Any TAM6 attendees here?

In a great big ugly oops, the A/V geeks at TAM6 were not true geeks in that they screwed up and lost all the audio of an entire day’s worth of recordings at the meeting. This is bad, because it means all the clever slams and insults given to Phil Plait will not be passed down to posterity. If you’ve got recordings of the event, contact the skeptics and help them out.

(I suppose we could all just call in and make fresh new jokes at Phil’s expense, but they wouldn’t sync with our lip movements as well.)


  1. says

    Time to do dialogue looping. If the video is okay, you can salvage the main speeches by getting the speakers to lip-sync their presentations and record new audio.

    Yeah, I know. Too much work and trouble.

  2. Pierce R. Butler says

    … the A/V geeks at TAM6 were not true geeks …

    Damn, PZ’s pronouncements get harsher every day!

  3. Mercher says

    So a meeting of skeptics happened, but there’s no evidence for it? I don’t know what to think…

  4. Torbjörn Larsson, OM says

    [ugly] OOPS! [/ugly]

    (I had a hard week.)

    the A/V geeks at TAM6 were not true geeks

    True geeks would have done the AV themselves instead of trusting hotel staff.

  5. Toddahhhh says

    This is not good. I was going to bring my video camera along, but thought it would be rude to tape something that was going to be put on a dvd for sale, so I figured I’d wait and just buy the discs. Seeing as it was a room fulla decent skeptics, I would imagine that this was the consensus. Do over! Everyone back to Vegas, pronto!

  6. John Phillips, FCD says

    First it’s crackers and now it’s geeks. Have you no shame young man? If you think the cracker/Donohue brouhaha was something then think again, this will definitely kill the Seed intertoobz :)