it says in the sidebar. And the thing really is updated daily, with about 20 posts or so. Today I’ve mostly been ranting about Muslims, actually, but I also regularly attack Catholics, other religionists, ufologists, pseudoscientists, paranormalists, woo-woo peddlers, and pretty much everyone and everything else. I don’t have many friends.

  129. says

    *laugh> Okay, I’ll join in, though I shudder to think how big your blogroll is going to be come. My blog is Mild Opinions. I’m a Ph.D student in behavioural ecology, and aside from a series of posts on classic papers I’m trying to do, I pay attention to science topics and Canadian issues. (You actually linked to me a while back for the Expelled opening in Canada – traffic that day was two orders of magnitude higher than anything I’d had previously!)

  130. says

    Well, it took a while to narrow it down to only three reasons, but I know you’ve got enough to read.

    1. Regular doses of snark with the occasional insight.
    2. I’ve been trolled by FtK.
    3. As of today, your links are only responsible for my second highest-traffic day.


  131. says


    Let’s see… I don’t blog about science, or religion or anything much except, poetry, pictures and stories. There are however many exceptions one being the satire which will be part of the upcoming Carnival of Elitist Bastards hosted here on PZ’s blog next weekend. In addition, not everything is so cut and dried since I’m a multiple personality. That counts as science believe me. Besides which we actually have six blogs in all – including one where politics is the main action – have one published novel, one novel in the works and and one finished memoir. If you’re an literary agent Rose would like to talk to you. (She’s one of my others and she has her own blog.)


    So swing by and say hi; poke around in the archives and learn how we live together.

  132. says

    Thanks for the offer PZ. My blog contains my ramblings on the intersection of religion, science and society. I also throw some personal philosophy and miscellaneous humor bits in as well. The main focus is science and evolution, for the layman by a layman.


  133. says

    My blog is actually two blogs (hopefully soon to be three.) I have no overarching topic, but I like to think I have it all. Humour. Serious Thoughts. The Terribly Mundane. I don’t actually expect to make your blogroll, but a little visibility would be nice. People tell me my blog is good, but obviously I’m doing something wrong because no one ever responds.

  134. says

    Here is my page. It is generally my hyper-sensitive reactions to perceived threats. Sure, I might overreact from time to time, no, more often than not. But it is because my fear of being exposed for what I truly am that is of concern to me. I try to feign sincerity and must address every single irrationally perceived injustice against me as people are constantly trying to alert the world to how I really am. Feel free to stop by. Thanks.

  135. says

    The Evolving Mind is a pro-rationality/freethought/science blog. I tend to focus on new science findings, psychology, atheism, humanism, and nature. I also post material from a book I’m working on: “An Almighty Alpha: How Our Primate Heritage Contributes to Belief in Gods.”
    Thanks PZ!

  136. says

    I used to post regularly on my blog- mainly about religion and how it affects women and children and also a lot of my art and other random stuff- now I’m not so regular (sounds like I’m getting old lol) cos I am studying and working hard :) but every now and then I will say something mildly interesting- and I tend to stick to UK/European topics

  137. says

    I used to post regularly on my blog- mainly about religion and how it affects women and children and also a lot of my art and other random stuff- now I’m not so regular (sounds like I’m getting old lol) cos I am studying and working hard :) but every now and then I will say something mildly interesting- and I tend to stick to UK/European topics

  138. says

    So I’m a little late to this party, but my friend and I have a blog called “Buttered Waffles” at http://www.butteredwaffles.com. I’m an undergrad bio major who hopes to be an ornithologist, and he’s my artsy friend. Sci-fi, birds, wildlife, and gay rights are among the topics covered.

  139. says

    I have a mean and nasty little political blog called Break the Terror, and I write about politics (obviously), foreign policy, gay rights, crazy religious people…and I’m also a musician/music fanatic, so I try to throw some music in there every few posts or so.


    So there you have it.

  140. says

    Late to join in here, but that’s OK; I see I’m still on the PZM blogroll from an earlier opportunity. (http://www.defaithed.com)

    Inclusion in the blogroll is an honor that must be lived up to. I vow, with right hand on the Atheist Bible, to continue documenting my makeover from religion to reason, while poking fun at faith, woo, and other non-rational lunacies.

    (Speaking of vows, I hope I live to see the day when a new US President rejects the Bible for his/her swearing-in, and demands to take the oath on a copy of the US Constitution. It’s so bizarre that this *isn’t* already the way Presidents are sworn in.)

  141. says

    I’m a little late too, but I run a site you’ve linked to at least once called What’s The Harm? We try to document cases where people have gotten hurt believing in nonsense.


    Not a blog in the usual sense, but it does have a feed so you can see new cases as they are posted.

  142. says

    http://LiberalsMustDie.com is a blog that shows the real evil of Democrats (I call them Demon-crats), liberals, hethens, morans, atheists, and muslums.

    We use science and physics to prove that God is real (and is giving George W. Bush instructions to bring about the rapture) in 2 of our latest articles: How Ironic! Scientsts on the verge of proving God exists!! and Physicists Closer To Proving God Exists (and hates Democrats).

    Basically LMD is a 1 stop shop for all the news you need, unless you are a hethen.

    Our sister website: http://OsamaLovesObama.com keeps our users up to date on the presidential race.

    Oh, and no liberals allowed on our sites.

  143. says

    On Monday June 9th, 1980, at a few minutes before 1 a.m. (GMT) and a month shy of my sixteenth birthday, I finished the very first page in my new daily journal with the portentously pompous pronouncement that: “Today was the first day of the rest of my life.”

    I was to write virtually every day for another two thousand, eight hundred and forty three (cramped) pages and the next four-and-a-half (cramped) years, through Thatcher’s dismantling of Britain’s post-war consensus, Michael Foot’s donkey jacket, Pigbag, would-be girlfriends, and myriad blunderings through university and beyond.

    All were duly noted.

    On Monday, June 9th, 2008, at a few minutes before 1 a.m. (GMT), twenty eight years (to the minute) later, I began reposting each entry as it happens/ed.

    Only the names will be changed to protect the innocent.