Atlanta Pharyngufest!

All right, I think I have a decision: we will meet at 6:00pm or thereabouts on Saturday, 12 July, at Manuel’s Tavern, 602 N. Highland Ave., and have a grand old time for as long as you all can handle it. Remember, those Denverites could barely make it to 10pm — I think Georgians have to show that they can both party and offer entertaining rational conversation as good as the Coloradans gave. The honor of the South demands it!

Oh, and look: Atlanta skeptics are meeting at the same place and roughly the same time. It should be an excellent crowd.


  1. Jasper says

    Good choice.
    And if I can recommend a little appreciated gem of Atlanta, then I think you’d enjoy the Atlanta Botanical Gardens a great deal.

    See y’all next Saturday.

  2. Jim D says

    I am so there!! One word of warning: as of July 1 Georgians can carry concealed weapons into public places. Fortunately it is difficult to hide a harpoon on a person.

  3. Cassidy says

    Of course it’s the week AFTER I’m in Atlanta…C’mon, PZ, when’s the Raleigh visit?

  4. says

    People always ask when I’m coming to their town. It’s easy. Contact your local U, your skeptics’ group, your nest of heathen atheists, and ask them if they have funds to bring in out-of-town speakers, and nominate me. They can contact me at my email address. Right now, I’m pretty cheap — cover the costs of my travel, and I like to show up and talk with people. Demands on my time are increasing, though, and I’ve been considering getting a booking agent…and then my fees will go up, and you’ll have to go through someone with a vested interest in getting paid. Act Now Before Prices Go Up!

  5. Sam L. says

    Cassidy, try getting in touch with this group:

    It’s a fair-sized group, maybe they would have resources to sponsor a PZ-sized event! I’ve only recently joined and haven’t been to an event yet but perhaps there are some other Pharyngulites around us in Raleigh.

  6. Benjamin Franklin says

    But Wait! Thats not all!

    Order your skeptic today, and you will receive, at no additional charge a second skeptic. That’s right, not one skeptic, but a pair! All that for only $19.95, a few beers, plus shipping and handling.

    Not available where prohibited by biblical law.

  7. pradeep says

    If anyone else is wanting to carpool from Augusta for this meetup, email me at pradeepsp[at]yahoo[dot]com. I’ll probably just leave around 3:30 PM that day and head back the same night after the festivities. I could use a buddy in the car for the long drive back!

  8. Rob the Lurkern BMWCCA FCD says

    Manual’s Tavern is an excellent choice. All of Georgia’s liberals meet there… at once… ALL of us.

  9. Stephen says

    Uh, are 20-year-olds allowed in the tavern? If so, I’ll probably be there. If no, oh well.

  10. pradeep says

    So we got what, nine people so far attending? I haven’t been there before and I don’t know how noisy it will get. Since we want to spend some time actually talking and listening, anyone who gets there early should grab a table or area somewhere relatively quiet.

  11. charlie S. says

    Hope you guys have as much fun as we did in Denver, Although to be fair you have to start drinking at 5.

  12. says

    What time are people going to begin trickling in at? I’ll totally be there… never one to miss a party and a party full of heathens is definitely going to rock.

  13. Cleon says

    Actually, PZ, that night we’re having our regular Skeptics in the Pub gathering at…Manuel’s! Starting at 7:00.

    Why don’t y’all join us? We’ll be in the Eagle’s Nest.

  14. mr. ottle says

    Definitely come to the Skeptics in the Pub. You can hang out with luminaries like Derek from the Skepticality webcast, and maybe Swoopy too if we inflict enough peer pressure. And our local skepchick :)

    Everyone come. Or, at least, stay. Might want to wear something warmer than a t-shirt and shorts, since that room seems to be the room that keeps the rest of Manuel’s cooled down.

    The quesadillas are pretty good, too.

  15. Tina says

    Is anybody coming from East or South Florida? I would LOVE to go… even a little north in Georgia, we could rendevous.. I’m in Jacksonville.

  16. pradeep says

    Alright, this seems to be becoming a real gathering of heathens! So what happens at these meetups? Do we just sit around PZ and let him regale us with his stories of fighting creationists? or should we have some type of audience participation games organized….maybe a game of “What type of Creationist Am I?” or “Name That Cephalopod”?

  17. Mike D says

    If things get real crazy, I know of a midnight underground civil war re-enactment, we could get all liquored up and attend?

  18. astroande says

    Aww man, I was just in Atlanta visiting the family for the 4th. Darn.

    It is good to be back in NYC though, where the liberal-ometer hits saner levels. Coming to the Big Apple anytime soon?

  19. Jacey says

    Damn, would love to come, could make it earlier on Sat or on Sunday, but my Sat nights are no good…..

  20. says

    I work downtown and live in Covington, so I was personally hoping for a weekday meetup. Not sure I can make this, but I’ll see if I can get familial parole for this.

  21. pradeep says


    You live in Covington and are complaining about the 25 minute drive in! I live in Augusta! :p

  22. Mike D says

    Tina: I’m comming up from Jacksonville. But I’ll be comming up Fri. afternoon and staying at the Indigo Hotel(it’s dog friendly.) So, if you’ve got a place to stay Fri. night, and you don’t mind sitting in a car with two Victorian Bulldogs, then it would be great to car pool!

  23. says

    Drat! You have to pick a Saturday when I’m booked (Dragon*Con organisational meeting followed by All’s Well That End’s Well at Georgia Shakespeare!).

  24. says

    pradeep: it’s not the distance (I commute it every weekday), but the familial parole – i.e. I’m not sure wife, kids, and other family duties will allow it.

    btw, I’m from Augusta originally. I feel your pain. :)

  25. MC says

    Manuels is one of my fave hangouts- play trivia there every Sunday night. So barring unforseen circumstances I plan to attend. Atheist types meeting in the heart of Bible Belt, now there’s a concept….

  26. says

    Currently spending too much time in the hands of the medical profession, but going to try and make it. Some fun would be nice for a change. (grin)

    Ciao y’all

  27. alcoolworld says

    I am planning on dropping on by, and my Siblings may accompany me… see “Y’all” there.

  28. pradeep says

    JefferyD, I followed your link from this site to your blog. I’ll be at the meeting. I’ll be Indian guy with a big ass camera and flash, so I won’t be hard to miss. Stop by and say “hi”.

  29. Mars says

    Another two coming over from Birmingham! To the person staying at the Indigo – you’re gonna love it. We stayed there back in December and it was fantastic.

  30. Zusidon says

    Just to allay fears of those mentioning the new weapons laws in Georgia. Sure it’s legal to carry in a public building but important things here:

    It’s a felony to carry at a public gathering.

    Meaning, it’s legal if you are not there for an event, it is NOT legal if you are there for an event. Then it’s a felony with serious charges. Basically, if there is a public gathering at, in or near a public building (places of business aren’t all public buildings) you are not allowed to carry even if you have your license and even if you’re not attending the gathering.

  31. says

    I didn’t feel like making the trip to Atlanta from Columbia (MTG tournament as well), but frackin crackers is making me consider changing my mind. Whether I make it or not, I think I’ll raise the funds to get PZ to come to Godless Columbia. So, to get PZ here it takes a plane ticket, couple nights in a good hotel, and calamari/beer money?