Denver Pharyngufest

I’m never this organized, so I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’m going to be in Denver on 3-4 July, and we’re actually getting it together to plan a meetup at the RockBottom Restaurant on 16th and Curtis in downtown Denver. I’ll be there around 5ish on Thursday, 3 July, and I’ll leave when you stop buying me beer.

We have changed the location to Wynkoop Brewing Company. Don’t get lost!

Mark your calendars!


  1. tybowen says

    So of course you come to my town during the weekend I’m visiting my parents. Ah well.

  2. Kyoseki says

    Should I point out that there’s a Rockbottom brewery in Long Beach as well? Just in case you might happen to fancy doing something at the AAI convention in September :)

  3. Hans says

    AAAAAH! My wife want to go to Califunny, so I might actually be out of town on those dates. Oh cruel fate!

  4. ctenotrish, FCD says

    Double AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Why, why must you keep going to places where I do not live, and can’t get to with such short notice?? Plans for the fourth, don’t live in Denver, couldn’t get to the Amaz!ng thing, missed the Evolution conference. Sigh. Will you please go to the American Society of Human Genetics meeting in Philly this year? I’ll spot you a recreational beverage or two, promise. From zfish to humans, no big stretch – come on! Just a bunch of critters with backbones, ya know.

    Anyway, for a chain, RBB is a treat. I miss the one I used to frequent . . .

  5. says

    Woot! I’ll be there! And as an organizer of D.A.F.T. (Denver Atheists & Freethinkers), I’ll probably be bringing a few friends.

  6. Ryan says

    Awesome! i live in denver.. nothing cool ever happens here! I would go, but I’m not 21…

  7. Warren Hammond says

    Sweet! That’s my favorite haunt in Denver. I’ll see you there around 5ish, but I’ll have to leave for an hour or two around 6:45. Hopefully people will be buying you drinks so you’re still around when I get back. Are you going to be talking in Denver anywhere?

  8. Warren Hammond says

    Also, I would suggest we take over the back bar. Way better place to hang out and talk. The front bar is cramped and crowded.

  9. Sam L. says

    I wish some good biologists in North Carolina would get together and have a legitimate science conference. I don’t know if there are any other Pharyngulans out there from NC, but we need to have a Pharyngufest of our own!

    Such is the plight of living in the Bible Belt.

  10. Joe Albietz says

    Awesome! Looking forward to it. Thanks for coming, PZ.

    Now where’s Phil Plait’s number…

  11. Michael X says

    Oh this is too funny. I miss all the other “fests” because of my schedule, and now, because of my schedule, I get to attend. I think. I’ll have to check my schedule.

  12. Damien says

    Oh PZ, when oh when will I be able to buy you a California cocktail? May I suggest a nice September evening meeting in Venice? World Cafe, O’Brien’s, Hidden (very cool and chill), Firehouse, Otheroom?

    Pleeeeezey, PZ?!

    Wow that (^) was lame.

  13. Serena says

    Dammit. I would love to be there. I’m moving back to the states and will be in C. Springs, but not untill the 12th…..*sigh* :(

  14. John Mark says

    @Sam #14

    I live in the Raleigh/Durham area, so I too wish that PZ would grace North Carolina with his presence.

  15. PsiWavefunction says

    So Vancouver = when?

    I’ll buy you beer despite being rediculously broke…

  16. says

    You leave when they stop buying you beer? Does this mean they can keep you forever if they just keep bringing out bottles?

    If you ever come to Finland, don’t make the same promise or that’ll happen. That’s how our universities get their foreign professors…

  17. Michael says

    Sounds like fun, I think I’ll stop by.

    Ryan (#11) I don’t think you have to be 21 to get in Rock Bottom, it’s more of a restaurant than a bar.

  18. ennui says

    PZany is visiting Denver to give a talk at the 2008 MENSA Annual Gathering. His talk is slated for Friday, 4 July, at noon. Let’s make sure that he has a decent hangover!

    Also, looking over the schedule of other talks, it seems that there is an awful lot of woo in the high-IQ world. Sad.

  19. says

    And don’t forget Matt Young, who is speaking at noon on the 3rd about creationist distortions of the peppered moth story.

    And yeah, it’s a weird mix at this meeting.

  20. Squiddhartha says

    My wife and kids are visiting the mountains that week, so I’ll be footloose and fancy free — I’ll try to come down! (I live and work north of Denver.)

  21. says

    You should be going to the FALLING ROCK in Denver.

    The Rock bottom is a crappy chain-brewery, think Applebee’s with alot of shitty syrupy beers.

    the falling rock (which is only a few blocks to the northwest) is just a great beer bar, that has like 100 taps, and has alot less pomp.

    either way…I’d love to come along and meet you!

  22. minusRusty says

    Woot! I’ll be there! And as an organizer of D.A.F.T. (Denver Atheists & Freethinkers), I’ll probably be bringing a few friends.

    Better watch out, Greg. I’ll put a posting out for Denver Atheists, and we might end up having a brawl!

    BAR FIGHT!!!!



  23. minusRusty says

    That first sentence was supposted to be blockquoted.

    Gawd I hope I’m not going daft in my old age…


  24. Tom Pain says

    Downtown Denver? You should go to Wynkoop at 18th and Wynkoop, a REAL brewpub, with great beer and food. and atmosphere to match.

  25. ennui says

    I second the motion to hold this at the Wynkoop:

    ■ Better beer, better atmosphere
    ■ Easy access from free Mall Shuttle
    ■ Closer to fireworks at Coors Field
    ■ Upstairs bar has plenty of room, plus full-size pool tables.

  26. Inky says

    OMG I am so there!! I don’t care where “there” is!

    The Wynkoop can get pretty loud; is upstairs quieter? Especially since it seems that PZ is surprisingly quiet for his blogging persona?


  27. CitizenVA says

    Woo Hoo! Looking forward to meeting you! What’s the occasion for the Denver visit?


  28. Michael says

    Rock Bottom is a chain, but it’s a step above Friday’s. The beer is pretty good, and brewed on site.

    That said, the Wynkoop Brewing Co. is far superior in just about every dimension (beer, food, atmosphere, class) and has the space.

    I also like Falling Rock, but with the Rockies in town that night, I doubt it can accomodate this size of a group.

  29. Chaoswes says

    I know that there is a Rockies game that night and my cousins are renting out part of the Rock Bottom for a 40 – 50 person party. So, the bar will be packed and will not be conducive to talking. Not to mention there will be little to no parking down by Coors Field. Which is just down the street from the Rock Bottom. The Falling Rock Tavern has a nice quiet downstairs area that would work perfectly. Wherever it be, I’ll be there if possible.

  30. Chaoswes says

    I forgot to mention that the baseball game will be lighting off fireworks so it should be sold out.

  31. says

    PZ, when I saw RockBottom I was going to urge you to go to the original Denver microbrewery, the Wynkoop. I am delighted to see your minions going there instead. Much better atmosphere and food, and the Pharmboy lab used to go upstairs there every other Thurs night for billiards.

    St. Charles ESB should be both on regular tap and cask-conditioned. You lucky bastard.

    Have you contacted JJ Cohen – CU prof and arguably the American father in apoptosis research – big Cafe Sci proponent which, appropriately, he holds at the Wynkoop.

    If you’re looking for a nightcap, go around the corner to the Oxford Hotel’s Cruise Room – actual 1930s place to have a proper mixed drink.

  32. the fox says

    Well, there is a condition: first 15 minutes we have to pray. No to him but to the Virgin De la Caridad del Cobre and Virgin De la Guadalupe. After that, we can become full atheists. The bonus: PZ will be allowed to speak in english, a perk only given to VIP’s of foreign countries. Of course, catholics believe god guides evolution. But we, false catholics, don’t give a shit who is at the steering wheel.

  33. Howard A. Landman says

    I’ll be there if I can. Did some dino-digging last month at Hayden 4 in the Ghost Ranch NM with the U.C. Berkeley team from Padian’s lab, in the lab there they had the first complete Vancleavia fossil ever … absolutely gorgeous. Found it in a pile of Coelophysis remains.

    I can also give an update on the campus creationism at CSU in Fort Collins. Behe came through town recently …

  34. Larry says

    I plan to attend because I’m surrounded by non-thinkers in my life. I need to meet an athiest or two.