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    <3 Tangled Bank. But now for something completely different…

    PZ, to your attention. Don’t miss out on a chance to mock Andy Schlafly. Check out Andy Schlafly’s reply to the Lenski debate, which you covered earlier here

    It’s bad lawyering AND bad science, all rolled into one!

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    Hi PZ,
    Some time ago you said that you would like to see my software development analogy to SINES and LINES. There isn’t one. But if someone link you was trying to analyze software executables they would find things similar to LINES and SINES and I have explained why here.

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    Wow. I tried to slog through Stimpy’s blog there, but for the life of my I just couldn’t.

    Randy, do the intelligent design community a favour and stop advocating for it. The word ‘intelligent’ becomes more ironic every time you use it.

    Ditto-head. Right. You haven’t the foggiest.

  4. Ichthyic says

    Stimpy’s blog

    Stimpy: [singing to the tune of “God Save the Queen”] Our country reeks of trees, our yaks are really large, and they smell like rotting beef carcasses. And we have to clean up after them, and our saddle sores are the best. We proudly wear women’s clothing and searing sand blows up our skirts. And the buzzards they soar overhead, and poisonous snakes will devour us whole, and our bones will bleach in the sun. And we will probably go to…

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    It doesn’t take a lot of brains to call some one stupid and tell them to shut up. Why don’t you come over to my blog and try to say something intelligent.

    I already stopped by and read through a few posts once. I know you believe in an eternal hell, but asking me to go back and read more is surely a punishment even your god wouldn’t dole out.